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Incorporated in 1987, Angel One (Angel One) is one of the largest full-service retail brokers in India offering online discount brokerage services. The company offers a wide range of investment and trading services including stock and commodity broking, investment advisory services, margin funding, loans against shares, and financial products distribution. Angel One is a strong neighborhood presence with 110 branches and 11,000 sub-broker offices in 1800+ cities in India as of June 30, 2018..... Know more about Angel One

Complaint against Angel One Broker

Angel One brokerage complaints report provide detail about the number of complaints received by the stock exchanges from the Angel One customers. The Angel One complaints report analyzes the Angel One online complaint data provided by BSE and NSE. This report shows the health of the broker.

These complaints are serious grievances against Angel One broker which the broker and customer failed to resolve. The customer then filed these legal complaints with the stock exchange.

The Angel One complaint no. report also provides Angel One’s number of active clients. This shows the growth of the broker year on year.

Angel One Complaints

Exchange Financial Year Total Complaints Active Clients
NSE 2022-23 182 4,025,199
BSE 2021-22 100 909,986
NSE 2021-22 1302 3,657,550
BSE 2020-21 26 193,313
NSE 2020-21 1501 1,564,667
BSE 2019-20 54 192,599
NSE 2019-20 400 576,414
NSE 2018-19 226 414,831
BSE 2017-18 97 226,661
NSE 2017-18 356 363,663
BSE 2016-17 38 126,507
NSE 2016-17 328 230,194
BSE 2015-16 68 133,401
NSE 2015-16 279 170,808
BSE 2014-15 76 120,509
NSE 2014-15 198 160,354
BSE 2013-14 111 998,740
NSE 2013-14 337 140,174
BSE 2012-13 187 950,151
NSE 2012-13 467 787,923
BSE 2011-12 305 875,354
NSE 2011-12 385 715,612

Angel One complaint at NSE

Active Clients402519936575501564667
Resolved through the exchange1348341191
Non actionable17414245
Advised / Opted for arbitration001
Pending for redressal with exchange315464
No. of arbitration filed by clients3926
Decided by arbitrators in favour of the clients1623
Decided by the arbitrators0211
Pending for redressal with arbitrators233

Angel One complaint at BSE

Active Clients909986193313192599
Resolved through the exchange1002048
Non actionable2001
Advised / Opted for arbitration101
Pending for redressal with exchange066
No. of arbitration filed by clients102
Decided by arbitrators in favour of the clients000
Decided by the arbitrators000
Pending for redressal with arbitrators102


  • * Including against its sub brokers, authorised persons, employees, etc.
  • ** Non actionable means the complaint that are incomplete / outside the scope of the Stock Exchange

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How to close Angel trading account?

    To close the Angel One trading account, you need to fill a physical form and submit or courier it to your branch office.

    Steps to close Angel One Trading Account

    1. Download the Angel One Account Closure Form
    2. Print, fill and sign it.
    3. Submit the paper form to the branch office.
    4. Or courier it to the address mentioned in the form.


    • Accounts cannot be closed online or through customer care.
    • Clear all dues before closing your account.
    • All account holders in case of joint accounts must sign it.
    • Make sure to follow-up after you submit the form. In most cases, it takes multiple follow-ups for account closure.




87. Aasif Khan   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Sep 26, 2022 9:32:21 PM Reply
I was trading with angle one Ltd with capital of rs 25k in equity shares and 33k rupees with bank nifty and i was in profit EOD of 22nd of sep 2022 but In the next morning my balance showing as a loss of rs 83k how is this possible and when I was contacted to customer care he said that you have to pay the brockrage charges of rs 1.13 lacs and other charges of rs 21k .i was sell my all holdings their total cost of rs 68k around but still I am in loss of rs 16k and company's employees says that you should pay the remaining amount. They were charged 100rs per lot on bank nifty trading which is so high charges. Very worst service .. I want my refund amount which is i was added for trading.
86. Vineet   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Aug 12, 2022 7:36:13 PM Reply
I am an IT pro with 10 yrs of exp so i know all cookies cache stuff. Now Angle one has most Irritating customer service. I have reported multiple issues with their platform and due to which i have to bear losses. They will not compensate.

The recent issue is open for one month now but today they again want a list of Loss. Can you imagine they have been working on NOTHING for past one month.

Call back requests are always missed calls because during a trading day, i have phone next to me they will hang up in just half second call.
85. Ankitaben   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Nov 15, 2021 10:01:53 AM Reply
I sold 2 shares of eClerx Services Limited through buyback.
I received the amount of 5700/-( 2850/- x 2 shares) in my bank account. However, same amount is debited by the Angel broking from my demat account.

So in the end I didn't get any money for the 2 shares which I sold through back.
I received email from Kfin that 5700/- is credited in my bank account against the buyback shares. But if same amount of 5700/- is debited(9 nov) by Angel from demat account, where are my 2 shares or equivalent money?
Angel account: A105711
85.1. Shruti   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Apr 20, 2022 10:23:41 AM
Check in your ledger, they credit the ledger by transaction bill for selling, and then they debit, so it nullifies after charges and taxes stuff..
84. RAMESH VERNEKAR   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Apr 16, 2022 12:23:51 PM Reply
My accounts Trading Code : R105787 Ramesh Nagappa Vernekar HUBLI DEAR SIR, I, am old aged 81 years bed paceient. I, verified my accounts as per your accounts dated 11-12- 2017, it clearely
TOTALLY 86699-48 ...
FURTHER TO THIS NO ANY TRANSACTION NOW U SAYS NILL balance. therefore I, STOPPED TO TRADE WITH you where is my amount.? Recently this week YOU shows ₹ 540 cridit balance & wonderfull today shows nill balance. Why your Angle Broking cheatings public .? I, am living one are two year but I, strongly CROUSE ANGELE BROKING.Private Limited.
83. Sailajadevi   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Feb 17, 2022 11:16:24 AM Reply
Just know I was trading intraday in stovekraft.
I place the order 660. And the stock at 660 level for more than 2 minutes but still order not executed.. this is not good at all.
Please take the immediate action on my complaint.
Thank you
82. vijay   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Jan 19, 2022 4:56:10 PM Reply
Worst broker. nothign works. It always shows wrong fund balananc due to order is not accepted. Its useless
81. Hareshbhai Agola   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Aug 16, 2021 10:40:30 PM Reply
Angel broking not executed technical issues to all customer loss karva rahi hai, sabke sath cheating kar Rani hai,yesi company bandh karvane ki complain sab log kijye...
81.1. Anurag   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Jan 7, 2022 5:31:51 PM
Horrible experience with angle one broker.
80. vishal   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Jan 5, 2022 10:39:35 PM Reply
hi, i made a profit of 1700 in option sellling, i even have screeshot, but in ledger and contract note it is showing -7000, pls check u rledger daily.
79. sumit sharma   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Dec 31, 2021 3:44:40 PM Reply
Worst company to deal with. No ethics and customer service. Srvice is like sadak chap company. Advise all, not to engage with angel broking for DEMAT service & account.
78. Pankaj Malunjkar   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Oct 11, 2021 7:24:04 PM Reply
It is worst application.
Today nothing was working.
Totally frustrated.
77. Subburajdude   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Oct 11, 2021 11:15:01 AM Reply
S938924 this is my angel id. Friday I buy 10lots banknifty. Today it's up 170 point up. But my order not showing in position. Am trying to contact angel brokage customer care last 2 hour but busy
76. Mafhavi   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Sep 28, 2021 12:57:40 PM Reply
We are already account in Angel broking and my id is c30478....we will send pay in in this account not credited...waste service for both who are taking me account so please deactivate my account


75. Divyesh Kumbhani   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Feb 26, 2021 11:24:44 AM Reply
Angel broking is the biggest fraud company in India, i have opened the account in 3 days ago & i have transferred the fund in my demat account. after 2 days my account is blocked without any reason. no anyone take it seriously to resolve my issue. soch a big liar company
75.1. Somi Rani   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Sep 20, 2021 3:36:00 PM
In the morning it was intentionally hanging the application.this thief application
74. Rajaneesh Kataru   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Sep 13, 2021 7:56:09 PM Reply
Angel broking is cheating people with so called sub brokership. They ask for 50k without which they don't enroll membership but for closure you have to chase them to at least respond over emails.

I would sincerely suggest do not join as a stock sub broker with angel broking.
73. Priyanka Jain   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Jul 15, 2021 2:08:35 PM Reply
Angel executive have no details abt F& O because of angel broking mistake I have loss around 4000 today . So how angel ll pay back my money wat a
72. Akshay Kumar sharma   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Jul 13, 2021 11:50:42 PM Reply
poor services/unprofessional team & behavior Most of the time app not working properly Regular technical glitches.No one call back.Suggest not opt this broker at all.Technoligically backward.
71. NAND KISHORE PARMAR   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Jul 9, 2021 11:35:46 PM Reply

Who is responsible my heavy loss dated 22.06.2021 beacuse it's glitch and trading time your application is very very hanging, trading time rate are not display it's showing many times 0. All are my issue only responsible Angel Broking very very worst application why my issue not resolve till date it's prove Angel broking worst services, worst support your company all focus only adding new customer and only focus company income not responsible customer issue why. Every time same and worst reply for your side. I'm already proved and many times present my wrong trade proof why not proper investigate it's prove your technical problem and your worst technical team are sleeping till date not resolve my issue it's totally fault worst Angel application and I'm already send many mail my screen shots of wrong trade. I want my reversal amount 63240/-with compensation and brokerage. And your executive blamming me why. I want my reversal I'm not responsible your worst services. If not refund my amount I'm issue legal Against Angel Broking because I have very huge loss many times it's totally wrong.
70. Anand   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Jul 8, 2021 6:46:04 PM Reply
Today i lost a huge amount as the orders were not executed.
I bought nifty 15800 pe and was unable to squareoff and it leads to a huge loss.
Every time i squareoff , the order was pending and the losses increased.I could hav easily earned a gud profit if was able to square off at right time.
69. Samaresh   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Jun 21, 2021 3:14:45 PM Reply
Hi Team Angel,

I spoke to the customer care executive regarding my account re-activation and it has been more than a month and yet no action has been taken. I have told my concern over the call at least 4 times and yet the account has not been re-activated. First of all, it's seems to be a tedious task to get in touch with the customer care executives. Today I have called at least 20 times and not even once their call has got connected. The last time I spoke to the executive, he said it'll be activated within a week and now it has been more than 2 weeks but the same results.
Disappointed with the service of Angel Broking!
My client ID is D48601.

Hope necessary action would be taken asap.

Or else I will have to close this Demat and look for better options outside!

68. Syed Naushad Noor   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Jun 17, 2021 4:09:25 AM Reply


I HAVE LOCKED MY COMPLAIN BY CALLING TO YOUR CUSTOMER CARE AT 16/06/2021, 1:54 PM (I have your call recordings, if you want then i will share with you)

YOUR MASSAGE OF INTIMATION / ALERT " Dear Client (S710095), Please pay Rs. 76309 by 5.30 pm tomorrow to avoid your shares being sold on 18/06/2021. Click here to pay Please ignore, if paid - Angel Broking " RECEIVED ME AFTER MY COMPLAINT LOCKED i.e., date: 16/06/2021, 2:20 pm (screenshot and your mail received pdf also attached).



If you don't stop such unprofessional practice, then I will leave Angel Broking As Early As Possible.

For More Details and clarifications , please contact me on my given number.