Reliance Securities Vs Globe Capital Demat Account Comparison

The side-by-side comparison of Reliance Securities and Globe Capital Demat Account. Compare Reliance Securities Vs Globe Capital Demat account charges, AMC and Fees. Read Globe Capital and Reliance Securities demat account review.

Find out Reliance Securities Vs Globe Capital which is better demat account and Reliance Securities Vs Globe Capital which is best demat account.

Our Reliance Securities Limited demat account comparison with Globe Capital Market Limited highlights the major differences between two brokers. Find the best demat between Reliance Securities and Globe Capital.

Reliance Securities Vs Globe Capital

  Reliance Securities Globe Capital
Reliance Securities Limited Logo
About the Broker

Reliance Securities, A Reliance Capital Limited Company, is the financial services division of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani (ADA) Group. Reliance ADA group is among top 3 business houses in India with wide range of presence across various sectors. Group's major interests ranges from communications (Reliance Communications) and financial services (Reliance Capital Ltd), to generation, transmission and distribution of power (Reliance Energy), infrastructure and entertainment.

Globe Capital Market Limited was originally incorporated as a Globe Merchants Limited with Registrar of Companies NCT of Delhi & Haryana on 27.06.1985. The name of the Company was changed to Globe Capital Market Ltd. w.e.f. 27.01.1997.

DP ID 12041400 12020600
Contact Info

Ashar It Park, B-2, B Wing, 4th Floor,
Jayashri Baug, Rd No 16 Waghle Ind Estate,
Thane (W) Mumbai Maharashtra India - 400604

804, Ansal Bhawan 16, Kasturba Gandhi Marg New Delhi Delhi India-110001

Services Offered

Depository Services


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Reliance Securities Vs Globe Capital Demat Account Opening Charges

  Reliance Securities Globe Capital
Demat Account Opening Fee



Demat Account AMC

Regular Demat Account

  1. For Individual/HUFs/ Trust: Accounts - Rs 400
  2. For NRIs/Foreign Nationals: Nil
  3. For Corporate / Other Non Individuals: Rs 1000

BSDA (Basic Service Demat Account)

  1. If Holding value is not greater than Rs 50,000: Nil
  2. If Holding value is between Rs 50001 to Rs 200000: Rs 100

Regular scheme (Account Maintenance Cycle - Four Quarter) Individual - 399 for first Quarter remaining Quarters Free Corporate - 1250 for first Quarter remaining Quarters Free Globe Relax (Account Maintenance Cycle - Twenty Quarter) Individual - 999 for first Quarter remaining Quarters Free Life Time - Maintanance Charges - 1999

Advance Deposit



Reliance Securities Vs Globe Capital Demat Charges

  Reliance Securities Globe Capital
Dematerialisation Charges

Rs 30 per request + Rs 5 for each certificate

50 for up to first hundred and after first hundred 10 for every hundred securities or part thereof or a flat fee 10 per certificate whichever is higher plus courier charges of 40 for every 25 certificate and part thereof

Rematerialisation Charges

Rs 40 for 100 securities or a flat fee of Rs 25 per certificate which ever is higher + postal charges

100 for up to first hundred and after first hundred 30 for every hundred securities or part thereof or a flat fee 30 per certificate whichever is higher

Transaction Charges (Credit or Buy)
Transaction Charges (Debit or Sell)

0.04% of transaction value or minimum of Rs 27 per ISIN

Market Transaction - 20 per instruction or 0.02% of transaction value subject to maximum of 100 whichever is higher. Off Market Transaction - 25 per instruction or 0.03% of transaction Value subject to maximum of 1000 whichever is higher

Pledge Creation Charges

Rs 0.05% of transaction value or minimum of Rs 30 per ISIN

50 per instruction or 0.02% of transaction Value whichever is higher

Pledge Creation Confirmation Charges

Rs 0.05% of transaction value or minimum of Rs 30 per ISIN


Pledge Invocation Charges

Rs 0.05% of transaction value or minimum of Rs 30 per ISIN

50 per instruction or 0.02% of transaction Value whichever is higher

Failed Instruction Charges


Rs 20 per Instruction

Other Charges
  1. Additional account statements for Individuals/HUFs/ Corporate: Rs 40 per Statement
  2. For NRI / Foreign Nationals: Rs 100 per Statement

Rs 50 per instruction for Mutual Fund (Destat/Redemption), Rs 2 per instruction leaf, Modification in client detail 40 per instance, Any service not listed above will be charged extra.w Rejection charges 50 per rejection plus courier charges, Non-periodic statement shall be charged @ 5 per page and postage/courier charge @ 40 or actual charges whichever is higher.Interest shall be charged @

2.0% per month on the outstanding dues after 30 days. Rs 100 will be charged to client in case of New Delivery Instruction Booklet is requested without requisition slip.

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  Reliance Securities Globe Capital
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  Reliance Securities Globe Capital
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