How is Kotak Securities brokerage calculated?

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Kotak Securities calculates brokerage using below methods:

  1. Flat brokerage.
  2. Percentage basis.
  3. Per lot basis.

Kotak Securities brokerage calculation depends on the chosen plan.

Kotak Securities Brokerage Calculation

Brokerage Plan Brokerage Charges Calculation Method

Trade Free Plan/Trade Free Max

· Flat fee of Rs 20 per executed order for Overnight Positions in F&O, Currency, and Commodity.

· Higher of Rs 20 and 0.25% of trade value for Equity Delivery

Combination of flat fee and percentage basis

Dealer Assisted Plan

· 0.039% for Equity Intraday, Equity Futures and Commodity Futures.

· 0.39% for Equity Delivery.

· Per lot basis for Options and Currency Futures.

Combination of per lot basis and percentage basis.


  • Intraday trading is free under Trade Free Plan and Trade Free Max.
  • Minimum brokerage of Rs 20 is charged for Equity Delivery in Trade Free Plans and Rs 21 in Dealer Assisted Plan.

Refer Kotak Securities Brokerage for more details.


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