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Indiabulls Mobile App Review | App Demo, Charges and Download

Indiabulls Ventures is one of the leading full-service stockbrokers in the country. It is the broking arm of Indiabulls Group. The Indiabulls Group has interests in many domains in the financial services industry. It offers services in personal financing, housing finance, real estate, and facilities sector.

Indiabulls Ventures acts as a one-stop shop for trading in various asset classes. The company offers trading services in Equity, Currency, and Derivatives across exchanges.

Indiabulls customers can choose from PIB (Desktop), Shubh Web and Shubh mobile app.  These web and mobile platforms are available free of cost to the customers. And, offer a range of essential features for fast and reliable trading.

Power Indiabulls (PIB) Desktop Trading Platform

Indiabulls Securities offers an advanced platform in Power Indiabulls (PIB) Desktop Trading Software.  You can download the Indiabulls trading software on a personal computer and trade on it. PIB is an integrated trading platform that offers a range of features to analyze, decide and trade.

PIB trading software is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple's Mac and Linux users.

Power Indiabulls (PIB) Desktop Trading Platform Features

PIB is an advanced online trading platform. This Indiabulls trading software offers a host of features like-

  1. Single platform to trade across NSE, BSE and MCX
  2. Access Market Stats, IPO Calendar, News etc., from the welcome screen.
  3. Create customized multiple market watch and track your favourite scrips.
  4. Access to real-time market data- top gainers & losers, most volatile, high volume stocks.
  5. Real-time news on the markets, economy and the corporate world.
  6. World market summary on global stock exchanges.
  7. Access to research reports from Indiabulls research team.
  8. Real-time reports to track your trades, positions and portfolio.
  9. Customize market watch, Intraday charts, alerts etc.
  10. Set customized alerts on your scrips based on multiple parameters.
  11. Facility to upgrade the software with a single click.

Shubh Web (Indiabulls Web Trading Platform)

Shubh Web is Indiabulls web trading platform. The platform allows Indiabulls customers to trade using any web browser. The platform offers many essential trading features like

  1. Get a view on portfolio value, orders summary, open positions, top gainers and losers etc.
  2. Get real-time reports on trades and open positions.
  3. Create multiple market watch for scrips and F&O contracts.
  4. Get stats on top gainers & losers, most active and volatile stocks.
  5. Access to research reports from Indiabulls research team.
  6. Live news on the economy, businesses and markets.
  7. News from global markets.

Indiabulls Shubh Mobile Trading App

Indiabulls Shubh is a mobile trading application that helps you to trade on-the-go. The Indiabulls mobile trading app provides all the features to trade from anywhere. The app provides many good trading features like

  1. Intuitive interface with quick access menu.
  2. Place buy/sell orders across asset classes and exchanges.
  3. Quick order execution.
  4. Real-time updates on companies, financial markets, and the economy.
  5. Get real-time price quotes for your favourite Equities, Currency & Equity Derivatives.
  6. Single tap information about the scrips from all leading financial markets.
  7. Live streaming data from NSE and BSE.
  8. Create personalized watchlist on options, futures, cash, and currency.
  9. Access to Trading Insights and Investment Ideas from the research team.
  10. Real-time information on your Holdings, Net Position, Margin, PnL, Order & Trade Book.

What's not available on Indiabulls Shubh Mobile App?

  • Scanners
  • Backtesting
  • Pattern Finder
  • No direct square off option at the Intraday net position
  • No Funds Transfer facility

Supported Platform / Devices

Indiabulls mobile app is available on both Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones.

  1. Indiabulls Shubh Mobile Trading App for iPhone (Apple)

    Indiabulls Mobile Trading application for iOS (Apple iPhone) is available at iTunes.

  2. Indiabulls Shubh Mobile Trading App for Android Phone

    Indiabulls Mobile Trading application for Android phones is available at Google Play Store.

Indiabulls Shubh Mobile Trading App Demo


  1. How to download the Indiabulls Mobile App?

    Look for 'Indiabulls Shubh' in the Android Play Store or Apple iTunes App Store and download the app. It's a free app. You need to register yourself before using it.

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  2. Can I use the Indiabulls Mobile app to transfer funds?

    No, currently fund transfer is not available on Indiabulls Mobile app.

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  3. Can I apply in IPO using Indiabulls Mobile App?

    No, IPO services are not available in the Indiabulls Mobile App.

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  4. How do I buy Mutual Funds using Indiabulls Mobile app?

    Mutual Funds are not available in the Indiabulls Mobile app.

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  5. Can I place After Market Hours order on Indiabulls Mobile?

    Yes, After Market Hours orders are available on the mobile app.

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