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How to trade in IIFL?

IIFL Securities Account Opening

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To avail trading and investment services of IIFL, you need to open a trading & Demat account and link it with your savings bank account. To invest in mutual funds, you need to open a separate account called 'IIFL Mutual Fund Account'. All the securities bought through the trading account will be held in the Demat account linked to it.

IIFL offers 3 different brokerage plans to its customers:

  1. Flat Brokerage Plan
  2. Variable Brokerage Plan
  3. Value-added Subscription Plan (Advance Brokerage Plan)

You can choose any of the plans at the time of opening the account. You also have the flexibility to switch between accounts at any time. The brokerage is charged as per the chosen plan. You also have to pay other fees and taxes based on your transactions.

You can place buy/sell orders through IIFL in multiple ways either through your mobile or desktop/laptop:

  1. IIFL Markets App(Mobile Trading App)
  2. TT Web(Online Trading Website) or TT Desktop (Installable Trading Terminal)
  3. IIFL Mutual Funds App(Android and iOS)
  4. Call and Trade

Note: It is not mandatory to open a Demat account if you already have an existing Demat Account with another broker. However, it is advisable to open trading and Demat account with one broker for seamless transactions.


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