Ventura Margin Exposure Limit, Leverage for Intraday and F&O

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Ventura Securities is a full-service broking house in India. Established in 1994, Ventura has a large network of sub-brokers to invest and trade across equity, derivatives, commodities, currency futures, mutual funds, and fixed income instruments.

It has an advanced and in-house developed trading terminal, Ventura Pointer, to provide seamless online trading experience to the customers. The broker offers different types of brokerage plans to meet varied types of investment needs of the clients.

Ventura offers different types of trading platforms and tools to the clients:

  1. Ventura Pointer- Desktop Trading Terminal
  2. Ventura Wealth- Mobile Trading App
  3. Web Trading Platform- Online Website Trading Platform
  4. Commodity Pointer- Commodity Trading Software

Ventura Exposure Limit

Ventura offers margin trading facility to increase the buying limits of the investors and help them generate more profit. The stock broker provides different exposure limits for different segments. For equity intraday trades, the leverage offered by Ventura is 5 times the funds available in the customer's account. If you have Rs 10,000 in the trading account, the intraday position can be placed for up to Rs 50,000. But, all stocks are not available for margin funding.

Key Points to Note- Ventura Margin Policy

  1. Different segment attract different margin funding range
  2. All the stocks are not available for margin facility
  3. Intraday trades squares off automatically before the market closing if you do not close them

Ventura Margin

SegmentTrading Margin
Equity DeliveryUp to 4x
Equity IntradayUp to 8x
Equity FutureUp to 3.33x for Nifty Futures and Up to 2x for Stock Futures
Equity OptionNil
Currency FutureNil
Currency OptionNil
Commodity FutureUp to 4x
Commodity OptionNA
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