Is NSDL safe?

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NSDL is one of the two government authorised depositories in India. It is governed by the Depositories Act, 1996.

NSDL is a safe, reliable and well-regulated depository. The demat account with NSDL is safe and convenient for online trading and investment.

NSDL takes the following measures to ensure the safety of the investor holdings;

  • All Depository Participants of NSDL are SEBI registered.
  • Depository Participants can debit or credit an account only on instructions from the client.
  • System-driven reconciliation between the DP and NSDL daily
  • Periodic inspection of the activities of DPs
  • The data interchange between NSDL and its business partners is protected by an encryption hardware lock.
  • If a DP goes bankrupt, the creditors of the DP will have no access to the investors' holdings with the DP. These investors can transfer their holdings to an account held with another DP.
  • NSDL has introduced a Certification Programme in Depository Operation. All DPs must appoint a person qualified in this certification in each of its branches.
  • If a business partner fails to address an investor grievance, the investor can approach NSDL.


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