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Zerodha Vs Shri Parasram Holdings Demat Account Comparison

The side-by-side comparison of Zerodha and Shri Parasram Holdings Demat Account. Compare Zerodha Vs Shri Parasram Holdings Demat account charges, AMC and Fees. Read Shri Parasram Holdings and Zerodha demat account review.

Find out Zerodha Vs Shri Parasram Holdings which is better demat account and Zerodha Vs Shri Parasram Holdings which is best demat account.

Our Zerodha demat account comparison with Shri Parasram Holdings Private Limited highlights the major differences between two brokers. Find the best demat between Zerodha and Shri Parasram Holdings.

Zerodha Vs Shri Parasram Holdings

  Zerodha Shri Parasram Holdings Private Limited
Zerodha Logo
About the Broker

Zerodha is a Bangalore based discount stock broker offering flat ₹20 per trade in Equity Cash, Equity F&O, Currency F&O and Commodities. Zerodha launched its online trading services on 15th Aug 2010 and in first 7 years Zerodha made around 7 lakhs customers.

With innovative trading platform and tools along with the cheapest brokerage, Zerodha is fastest growing financial firm in India offering stock brokerage and depository services.

DP ID 12081600 12058200
Contact Info

No. 153/154, Ground Floor,
4th Cross, J P Nagar, 4th Phase,
Bangalore Karnataka India - 560078

B-7, Sph House Nimri Shopping Centre Bharat Nagar New Delhi Delhi India-110052

Services Offered

Stock Broking, Demat Accounts, Stock Broking, Mutual Funds

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Zerodha Vs Shri Parasram Holdings Demat Account Opening Charges

  Zerodha Shri Parasram Holdings Private Limited
Demat Account Opening Fee

₹50 (Stamp charges payable upfront)

Demat Account AMC

Individuals/Non Individual (except Corporate) - ₹300 + GST
Non Individual - Corporate - ₹1000

Option A - RS 300 Option B - Rs 750 BSDA - Free(if the value of holdings does not exceed Rs 50,000 at any point), Rs 100 , if the value of holding is between Rs 50001 to Rs 200000

Advance Deposit


Rs 1000/- will be charge in advance (in case of corporate account.)

Zerodha Vs Shri Parasram Holdings Demat Charges

  Zerodha Shri Parasram Holdings Private Limited
Dematerialisation Charges

₹150 per certificate (+ ₹100 Courier charges)

Rs 40 Courier charge DRF plus Rs, 8 per certificate

Rematerialisation Charges

₹150 per certificate + CDSL charges + ₹100 Courier charges

Rs 30 per cert or per 100 shares whichever is higher+40 courier charges

Transaction Charges (Credit or Buy)
Transaction Charges (Debit or Sell)
  • Market Trades: ₹8 + ₹5.5 (CDSL charges)
  • Off-Market Trades: 0.03% of ₹25 whichever is higher

A) Market Trade Through Us-Rs 15 B) Market Trades Through Others - Rs 30 C) Off Market Trades- Rs 30 D) Interdepository Trades- Rs 30 E) DEBIT PER TXN(BSDA ACCOUNTS)Rs-25 per

Pledge Creation Charges

₹20 + ₹12 per request (CDSL charges)

0.01%(Min. Rs 50 per pledge,Max.Rs 200)

Pledge Creation Confirmation Charges



Pledge Invocation Charges


0.01%(Min. Rs 50 per pledge,Max.Rs 200)

Failed Instruction Charges

₹50 per ISIN

Rs 25 Per Transaction

Other Charges
  • Cheque Bounce: ₹350
  • Physical Statement - ₹50 (+Courier charges at actual)
  • Modification in CML - ₹25 per request
  • KRA Upload / Download - ₹50 per request

Note: Interest at 18% p.a is charged on the outstanding bill amount if not paid within the due date.

A. DIS book of 10 leaves Rs 20+40 courier charges

B. SOH/SOT- Rs 10 per page+postage,

C. Non periodic Statement & other communication shall be @ 20 per mail,

D. Demat rejection shall be charged @ Rs 30 plus Rs 40 for dispatch to the client E. Belated slip additional charges Rs 25 per script, F. Reconversion of mutual fun

D.Rs 20/+40 Courier charge

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  Zerodha Shri Parasram Holdings Private Limited
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  Zerodha Shri Parasram Holdings Private Limited
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Demat Account Related Abbreviations

  • Demat: Demat Account is an online account to hold the shares in electronic form. They are similar to bank account used to hold money.
  • BSDA: Basic Service Demat Account, a type of account which offers limited services at reduced costs.
  • PoA: Power of Attorney, a legal document giving authority to broker to settle the trades though holding in clients demat account.
  • DIS: Delivery Instruction Slip, Similar to conventional cheque book for demat account. Its is used offline demat account transactions.
  • DPC: Delayed Payment Charges
  • Dematerialisation: Process to converting physical certificates to electronic form.
  • Rematerialisation: Process of converting electronic shares to physical certificates.
  • NSDL: National Securities Depository Limited, the 1st central securities depository. It offer services to hold shares in electronic form on behalf of the customer.
  • CDSL: Central Depository Services (India) Limited, the 2nd securities depository. It also offers service to hold shares in electronic form.

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