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Wisdom Capital Mutual Fund Review

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Wisdom Capital is a discount broker offering different financial products including equity, derivatives, currency, commodities, and mutual funds. It provides mutual fund investment across equity, hybrid, debt, and ELSS categories. Wisdom Capital MF works as a distributor of mutual fund products. It doesn't offer in-house mutual fund schemes. All the schemes available on the Master Trust Mutual Fund platform are regular schemes.

Features of Wisdom Capital Mutual Fund

  • Integrated platform with BSE Star MF
  • Hassle-free and secure online process of investment
  • A list of mutual funds across equity, hybrid and debt funds
  • Get expert customized services
  • Instant Redemption Option
  • Customer onboarding and switch feature
  • Allows SIP plans to invest over a long period

Wisdom Capital Mutual Fund Charges

Account Opening Charges


Mutual Fund AMC Fees


Mutual Fund Brokerage Charges


Mutual Fund Commission

Charges commission depending upon fund house and scheme

Mutual Fund Demat Charges


Other Charges


Wisdom Capital Mutual Fund Account Opening Process

Wisdom Capital offers an online account opening facility. Investors can easily open an online account by following the simple registration and account opening process available on the website.

Steps to Open Wisdom Capital Mutual Fund Account

  1. If you are KYC verified, you just need to follow the below steps to open an account:
  2. Mail your PAN, Aadhar card, Cancelled Cheque, Client signature, and passport size photograph to
  3. The relationship manager will contact you and fill your online form through e-KYC
  4. After form completion, your documents will be verified
  5. After verification, your account will be opened

If you are not KYC verified, you have to complete it first. You can become KYC verified by filling the KYC form available on the Wisdom Capital website and completing the verification. You can also open an offline account with Wisdom Capital and send the forms through courier.

Wisdom Capital SIP

Wisdom Capita provides investment through either a lump sum or SIP in different schemes. You can invest in more than one mutual funds of different fund houses through SIP. With SIP plans, the broker encourages investors to invest for a long-term perspective. It creates a disciplined way of investment and savings. Before investing in a mutual fund through SIP, you need to do thorough research on the mutual fund as you are investing for a long-term period.

 Features of Wisdom Capital Mutual Fund SIP

  • Invest in different schemes of fund houses
  • Invest in more than one schemes
  • Creates a habit of investing and savings
  • Invest at a periodic interval of a week, month, quarter or year
  • Use expert customized services to get the best SIP plan
  • Do instant portfolio review whenever you want

Wisdom Capital Mutual Fund Investment Platform

Wisdom Capital offers adaptive trading platforms to invest in various segments. You can integrate the Wisdom Capital platform with BSE Star MF for mutual fund investment.

Wisdom Trade

Wisdom Trade is an online web-based trading platform to invest across different products offered by the company. It allows integration with the BSE MF platform to invest across mutual funds.

Key Features of BSE MF

  • One-time registration process
  • Independent customer's entire portfolio view
  • Deal with mutual fund customer issues
  • Reduces paperwork and errors through the online process

Access Wisdom Trade Platform

  1. Visit the official website of Wisdom Capital
  2. Choose Wisdom Trade option available at the bottom of the page
  3. Login with user ID and password
  4. Submit the form and start accessing

Wisdom Capital Mutual Fund Advantages

  • Allows mutual fund investment across different fund houses
  • Can invest across different categories of mutual fund
  • Integrated and adaptive investment platform

Wisdom Capital Mutual Fund Disadvantages

  • Doesn't offer direct mutual funds
  • Doesn't have in-house schemes
  • Charges commission on mutual fund investment
  • Doesn't have a dedicated mutual fund app

Wisdom Capital Mutual Fund Customer Care

Wisdom Capital Mutual Fund customer care provides solutions to customers' problems. It doesn't have a separate customer care platform for mutual fund investment. You can contact Wisdom Capital on 1800 123 9343 or mail at


Wisdom Capital provides regular mutual fund schemes and expert customized services. If you are an existing Wisdom Capital user, it is quite easy for you to integrate with a mutual fund platform and start investing. For new users investing only in a mutual fund, many other brokers are offering better mutual fund services than Wisdom Capital.

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