How to open NRI Account with Tradejini?

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Tradejini offers a 2-in-1 account for NRIs. This includes trading and a demat account.

The NRI bank account and PIS account are required to be opened with Yes bank.

NRIs also have to obtain CP code to trade in equity derivatives (F&O). NRI has to open a Custodial account with Edelweiss.

Steps To Open NRI Trading Account with Tradejini:

  1. Open an NRI SB Account

    It should be opened with Yes bank with all the required documents. You can open NRO or NRE SB Account based on a non-repatriable and repatriable basis, respectively. If you want to invest in equity delivery, you should open an NRE bank account. And, for other NRI segments, you will need an NRO SB account.

  2. Obtain PIS Permission

    In the case of the NRE account, you have to open the PIS account as well. Your bank will help you get PIS permission from RBI.

  3. Open a Custodial Account

    NRIs have to open a custodial account with Edelweiss and get a CP code. For each equity derivative transaction, you have to provide the custodian code.

    Note: For investing in the equity segment, you are not required to open a custodial account.

  4. Download the Form

    You have to download the NRI account opening form from the website and fill it up. The next step is to attach all the required documents as mentioned in the section. Note: All the documents must be notarized by the competent authority.

  5. In-person Verification

    In-person verification is an important process. The NRIs can visit the nearby stock broker's local office in the residing country and meet employees or staff for IPV. The IPV can also be done online through (Skype / Google Duo / Whatsapp video).


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