Avonmore Capital Buyback Acceptance Ratio Calculator

Avonmore Capital Buyback Detail
Buyback Record Date Jun 15, 2022
Buyback Open Date Jul 4, 2022
Buyback Closing Date Jul 15, 2022
Issue Size (Shares) 0.09 Crores
Issue Size (Amount) ₹8.72 Crores
Buyback Price ₹95 per Share

Avonmore Capital Buyback Acceptance Ratio (AR) Calculator

Buyback Price₹95 per share
Buyback Size (Shares)917,680
Buyback Size (Amount)₹87,179,600
Buyback Retail Quota15%
Retail Shareholding (Shares)2,664,897 as on Mar 31, 2022
Buy Shares Quantity (Shares)
(should be Less than ₹2 lakhs for retail Quota) 1*
Buy Price (₹ per share)
Current Investment Amount (₹)


Expected price after Buyback (₹ per share)

Avonmore Capital Buyback Profit and Loss Calculation

Acceptance Ratio (%)102030405060708090100
Number of Shares Accepted0000000000
Amount Received from Buyback (₹)0000000000
Profit from Buyback (₹)0000000000
Number of Remaining Shares0000000000
Amount from Remaining Shares (₹)0000000000
Profit/Loss from Remaining Shares (₹)0000000000
Total Profit/Loss (₹)0000000000
Total Profit/Loss (in %)0000000000

Profit/Loss (if not participate in buyback offer)

Profit/Loss (in ₹)0
Profit/Loss (in %)0

Points to Note:

  1. * The share value should be lesser than Rs 2 lakhs as on Record Date. Hence the no. of shares to qualify as retail investor may vary based on the price as on Record Date. On a conservative side, have considered the Record date closing price as ₹95 per share (Same as Buyback Offer Price).
  2. Profits from buybacks is tax free.
  3. The number of accepted shares is calculated considering all the shares are tendered for buyback.
  4. Profit and Loss Calculation is based on gross amounts and do not include any charges.