Zerodha Kite Review - Trading Platform Detail

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Zerodha Kite Review - Trading Platform Detail

Kite is a browser-based trading platform developed by Zerodha. The online trading software is built using HTML 5 technology that supports both mobile and web-based trading. Kite sports an elegant UI and is made for faster trading on low bandwidth.

Zerodha Kite enables trading on multiple exchanges including BSE, NSE and MCX. The platform comes in 3 versions:

  • Zerodha Kite Web
  • Zerodha Kite Mobile
  • Zerodha Kite Connect APIs

Pros and Cons of Zerodha Kite

Pros Cons

Works well in low bandwidth

Backtesting, scanners not available.

Supports upto 10 regional languages

No option to invest in IPOs and Mutual Funds

Simple, elegant interface

Back office managed in a separate application

Access to APIs

Minor browser based issues on charts

Access to Quant for fundamental analysis using behavioral analytics

Integration with 3rd party apps

Good Funds transfer facility

Zerodha Kite web

Zerodha 'Kite Web' was launched in November 2015. Zerodha recently launched its third version Kite 3.0. The integrated platform facilitates trading on desktop, mobile and Tablets. It is used by over 70,000 clients and serves over 5 million requests per day.

Some of the key features of the platform are:

  • Multiple marketwatch
  • Advanced charting with over 100 indicators and 6 chart types
  • Place orders from charts
  • Floating Order window
  • Advanced order types like Brackets with trigger entry and cover with limit entry
  • Millisecond order placements
  • Universal instrument search for quick search across more than 90,000 stocks and F&O contracts
  • Live ticks, quotes and order alerts
  • In-built integration with Quant tool for performing fundamental analysis using behavioral analytics
  • Integration with other investment apps developed by Zerodha partners

Kite Web is also India's first multilingual trading platform. The platform supports 10 regional languages including Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu.

Kite Mobile Trading App

Kite mobile is a free trading application available for Android and Apple iOS devices. The app gives you access to features like:

  • Multiple Market watch
  • Portfolio tracking and net positions
  • Place and view orders
  • Funds transfer and view
  • Advance charting with over 100 indicators
  • Live quotes and market depth
  • Regular, AMO, BO (Bracket orders), CO (Cover orders)

Kite Connect APIs

Kite Connect API gives programmatic access and control over data to retail investors. It is a set of simple HTTP/JSON APIs that can help you build your own platforms. The APIs gets you access to important data like live quotes, profile, funds, order history, positions, etc., in addition to executing orders.

You can use any programming language (from excel VBAs to Python, Java, C# or even command line console) of your choice to use the APIs.

Zerodha Kite Charts

Zerodha Kite offers advanced charting with over 100 indicators, 6 chart types and 19 drawing tools. You have access to daily charts of over 7 years and intraday charts since 2014.

  • Multiple chart view up to 4 charts on the same screen
  • Apply studies, drawings, change timeframes,etc., for each chart
  • Place trades from popped out charts
  • Over 20 different drawing tools

Zerodha Kite Shortcut Keys

Funcion Shortcut Key


Account Overview




Market Watch






Market Depth


Order Book


Fund Transfer







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