How do I buy mutual funds in IIFL?

IIFL Securities Account Opening

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IIFL allows you to buy from a variety of funds like Equity, NAV, fixed income, and Liquid funds. The IIFL offers Direct Mutual Funds of in-house IIFL schemes and regular mutual funds.

IIFL offers a free account opening with dedicated mutual fund platforms for investment.

Steps to buying Mutual Fund in IIFL:

  1. Login to IIFL MF account through the IIFL MF website or IIFL Mutual Funds App.
  2. Click on Buy a Fund for lumpsum investment or Start a SIP for SIP investment.
  3. Choose your desired scheme and plan.
  4. Provide bank details.
  5. Complete the payment.

You can set up a mandate for your SIP investments for a seamless and digital mutual fund investment experience.


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