Indian Oil Corp Ltd (IOC) OFS on Monday 24th Aug 2015

Published on Friday, August 21, 2015 by Dilip Davda | Modified on Friday, November 1, 2019

Indian Oil Corp Ltd (IOC) OFS on Monday 24th Aug 2015

While Dredging OFS got overwhelming response in dull market with over 2 times subscription in non-retail and over 11.6 times in retail, Govt of India has now planned OFS for IOC that will take place on Monday i.e.24.08.15.

For Dredging the clearing price for non-retail is fixed at Rs. 382, and for retail Rs. 393.10. Last closing price of Dredging as on Friday eve was Rs. 381.00

IOC OFS Detail

Company NameIndian Oil Corporation Limited
Series - Non RetailIS
Series - RetailRs (Bid value (or = Rs 2 lacs)
Issue Size24,27,95,248 equity shares
Discount to Retail investor bids5% for Rs series
Bidding at cut-off - Rs seriesCut-off available - Default option on order entry screen
Maximum Bid Quantity4,93,72,950 equity shares
Date of offer24-Aug-15
Floor PriceRs. 387
Market Lot1 Equity Share
Tick SizeRs 0.05
OFS Bidding Time09:15 AM to 14:30 PM

Now for IOC (Indian Oil Corp Ltd), the OFS is for 10% stake dilution that includes 48559050 equity shares for retail investors and 194236198 for non-retail investors (Total 242795248 shares of Rs. 10 face value ). Offer will open at 9.15 AM and will close at 15.30 Hrs. Lot size will be 1 share and in multiple of it with a tick price of Rs. 0.05. The scrip closed on Friday at 394.45. Allotment will be made on price priority basis. Retail investors will get 5% discount on cut off price. Seller promoter to this offer is The President of India acting through and representated by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India (Promoter).

Selling members are 1) Citigroup Global Markets India Private Limited 2) Deutsche Equities India Pvt Limited 3) Nomura Financial Advisory and Securities (India) Private Limited 4) JM Financial Institutional Securities Limited 5) Kotak Securities Limited.

Floor price for this offer will be announced before 5 pm of 22.08.15. This offer is likely to fetch Rs. 9460 crore for the Govt. of India.

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21. D.K.Periwal   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 28, 2015 6:44:07 PMReply
I have applied shares at cut off price and my bank account is debited @ Rs.389.75/Share. How it is possible ? Price for retail investors should be 387 less 5% discount i.e 367.65. Please clarify if some one has clear idea regarding the pricing.
20. Uchit Patel   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 24, 2015 4:11:53 PMReply
It looks like retail portion is not fully subscribed. Everyone will get 100% allotment on their bidding price. I told everybody it is very huge size OFS. Everyone should apply on floor price. It is almost impossible to subscribe full in retail section. Even Coal India was not fully subscribe though market condition was very good at that time.
19. sridhar   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 24, 2015 3:38:25 PMReply
Cancelled my order after the huge fall. Have to wait and see if my decision was correct!!
18. Kabir   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 24, 2015 1:25:03 PMReply
Why are Non Retail people bidding for this issue, they can easily get shares at much lower cost in CMP, they are not eligible for 5% retail discount as well..
17. Stock Investor   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 24, 2015 12:53:59 PMReply
Apply @387
16. Pankaj sharma   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 24, 2015 12:39:54 PMReply
Should I apply IOC OFS @387 or at price after calculating discount i.e., 367.65
15. Uchit Patel   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 24, 2015 12:24:10 PMReply
Apply on floor price. Don''t take any risk. It is very huge OFS. Everyone get allotment on floor price as COAL INDIA.
14. Veeral   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 24, 2015 11:51:12 AMReply
I read in the IOC OFS document that, if the OFS is not fully subscribed, and if people bid in the 5% discount price range, they could get allotment. Which means:
Floor Price = 387
Discount: 5%
Discount Price: 367.65
If you bid at 367.65 and if the OFS is not fully subscribed, you can get an allotment at 367.65.

To be on the safer side, if one is absolutely bullish on IOC, he/she can apply for a small quantity at 367.65!
13. Ghanshyam   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 24, 2015 11:00:30 AMReply
What is the startegy now...Market down....IOC market price 380-382....
12. NKD   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 24, 2015 8:47:17 AMReply
11. NKD   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 24, 2015 8:35:50 AMReply
sgx down -185 ioc may available at 350 in open market dont apply
10. Deepak Shah   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 23, 2015 11:58:29 PMReply
shortsale in the morning..ideally price should go to 380 tomorrow to bridge the gape between actual market price i.e 394 and OFS price(cutoff price-5%).... theoretically speaking it should happen tomorrow.
share your views.
9. NALLA KEDARNATH   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 23, 2015 7:39:51 PMReply
Dear friends

OFS of IOC is open for subscription on Monday.

Check out details of previous OFS as below:

08.04.2015 - REC: FP-315, NR-allotment 327.2, R-allotment 333.3, LTP-254

27.07.2015 - PFC: FP-254, NR-allotment 254.1, R-allotment 261.9, LTP-228

21.08.2015 - DCI: FP-382, NR-allotment 382.0, R-allotment 393.1, LTP-381

FP=Floor price, NR=Non-retail, R=Retail, LTP=Last traded price

It is clear that NR allotments have been at much lower price
than R allotments. Even with 5% discount, retailers have not
gained anything in these OFS. Many must have lost heavily.
The higher allotment price for retailers is becathey put in
the bids at higher rate.

I would advise retailers to put in bids at Floor price only so that
there is some margin of profit left. It may be that subscription
may be more than allocation. In that case it will be a lottery which
is far more better than all of us making a meager gain at the cost of huge risk & loss
8. jigaReligare   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 23, 2015 5:34:40 PMReply
any grey mkt premium in ahmedabad for ioc ofs
7. Sunil P   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 23, 2015 12:04:28 AMReply
Things to note:
a)       You can place multiple bids at multiple prices.
b)      Multiple Bids can be placed at Cut off or Limit price or both.
c)      To get 5% discount, the total bid value cannot exceed 2 lacs in Retail Category
d)      Bids can be modified multiple times till 3.30 P.M.
e)      Discount of 5% will be on final cut off price for Retail investors
f)      In case you sell any shares on August 24, 2015 you can that funds to apply for OFSĀ       (the shares sold need to be in rolling segment)
6. Ankur Goell   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 22, 2015 9:13:27 PMReply
Suppose someone gets share in allotment than when will those share available for trading.
5. Uchit Patel   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 22, 2015 6:38:21 PMReply
I am requesting all to don''t apply over the floor price. This is very huge ofs and everyone get allotment at floor price like coal India ofs. Don''t do bidding at high price. All retail investors lost money in last ofs power finance.
4. S J P Shares   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 22, 2015 1:29:55 PMReply
3. VALUE INVESTOR   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 22, 2015 8:42:09 AMReply
Applying in OFS is futile exercise and is useless, with oil prices falling in international market to $40 a barrel its not an attractive proposition either neither the timing of the OFS
2. Chaku Bhura   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 21, 2015 11:55:04 PMReply
Kale avse Jiga. 22th Aug.
1. jigaReligare   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 21, 2015 8:40:09 PMReply
any news about discount in retail & floor price