TradingBells Margin Exposure Limit, Leverage for Intraday and F&O

TradingBells is a discount broker in India and a part of Swastika Investmart Ltd. The broker offers various services to make investing and trading easier across equity, derivative, currency, commodity, mutual fund, and IPO segments. TradingBells offers a 2-in-1 account to investors integrating the trading and Demat accounts.

TradingBells offers various trading platforms to make trading easy for investors. Here are the trading platforms offered by the broker:

  1. Justrade Pro
  2. Justrade Browser-based Trading Software
  3. Justrade Mobile Trading App

TradingBells Exposure Limits

TradingBells offers a margin funding facility to its investors. The interest rate on TradingBells margin funding is 0.067% per day (Rs 6.67 per day on a shortfall of Rs 10,000). These are available for delivery, intraday, and derivative products. To get margin funding benefits, you have to open a trading account with TradingBells.

TradingBells Margin Policy- Key Points to Note

  • Provides 10x exposure on specified scrips only, else limit is 1x
  • Minimum half of the margin amount is required in cash or cash equivalent form
  • For index options and stock options, the trading range is +/-10% of the market price for the strike price
  • If any trade is in a heavy loss, auto cut at 80% from the margin amount is applicable
  • Provides extra leverage on intraday trades through Margin Plus product

TradingBells Margin Shortage Penalties

For short or non-collection of amount, penalties are levied by the trading member. Followings are the cases:

  • Short collection amount is less than Rs 1 lakh and less than 10% of applicable margin, 0.5% of shortfall amount is charged as penalty.
  • The shortfall is more than Rs 1 lakh or equal/ more than 10% of applicable margin, a 1% penalty is levied.
  • If the shortfall continues for 3 consecutive days and more, then a 5% penalty is charged for each day.
  • When total days of the shortfall in a month is more than 5 days, 5% of the shortfall amount for each day is levied.

In case the shortfall is due to the movement of 3% and more in the currency pair and index, the penalty is levied only when the shortfall extends to T+2 days.

Example of Margin Shortfall

Suppose, you have Rs 10,000 in the account and you have created an overnight future option with Rs 10,000 margin on T day. Suppose, due to market movement Rs 1,000 is debited on the same day. As the shortfall is less than Rs 1 lakh but equal to 10% of applicable margin, a 1% penalty will be charged on T+1 day.

TradingBells Margin

SegmentTrading Margin
Equity Delivery1x
Equity Intraday10x for most scripts
Equity FutureIntraday: 3x | Carry: 1x
Equity Option1x
Currency FutureIntraday: 3x | Carry: 1x
Currency OptionIntraday: 3x | Carry: 1x
Commodity FutureIntraday: 3x | Carry: 1x
Commodity Option
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