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Indiabulls Securities is a Delhi based full-service broker. The company offers trading and investment services. It serves over 7 lakh customers through branch offices in over 18 cities.

Indiabulls Ventures also provides research services to its customers. It has an in-house team of experts who do fundamental and technical analysis of stocks. The team publishes research reports that help customers make an informed decision.

Indiabulls offers online trading services to its customers through advanced trading platforms. The platforms act as a single window to trade in many asset classes across exchanges. It offers advanced trading platforms to its customers. Customers can choose from desktop, web and mobile versions as per their convenience.

Initial Public Offer (IPO)

Initial Public Offer (IPO) is the way through which a company gets listed in a stock exchange for the first time. In an IPO, a company invites investors to invest and become a shareholder in the company.

An IPO brings many benefits to a company like-

  1. Raise funds to meet its expansion objectives
  2. Get funds to meet working capital needs
  3. Allows its promoters to offload their stakes
  4. Gain visibility for the brand
  5. Get a secondary market for its shares

Steps in an IPO

The issuance of an IPO is a complex process. For the easy understanding of the users, here are the major steps in an IPO-

  1. The IPO issuing company has to file for IPO with SEBI and take its approval.
  2. The company has to select a registrar for the IPO and lead managers. There is 1 registrar in an IPO. There can be more than 1 Lead Managers in an IPO.
  3. The issuing company decides on the details of the IPO like the number of shares, bidding period and lot size. It also decides on the type of IPO- book building or fixed price and price of the IPO. In a book building IPO, the company decides a price range. In a fixed price IPO, the company gives a specific price per share.
  4. Investors apply for the IPO during the bidding period.
  5. After the bidding period, the next step is the allotment of shares. The company transfers the shares to the Demat account of the investors. In the case of oversubscription, the allotment happens through a lottery. Each selected investor gets 1 lot of shares irrespective of the number of lots he applied for.
  6. The next step is listing of the company on the stock exchange. Mainline IPOs get listed on NSE and BSE. SME IPOs get listed on NSE EMERGE or BSE SME. The stock may get listed at a higher or lower price than the IPO bidding price depending on the demand.

Indiabulls IPO Services- Apply in an IPO

Indiabulls Ventures offers IPO as a service to its customers. But, it doesn't offer online IPO application services. This means you cannot apply for IPO using its trading platform. Indiabulls customers can apply for an IPO through its branch.

How to apply for IPO with Indiabulls Securities?

Applying for IPO with Indiabulls is simple. Here are the steps to apply for IPO through Indiabulls branch office:

  1. Download "IPO Application Form" from NSE website.
  2. Fill your details like Name, PAN, DP Name, DP Id etc. in the application form.
  3. Visit the nearest Indiabulls Branch office and submit the IPO Application form.

Get in touch with your Relationship Manager for any help you need on applying for an IPO.

You can also apply for an IPO online using your bank's ASBA facility and Indiabulls Demat account. This process is completely online and you can apply for an IPO is a few minutes.

Steps to Apply in an IPO using net banking ASBA

  1. Visit your bank's website and Log in to your net-banking account.
  2. Register yourself as an IPO applicant by entering your bank and demat details.
  3. Visit IPO section of the website. It is generally under the Investments section.
  4. Select the IPO you would like to apply for from the list of active IPOs.
  5. Select your account and enter your details on the application page.
  6. Confirm and submit the application.

In ASBA IPO application, the bank blocks the application amount from withdrawal. The bank debits the money from your account on the allotment of shares. If there's no allotment, the bank unblocks the money. The money earns interest for the period.

The company will transfer the shares to your Indiabulls Demat account.


  1. I have an account with Indiabulls Securities. Can I apply in IPO?

    Yes, you can apply in an IPO by downloading the form and submitting it at your nearest Indiabulls branch. We have discussed the process above. You can also use the ASBA net banking services of your bank to apply online for an IPO. While applying, please make sure to provide the details of your demat account. We have also discussed the steps for applying in an IPO.

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  2. How do I sell IPO Shares through Indiabulls?

    You can sell the allocated IPO shares in the same way you sell any other shares. But remember that the shares are eligible for trading only from the listing day on the exchange.

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  3. Who can apply in IPO's through Indiabulls?

    All Indiabulls customers can apply for IPO from its branch office. To apply using ASBA, you need to have an account with the bank that offers ASBA IPO application facility.

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  4. How much fee do I have to pay to apply IPO online through Indiabulls?

    Indiabulls Securities or the bank doesn't charge any fee for applying in IPO.

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  5. Can I apply in IPO's using Indiabulls Securities Shubh App?

    No, Shubh mobile app doesn't offer IPO services.

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  6. Does Indiabulls Securities provide research reports about IPO?

    Yes, Indiabulls Securities offer detail research reports about IPO's to its Clients.

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