Does GCL Securities provide leverage?

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Yes, GCL Securities provides an attractive leverage facility across all asset classes. The leverage facility allows the investors to trade many times over the funds available in their account and increase the probability of earning profits.

GCL Securities Leverage Policy:

  • Higher exposure limits.
  • Leverage facilities across all asset classes.
  • Highest exposure/leverage facility on Intraday Commodity Futures trades.
  • Leverage up to 10 times for Equity Intraday, Equity Futures, Equity Options, and Currency Options trades.
  • Leverage up to 12 times for Commodity Futures trades.
  • Leverage up to 6 times for Currency Futures and Commodity Options trades.
  • No exposure provided for Options buying and Futures Carry Forward trades.
  • Loan against shares
  • Intraday trades auto squared off at 3:10 pm.


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