How to close Rmoney demat account?

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Raghunandan Money provides trading and demat (2-in-1 account) to its customers. Customer can close his account at any point of time. They just have to follow few steps to close the account. But before submitting the request, the customer has to complete below formalities:

  1. Clear any outstanding balance
  2. Transfer securities in other demat accounts
  3. Return any unused delivery instruction booklet slip back to DP

Steps to close Rmoney Account:

  1. To download the form, click on the 'Download' link in the footer
  2. In search box search for 'Closure'
  3. It will show you the link to 'Commodity, Equity, Currency trading account closure – format'
  4. Click on Download and print the pdf
  5. Or click here to 'Download the form'
  6. Fill the application
  7. Send it to the given address on the form

The whole process is completely offline so you need to submit the physically signed form. You cannot close it online or via email. Also if it's a joint account, all account holders have to sign the form.


  • The processing time for account closing within 3 days of the form receipt.
  • The balance fund and demat holdings are transferred to the designated account mentioned in the account closer form.
  • The account closure intimation and final statement of the accounts for the fund and demat holdings are sent to the client through registered post.


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