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What is an online trading account?

Published on Friday, September 7, 2018 by Team | Modified on Thursday, May 23, 2019

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An online trading account facilitates online buying and selling of financial instruments like stocks, derivatives etc., from stock and commodity exchanges. Most of the brokers these days offer online trading account. In addition to an online trading account, you would also need to open a demat account to trade in exchanges. A demat account is used to hold the certificates of your instruments.

Benefits of an online trading account

  1. Trade from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere
  2. Trade from your personal computer and mobile app
  3. The broker fee is lower
  4. Monitor your investment portfolio anytime, anywhere
  5. Trade directly without any middlemen
  6. Get access to data-driven tools for informed decision making

How does an online trading account work?

You need to open an online trading account with any of the registered brokers like Zerodha,Sharekhan, ICICIdirect etc. Most of these brokers offer 3 types of platforms to facilitate trading:

  • Web based platform
  • Installable trading platform
  • Mobile app

Depending on your convenience, you can access any of the platforms offered by your broker. You can login to your online trading account using the user id/password provided to you by your brokerage company. You can use the account to trade in desired instruments. You can trade in stocks, derivatives, commodities, currency and IPOs using the account. Some brokers also facilitate purchase of mutual funds, bonds, insurance etc., from the trading account. All your holdings will be credited and maintained in the demat account.

Who can open an online trading account?

There is no age criteria to open an online trading account. A minor's account can be opened in the parent/guardian name. They will be in charge of the account till the minor attain adulthood. Read our detailed article to know more on opening of a demat and trading account for minors.

However, you would need a PAN card along with KYC documents to open an online account. To trade in Futures and Options, you would need to provide proof of income.

Some brokers like ProStocksZerodha, Upstox etc., have also started Aadhar based instant account opening.

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