How to use Stoxkart app?

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Stoxkart app is a simple online trading app for android and apple phones. You could install the app on your smart phone and start using it with almost no help from anyone.

Steps to use Stoxkart App

  • Download the apps on your smart phone
  • Log in using your customer ID and password
  • Transfer funds from your bank account to the trading account
  • Search for desired stocks
  • Place buy/sell order

Stoxkart Pro Demo Videos

Stoxkart has short videos on its YouTube channel explaining the key features of the app. You can watch the videos here.

Stoxkart Classic App Demo Video

Stoxkart offers a demo video explaining the various features of the app. The video is available in English as well as Hindi.

Watch Stoxkart Classic Demo Video in English

Watch Stoxkart Classic App Demo Video in Hindi


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