Who should open an NRI trading account with a full-service broker?

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  1. NRIs who are new to stock market trading and need expert trading assistance.
  2. Those who don't have time or expertise for market research and need recommendations on picking stocks.
  3. NRIs who need services such as Call n Trade.
  4. NRIs who want to invest in a variety of investment instruments like Mutual Funds, IPO shares, and bonds, etc.


  1. Some discount brokers in India do not offer their services to US and Canada based NRIs due to FATCA and CRS regulations. These regulations require additional compliance from the brokers. NRI traders of the US and Canada, therefore, must check before applying for the account opening with the brokers.
  2. Some full-service brokers don't allow NRIs to trade online. With such brokers, NRIs need to contact their Relationship Managers who will place orders on their instructions.


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