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Tradeplus provides web, mobile and desktop-based trading platforms. Traders can access comprehensive Infini trading solution and NSE powered NOW trading platform offered by Tradeplus. INFINI allows equity and commodity trading experience through desktop, mobile and web platforms.

NOW which is a short form of 'NEAT on Web' is a trading platform offered by NSE. It provides direct access to the stock exchange to trade and get live data feed. NOW is available in three versions which are trading terminal, mobile trading app and trading website.

Tradeplus Trading Software

  1. Infini Web- Website Trading Platform
  2. Infini Desktop- Installable Trading Software
  3. Infini Mobile App- Mobile Trading App
  4. Infini MF- Direct Mutual Fund Platform
  5. NOW Web- Website Trading Platform
  6. NOW Mobile App- Mobile Trading App
  7. NOW Desktop- Installable Trading Software
  8. NOW Touch- Advanced Web Trading Platform

1. Infini Web

Infini Web is an HTML5 based platform for traders and investors. It can be accessed from anywhere across the world. Users just need to log in through the browser.

Key Features of Infini Web

  • Trade across BSE, NSE, and MCX from a single platform.
  • 100+ technical indicators, 6 different time scales and 13 chart types.
  • Customize the charts with research work, market trends and multiple indicators.
  • View all the futures and options for a scrip.
  • Access more than 20 drawing tools.
  • Autofill data for intraday and historical chart.

Access Infini Web

Follow the following process to access the Infini Web platform:

  • Visit the official website of Tradeplus at tradeplusonline.com
  • Click on 'Trading Platforms' tab available in the main menu bar
  • Click on 'INFINI WEB' box
  • Click on 'Log on to INFINI WEB' link
  • Enter username and password, then click on submit button

Demo of Infini Web

The Infini Web demo helps Tradeplus customers understand the various features of the platform and use it optimally. To watch Infini Web Demo, you need to-

  • Visit the official website of Tradeplus
  • Click on 'Trading Platforms' segment
  • Click on 'Infini web'
  • Watch the demo available on the page

2. Infini Power

Infini Power is an exe based trading platform. It has many unique, intuitive and powerful features to make the trading experience comfortable for investors.

Key Features of Infini Power

  • Intuitive and best in the class user interface
  • Customize your workspace or use 10+ pre-defined workspace
  • Live scanner tools to identify opportunities in the market
  • Use data visualization tools such as market meter, market dynamics, and maps
  • 70+ technical indicators and 20+ drawing tools
  • Place trading order from the charts directly
  • Access IPO and MF directly
  • Place bracket and cover order
  • More than 25 EOD reports based on intelligent insight

Steps to Download Infini Power

The Infini Power is a downloadable trading software for personal computers. To download Tradeplus Infini Power, you need to take following steps-

  • Visit the official website of Tradeplus
  • Select 'Trading Platforms' section
  • Click on 'INFINI Power' box
  • Access 'Download INFINI POWER' link
  • Download the trading platform


Infini Power demo is available on the official website of Tradeplus. You can also access the demo through Tradeplus YouTube channel. Users can also watch the demo for a particular feature on the website.

3. Infini Mobile

Infini Mobile App is a simple and intuitive platform with screen trading and analytical dashboard. It is a feature-rich application which doesn't compromise on the speed of execution.

Key Features of Infini Mobile

  • Integrated with NSE, BSE and MCX
  • Add stocks to market watch directly from global search
  • Predefined separate NSE and BSE index watch
  • Watch list can be accessed through web and exe based software as well
  • Place cover order, limit order, SL order, aftermarket orders (AMO) and GTD orders
  • Easy access to back-office for ledger statement, DP bill, open positions, DP holdings, profile view and accrued interest
  • Instant fund transfer with over 23 registered banks
  • Instant customer support through support videos and solutions
  • Easy access to blogs and market reports

Steps to Download Infini Mobile

The Tradeplus Infini Mobile Trading App is available on both, Apple and Google app stores. To download Tradeplus mobile app, you need to-

  • Visit the respective App Store depending on your smartphone
  • Search for Tradeplus Mobile app
  • Download the app on your mobile phone

4. Infini MF

Tradeplus offers a separate web and mobile platform to trade and invest in the mutual fund segment. Infini MF is a free and direct mutual fund investment platform. TradePlus Online is an online brand of Navia Markets Ltd which is awarded 3rd best performer in mutual fund investment category by BSE India for FY 2018-19.

Key Features of Infini MF

  • Invest in a mutual fund with zero transaction fees
  • Offers direct mutual fund schemes to provide extra 1.5% returns
  • Saves 50% to 70% on expense ratio
  • Make paperless transactions and invest in direct mutual fund schemes
  • Track and invest in a mutual fund at your fingertips by investing through a mobile app
  • Track performance of mutual fund portfolio online
  • Place conditional orders to buy at the desired NAV
  • Place Flexi SIP orders of your choice at any amount

Download the Infini MF Mobile App

You can download the Infini MF Mobile App and invest in mutual funds using your smartphones. To download the Infini MF Mobile App, please take the following steps-

  • Visit the official mutual fund website of Tradeplus at mf.tradeplusonline.com
  • Get the Google Play and App Store link for Infini Mobile App
  • Install the app for your Android and iPhone
  • Login through user ID and password
  • Start investing in mutual fund schemes
Tradeplus Trading Software

5. NOW Desktop

NOW Desktop is an exe based trading platform to trade across exchanges from your computers. It is an ultra-fast order execution platform as compared to any other trading platforms available for investors. NOW is a good option for breakout traders whose square off orders are not filed on other platforms during trading breakouts.

Key Features of NOW Desktop

  • Trade in Equity, Equity Derivatives and Currency segments
  • Create your custom market watch by adding segment and scrip
  • Predefined market watch also available for an index
  • Place limit, cover and After Market Orders (AMO)

Steps to Download NOW Desktop

Tradeplus customers can download NOW Desktop from the website of the company by taking the following steps-

  • Access Trading Platforms option available on the official website of Tradeplus
  • Click on 'Download Desktop Platform'

6. NOW Mobile App

NOW mobile app is available for open users and customers of many brokers. Open users can only access market data field, whereas Tradeplus users can access both the market data and trade fields.

Key Features of NOW Mobile

  • Check the market status of equity, F&O and currency derivatives
  • Get real-time stock quotes for a particular scrip
  • Access four types of charts which are area, line, candlestick, and OHLC
  • Place orders directly from the chart window
  • Check real-time market-related information
  • Check the status of the orders for the day through the order book
  • Place IPO bids through the IPO module

Steps to Download NOW Mobile

NOW mobile app is available on Apple and Google app stores. To download NOW mobile app, you need to-

  • Visit the app store (Apple or Google)
  • Search NSE mobile trading app
  • Download NOW Mobile app on your android phone

7. NOW Web

NOW Web is shared risk management and CTCL tool for trading members of NSE. Users can access NOW Web from anywhere across the world.

Key Features of NOW Web

  • Easy to navigate user interface
  • Pre-defined market watch lists available for a particular index
  • Interactive charts and place orders from charts directly
  • Customizable market watch to add scrips of your choice
  • Real-time data feeds for all investors

Access NOW Web

  • Visit trading platforms segment on Tradeplus official website
  • Click on NOW Web link provided on the page
  • Login with member ID and user ID

8. NOW Touch

NOW Touch is an advanced web trading platform for investor clients. It only works on Touch screen monitors and Windows 8. NOW Touch is compatible with Firefox, Safari and Chrome. 

You can access NOW Touch by visiting https://app.mobile.nowonline.in/. Login with member ID and user ID provided by the broker.

Tradeplus Call n Trade Facility

The Tradeplus Call-N-Trade facility allows you to place orders over the phone. You can dial the centralized dealing desk provided on the company's website and a company executive will place the orders. The facility is available at a fee of Rs.75 per day per segment plus applicable taxes. You can place as unlimited orders during the day.

Tradeplus Commodity Trading Software

Tradeplus is a leading online discount broker offering commodity trading services at MCX and NCDEX. Customers can use the same online trading platforms available for equities to trade in commodities. Tradeplus commodity trading software download is available on its website. Steps to download the software is explained above.

Tradeplus Forex Trading Platform

Tradeplus offers currency derivatives trading at BSE and NSE exchanges. Traders can use any of the available Tradeplus trading software online to trade in currency futures and options.


Tradeplus trading platforms are suitable for active traders and investors who want to invest in stocks, MF, IPO, commodity and currency segments. The broker charges a subscription fee of Rs 250 per month for accessing the Infini trading platforms which is a negative considering most stock brokers offer free access to their online trading software. Overall, Tradeplus offers good choices in trading platforms to its customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Does Tradeplus offer choices in trading platforms?

    Yes, you have a choice to select from 2 trading platforms which are available in Web, EXE and Mobile versions. Tradeplus offers NSE NOW and INFINI trading platforms for investors. NSE NOW is available at free for investing in equity, currency and F&O across EXE, mobile and web trading platforms. Whereas, Tradeplus INFINI web and mobile application are available at free of costs for commodity F&O segment only. To invest in equity and commodity segments, investors have to subscribe for ITS (INFINI Trading Solutions) and pay Rs 250 per month.



  2. 2. What are the trading platform and tools offered by Tradeplus?

    Tradeplus offers total 8 trading platform and tools for investors, which are:

    • NOW Web
    • NOW EXE
    • NOW Mobile
    • NOW Touch
    • Infini Web
    • Infini Mobile
    • Infini EXE
    • Infini MF



  3. 3. How can you invest in a mutual fund with Tradeplus?

    Tradeplus offers direct mutual fund investment platform which is INFINI MF for investors. It is available in web and mobile versions. Tradeplus doesn't charge any transaction fee for mutual fund investment. Overall, investors can save 50% to 70% on expense ratio by investing in direct mutual fund schemes.



Zerodha (Trade with the best stock broker)

Invest brokerage-free Equity Delivery and Direct Mutual Funds (truly no brokerage). Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account and start trading today.

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Zerodha (Trade with the best stock broker)

Special Offer - Invest brokerage-free Equity Delivery and Direct Mutual Funds (truly no brokerage). Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account and start trading today.


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