IIFL Securities API (Algo Trading) Review

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IIFL Securities offers a set of REST APIs at zero cost to its customers. IIFL Trading APIs enable customers to create their own trading platform, tools, or widgets to enjoy a personalized trading experience.

IIFL Trading APIs assist real-time order execution and portfolio management and provides access to live market prices and historical data. IIFL securities API provides Postman collection (an API tool that helps build, test, and modify APIs) and is compatible with eight different languages - Python, NodeJS, Java, Rust, GoLang, C#, PHP, and .Net. It also maintains example codes for each of them on IIFL Securities GitHub.

Refer to IIFL Securities API Documentation for more details.

IIFL Securities API Benefits

  • Free of Cost APIs.
  • Assists in building a completely customized trading and investment platform.
  • Compatible with multiple languages.
  • Easy, Secure, and flexible to use.
  • Easy to grasp and detailed documentation available.


IIFL does not charge any fees for its APIs. All APIs offered by IIFL is free of cost for IIFL Securities customers.

IIFL API Features

Feature Description

Broking APIs offered

  • Trading API
  • Historical Data API
  • Scrip Master API
  • Market Feed API

Exchanges supported


Real-Time data


Rate Limits

1 request/second

Supported features in trading app

All Basic features

  • Login and Logout.
  • Order placement, cancellation, modification
  • Order and Trade History
  • Positions and Holdings Tracking.
  • Notifications


Rs 20 per order

Order Types

Regular, Market, Limit, Stop loss, Bracket Order, Cover Order, After Market Order,

Product Types

Normal, Intraday

IIFL API login

You need to have an active trading account with IIFL Securities to access IIFL APIs. IIFL API allows to create login for yourself, your client or partner. If you do not have an account with IIFL, click here to open an account with the broker instantly and avail free API services.

You require to generate IIFL API keys to start using the IIFL Trading APIs.

Steps to generate IIFL API keys:

  • Login to your IIFL Securities account.
  • Go to My Account tab and click on "Profile"
  • Click on "My Details".
  • Go to the Equity tab and click on the "Trading API" available under Trading Preferences.
  • Click on "Generate" option to generate API keys.

Note: The API Keys once generated will be listed on the Trading API page for a period of 6 months, post which they will be regenerated for security reasons.


IIFL API Rate limit is standard for all its trading APIs at 60 requests/minute.

If you want to increase the rate limit cap, you can write to apisupport.broking@iifl.com for assistance.

Types of IIFL API

IIFL Securities offer APIs for trading, market feeds, and fetching historical data.

  1. IIFL APIs for Trading

    IIFL Securities offer Open APIs that facilitate end-to-end trading functionality. IIFL Trading API assists login, order placement, cancellation, modification, portfolio management, access to Tradebook, Orderbook, holdings, DP holdings, ledger, and transactions information.

  2. IIFL Scrip Master API

    IIFL Scrip Master API helps fetch the scrip details of all the Equity, Derivates and Commodities stocks across NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX.

    The scrip master gets extracted in a CSV dump that can be imported to a database.

  3. IIFL Market Feed API

    IIFL Market Feed API helps fetch the market feed of a particular scrip or a set of scrips that includes the scrip name, last traded price, total quantity, High Price, Low Price, and previous close price.

  4. IIFL Historical Data API

    IIFL Historical data helps fetch the data for any time duration from the past. However, the maximum permissible interval size per API call is set to six months. The Historical data API provides OHLC (open, high, low and close rates) and volume data along with timestamps for the requested scrip codes.

    The historical candle data is available in several time intervals like 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and daily.

    The historical data is imperative for backtesting as it helps to deploy trading strategy that can give correct trading signals.

IIFL API Example

You can use IIFL API for building your customized trading platform. You can also go through historical and real-time market data to formulate the right market strategy.

Example: You want to buy the bulk of a stock when the market prices are low. Doing this manually is very challenging as you will have to monitor live market data that keeps changing every second. However, with IIFL APIs, you can provide a set of conditions to buy this stock when it hits your desired price. When the given price conditions get fulfilled, the order gets executed automatically.

IIFL API support

IIFL provides email support for any API-related queries and guidance.

IIFL API Support Email ID: apisupport.broking@iifl.com

You can also visit IIFL Securities GitHub, wherein you can raise your issues or go through the previous discussion and issues to seek more information on the IIFL Trading APIs. IIFL also maintains the example codes in different languages for easy assistance.


IIFL Securities APIs are available for all IIFL registered customers free of cost. IIFL Trading APIs boost your trading experience and bring efficiency to your trading operations. IIFL APIs help in order placement, modification, cancellation, view market depth, calculating margins, access to live quotes, and much more. It also assists in trading strategy formulation with the help of historical data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Does IIFL offer API?

    Yes, IIFL Securities offer Trading APIs that help build customized trading and investment platforms.

    IIFL APIs are available at zero cost to all IIFL customers. IIFL API assists in real-time trade execution, order placement, cancellation, modification, access order and trade reports, mutual fund transactions, historical data, etc.

    IIFL maintains detailed API documentation that helps understand the API usage easily.



  2. 2. What is API in IIFL?

    API in IIFL is a set of REST APIs that helps customize your trading tools as per your requirements.

    IIFL Trading APIs are available at zero cost and are easy and secure to use. The IIFL APIs are compatible with multiple languages and assist in the below functions:

    • Real-time Order execution.
    • Access live markets.
    • Monitor your holdings and positions.
    • Access to historical data.
    • Portfolio management.
    • Access to Trade Reports, Order Reports, Holdings Reports, and Ledger.



  3. 3. How to use IIFL APIs?

    Using IIFL APIs is simple and easy. To start using IIFL API, you need to have a trading account with IIFL Securities. IIFL APIs are available at zero cost (without any subscription charges) to all its customers.

    To access IIFL API,

    • Sign up and create your account with IIFL.
    • Generate the API key.
    • Send the login request along with the Client ID, password, and My2PIN in an encrypted format.

    Refer IIFL API documentation for more details.



  4. 4. How to get the API key from IIFL?

    You can generate the IIFL API key online if you have an active trading account with IIFL.

    Steps to get API keys from IIFL:

    • Login to the IIFL Securities account.
    • Go to your Profile under - My Account tab.
    • Click on "My Details".
    • Under the Equity tab, click on the "Trading API" available under Trading Preferences.
    • Click on Generate.



  5. 5. How is IIFL API?

    The biggest pro of IIFL APIs is that they are offered free of cost to all IIFL customers.

    IIFL REST and OPEN APIs are secure to use and provide customers with the much-needed customization options for experienced traders and IIFL partners to bring efficiency to their trading operations and make their trading experience smoother.

    IIFL's APIs are compatible with various languages and help in order placement, modification, cancellation, market depth, margin calculations, live quotes, and historical data to its users.



IIFL Securities Account Opening Enquiry

Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Delivery, Intra-day and F&O + FREE Account Opening Fee. Open FREE Instant Account online with IIFL and start trading today.

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Special Offer: Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Delivery, Intra-day and F&O + FREE Account Opening Fee. Open FREE Instant Account online with IIFL and start trading today.


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