How to close Zerodha account?

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Zerodha trading and demat account can be closed online using e-signature or offline by submitting the signed paper account closure form. The process is simple and take 7 business days.

Steps for close Zerodha account (online)

  1. Login to your Zerodha Kite account.
  2. Click on your ID at the top right corner of your page
  3. Go to the " Support " section.
  4. Look for " Downloads & Resources " at the footer of the website.
  5. Click on Account deactivation/closure form available under Change request forms.
  6. Download the form and fill it digitally .
  7. E-sign the account closure form on Digio .
  8. Go to the Support section again to raise a ticket .
  9. Click on Your Profile under the topic - 'Your Zerodha Account'.
  10. Select ' How do I Deactivate my account' .
  11. Raise a ticket and submit the e-signed form.

Steps to close Zerodha account (offline)

  1. Download the account closure form from the Zerodha website available under Downloads and Resources.
  2. Take a print of the account closure form and fill it with the required details and reason for the closure.
  3. Sign and send the form to Zerodha Head Office.


  • Ensure to clear all the outstanding dues.
  • Close outstanding positions.
  • Transfer all securities to another Demat account or sell your holdings.
  • A dormant account does not mean a closed account. You need to submit a specific closure request.
  • You have an option to either deactivate the account (close temporarily) or close permanently.


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