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Anand Rathi Vs Alankit Assignments Demat Account Comparison

The side-by-side comparison of Anand Rathi and Alankit Assignments Demat Account. Compare Anand Rathi Vs Alankit Assignments Demat account charges, AMC and Fees. Read Alankit Assignments and Anand Rathi demat account review.

Find out Anand Rathi Vs Alankit Assignments which is better demat account and Anand Rathi Vs Alankit Assignments which is best demat account.

Our Anand Rathi demat account comparison with Alankit Assignments Limited highlights the major differences between two brokers. Find the best demat between Anand Rathi and Alankit Assignments.

Anand Rathi Vs Alankit Assignments

  Anand Rathi Alankit Assignments
Anand Rathi Logo
About the Broker

Incorporated in 1994, AnandRathi is Mumbai based diversified financial services provider offering wide range of products and services to retail and institutional customers across India. Anand Rathi has physical presence at over 1200 locations in India through it offices and franchises. AnandRathi is member of BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX, USE, CDSL and NSDL.


DP ID 12010600 12014100
Contact Info

4th Floor, Silver Metropolis Bld,
Jai Coach Compound, Opp.Bimbisar Nagar,
Goregoan E, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400065

205-208, Anarkali Complex Jhandewalan Extn New Delhi Delhi India-110055

Services Offered

Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance & Advisory, Brokerage & Distribution services in the areas of equities, commodities, mutual funds, structured products, insurance, corporate deposits, bonds & loans and Depository Services (CDSL and NSDL)


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Anand Rathi Vs Alankit Assignments Demat Account Opening Charges

  Anand Rathi Alankit Assignments
Demat Account Opening Fee



Demat Account AMC
  • Scheme I: Rs 450 (Free for 1st Year)

  • Scheme II : Nil (with credit balance of Rs 3000 (refundable))

  • Scheme III: Rs 450 + Rs 500 CDSL charges (Corporate)

Rs 300 P. A.

Advance Deposit



Anand Rathi Vs Alankit Assignments Demat Charges

  Anand Rathi Alankit Assignments
Dematerialisation Charges
  • Scheme I & II: Rs 3 per certificate plus Rs 35 per request.


Rematerialisation Charges
  • Scheme I & II: Rs 15 for every 100 securities or a Flat fee of Rs 15 per certificate, Whichever is higher + 20 Postage chg


Transaction Charges (Credit or Buy)
Transaction Charges (Debit or Sell)
  • Scheme I & II: Rs 15 Per ISIN [within POA to AnandRathi Pool Account ]

  • Other Than AnandRathi Minimum Rs 20 and Maximum Rs 500 or 0.02% of the market value whichever is lower

RS 16 PER DEBIT INSTRUCTION (For inst. value Rs 5 Lac to 1 Crore transaction charges will be charged Rs 80 per instruction / inst. value Rs 1 crore or above transaction charges will be charged Rs 500 per instruction.

Pledge Creation Charges

Scheme I & II: 0.01% of value or min Rs 50 per request


Pledge Creation Confirmation Charges

Scheme I & II : Nil


Pledge Invocation Charges

Scheme I & II: 0.01% of value or min Rs 50 per request


Failed Instruction Charges

Scheme I & II: Rs 25 per Instruction


Other Charges
  • Scheme I & II: For instructions received on same day of Pay-in Rs 25 per scrip will be chraged
  • Demat rejection: Rs 25
  • Extra statement: Rs 15 per statement.
  • Any Modification: Rs 15 per request


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  Anand Rathi Alankit Assignments
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  Anand Rathi Alankit Assignments
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