How to close the Espresso Demat account?

Espresso Sharekhan Account Opening

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You can close the Espresso Demat account offline by sending the paper form to Mumbai Office.

Steps to close Espresso Demat Account

  1. Raise a ticket with Espresso to procure the Demat account closure form.
  2. Download the account closure form once received.
  3. Fill in the form details.
  4. Send the closing form and documents physical copy to the correspondence address.


  • Espresso Demat account cannot be closed online.
  • You receive an email confirmation from CDSL (depository) for account closing.
  • You cannot close the Demat account if there are any securities in them. Thus, you need to sell the shares from your Demat account or transfer them to another Demat account before initiating the account closure.


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