Tradejini Margin Exposure Limit, Leverage for Intraday and F&O

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* Margin Policy Update

As per the SEBI circular dated November 19, 2019, starting from September 01, 2021, brokers cannot offer additional margin (i.e. 20x) in any segment including intra-day at BSE, NSE and MCX. The margin is now decided by the exchange and remains the same for all brokers. For all intraday product types i.e. MIS, BO, CO trades, the leverage will be the same which is the VAR+ELM margin. Visit New margin requirements in India Stock Market to know more.

Tradejini Financial Services Pvt Ltd is a Bengaluru based online discount broker. The company provides online trading services in Equity, Commodity, Currency, Derivatives, Mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds. Tradejini customers can use the company services to trade in NSE, BSE, MCX and MSEI.

Tradejini offers its customers access to powerful 3rd party trading platforms like-

  • Omnesys Nest - It is a desktop platform that enables fast trading.
  • NSE NOW - A web-based platform from NSE. The platform has direct access to NSE servers. This facilitates faster trade execution even on slow internet speed.
  • NOW Mobile App - The app is available for Apple iOS and Android smartphones. It offers all the features of a platform on your smartphone.
  • Flash - It curates all the latest financial and market-related news and brings to you on a single screen.

Besides good trading platforms, Tradejini also offers its customers access to useful tools. Customers can use Brokerage, Margin and Options calculators and understand their trade better.

Low brokerage is one of the strongest USP of Tradejini. The company charges Rs 20 per executed order or 0.1% of Turnover whichever is lower. This brokerage fee irrespective of trade volume and across all segments.

Tradejini is a Depository Participant with CDSL. This allows the company to offer Demat Account opening services to its customers. Tradejini customers can open both trading and Demat account.

Key Facts About Tradejini

  • Charges flat brokerage of Rs 20 per trade across segments
  • 2800+ crore daily turnover
  • 16000+ customers across 925 cities
  • Provides access to powerful 3rd party platforms to trade across segments and exchanges

Tradejini Exposure Limit

The exposure facility allows customers to trade many times over the available funds. The margin trading facility allows customers to trade more and make more profits. But, the margin differs for different segments and stocks.

You can use the Tradejini margin calculator to know the margin limit on your trade.

Tradejini Margin Policy (Key Points)

  1. All MIS orders will be automatically squared off before 15 minutes to market close time.
  2. You have the option to convert Margin positions to Delivery. To convert, you need to have sufficient funds in your account. The conversion needs to happen before the MIS position is closed out.

Tradejini Margin

SegmentTrading Margin
Equity Delivery10x with SL, 30x without SL
Equity Intraday10x with SL, 30x without SL
Equity Future2.5x with SL, 6x without SL
Equity Option2.5x with SL, 6x without SL
Currency Future5x with SL, 2x without SL
Currency Option5x with SL, 2x without SL
Commodity Future5x with SL, 3x without SL
Commodity Option

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