Can an NRI, with just a PAN card, invest in Indian mutual funds and stocks?

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Yes, NRIs can invest in a mutual fund with just a PAN card and NRE/NRO account. They have to complete the KYC again, even if they have already done it while owing Indian resident status. On the other hand, to start investing in shares, you will need NRE/NRO accounts under PIS bank, bank account, and Demat account.

To start investing in mutual funds, you have to visit the AMC (Asset Management Company) which offers MF schemes. The next step is to register with the AMC to get your KYC done. Lastly, link your bank account with the scheme and start investing.


1. VALLI   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Nov 24, 2020 5:08:22 PM Reply
i was a resident indian investing in mutual funds.recently if i become NRI should how to updtae kyc with mutual fund houses.can i contiue with previous bank account or convert them to nro account.what happens to equity mutual funds that i have already invested.should i discontinue my sips?