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TradingBells is an online discount broker that charges zero brokerage for investing in equity delivery segment. And, flat Rs 20 per executed order for trading in equity intraday and futures & options segment. It has a wide presence in over 85 cities across India.

The stock broker offers online trading platforms in exe, web and mobile versions to its customers. All the software offered by TradingBells is available for investors free of cost. The broker offers the following trading platforms for all the investors:

  1. Justrade Browser-based Trading Software
  2. Justrade Mobile Trading App
  3. Justrade Pro
  4. Back Office

1. Justrade Browser-based Trading Software

TradingBells offers desktop-based ODIN Diet trading software to its investors. It is a simple and lightweight trading software to trade and invest online. You can access Justrade browser-based trading software from the official website by login with trading ID and password provided by the broker.

Key Features of Web-based Trading Software:

  • Access news and market updates.
  • Can be integrated with other apps such as back office, mutual fund, and charting tools. 
  • A range of market reports is available.
  • Can be accessed from any system and anywhere across the world.

2. Justrade Mobile Trading App

Justrade Mobile Trading App by Swastika is a feature-rich application. It allows investors to trade across stock, currency, derivatives and commodity markets.

Key features of Justrade Mobile App

  • Track the performance of the holdings.
  • Get market updates through news and market updates.
  • Access the back office reports through the back-office interface.
  • Easy transfer and withdraw funds.
  • Get information from scanners to grab the opportunities.
  • Place cover orders and bracket orders.
  • Get the live quote and place an order from the charts.

Download Mobile Trading App

  • Visit the official website of TradingBells in your mobile phone browser
  • Click on technology menu available on the home page
  • Justrade Mobile trading app can be downloaded from Google Play and App store
  • Click on the compatible option to your device. It will open a new window.
  • Click on install button and log in the app to start trading.
Mobile Trading Application

3. Justrade Pro

It is a desktop-based software where users have to first download the application on the desktop. Trading Bells offers two trading terminals for users including NSE NOW and ODIN Diet.


NSE NOW software is managed by NSE. It is available in .exe file which is easy to download on the laptop. You can easily trade and invest through NSE NOW with TradingBells.


ODIN DIET is available to trade and invest in mutual funds, IPO, equity, derivatives, commodities, and currencies through a single screen. It has all the advanced features like technical analysis, stock screener, portfolio tracker, and advanced charts. The software allows keeping a watch on all the securities you have invested.

Back Office Interface

TradingBells also offers user-friendly back-office software. It provides regular updates on Sauda Summary, Ledger Balance, Current Holdings and other transactions. You can access the back office software by login with the client ID and password.


TradingBells offers simple and user-friendly trading platforms for users. Though it doesn't have downloadable trading software of its own but it makes for it by offering NSE NOW and ODIN Diet which are known for reliable and fast trading experience. The app offers many useful trading features like charting, Cover & Bracket Orders, Market scanners etc., which helps traders trade on-the-go.

TradingBells Special Offer

Free Equity Delivery Trading

Get free equity delivery trading (truly no brokerage) and pay flat Rs 20 brokerage for Intraday and F&O trades. To open an account with TradingBells, simply leave your contact information with us and TradingBells representatives will call you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Which are the trading platforms offered by TradingBells?

    TradingBells offers Justrade web, Justrade mobile app and Justrade Pro trading software to its investors.

    1. Justrade Web: It is a browser-based trading software available for TradingBells users. They can trade from anywhere across the world by login the account.
    2. Justrade Mobile App: TradingBells users can download the mobile application from google play or app store in their android and iPhones.
    3. Justrade Pro: It is a trading terminal for professional traders. They can choose either NSE Now or ODIN Diet trading terminal to start investing in the stock market from the system.


  2. 2. How to download Justrade Mobile App?

    Justrade mobile application is available for both Android and iPhone users. To download the application, visit Google Play or Apple app store. Search for Justrade mobile app and download & install the application in your smartphones.


  3. 3. Do TradingBells offer a trading platforms for NRIs?

    Yes, TradingBells offers Justrade mobile app, ODIN and NSE Now trading platform for NRIs as well. Investors can trade and invest across BSE and NSE through these trading platforms.


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