How to check brokerage charges in Kotak Securities?

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Kotak Securities offers three brokerage plans to its customers.

  1. Trade Free Plan.
  2. Trade Free Max
  3. Dealer Assisted Plan.

Trade Free Plan is the default plan assigned to each investor during account opening. You can choose to change the brokerage plan anytime as per your requirement.

Trade Free Plan offers free intraday trading across all the segments and charges Rs 20 per executed order for F&O, Currency, and Commodity Carry forward trades. The Equity Delivery charges under this plan are 0.25% of trade value or Rs 20, whichever is higher.

Trade Free Max plan offers a Margin Trading facility with an interest rate of 7.75% coupled with brokerage cashback up to Rs 3,499 for the next 90 days. Trade Free Max plan has similar brokerage charges as Trade Free Plan but comes at an annual subscription fee of Rs 2,499.

Dealer Assisted Plan assigns a dedicated dealer that assists you throughout your trading journey. This plan charges slightly higher brokerage charges compared to other brokerage plans with 0.039% for Equity Intraday, Futures, and Commodity Futures and 0.39% for Equity Delivery. For options, it charges Rs 39 per lot for Equity and Commodity Options and Rs 5 per lot for Currency Options.

Kotak securities offer a Brokerage Calculator for Trade Free Plan that helps you calculate your total cost of trading considering other regulatory charges like STT, SEBI Turnover charges, Exchange Transaction Charges.


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