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Indiabulls Saral App - Mutual Fund Investment in 3 Easy Steps

Published on Thursday, May 9, 2019 by Team

Indiabulls Saral App - Mutual Fund Investment in 3 Easy Steps

Investments are the next step to have a secure future. You invest now and you get good returns which help you lead a better life. Of all the investment avenues, a mutual fund is one way to invest and get returns. There are different types of mutual funds of which one helps you invest for a short term. Liquid funds are a type of mutual funds which you can consider for investing if you are a type of investor who is looking for something with high liquidity and less risk. Liquid funds are where you can earn some short term gains as the maturity period of the invested market instruments is less than 91 days.

Indiabulls AMC's Saral app is a mutual fund app which helps you invest in the Indiabulls Liquid Fund. Indiabulls Saral app helps you as an investor to park your influx of money into the Indiabulls Liquid Fund.

Here are some unique features of the Indiabulls Saral App.

  1. Hassle-free portfolio making process.
  2. You can invest with just a right swipe and withdraw with just a left swipe.
  3. There are multiple payment options such as UPI, net banking, debit cards etc.
  4. Get access to the updated passbook.
  5. Facility to change your MPIN number.
  6. Check your transaction status.
  7. If you are KYC compliant, then your registration process is of only a few steps.
  8. If you are Non- KYC compliant, then you can complete the KYC process through the app itself.
  9. Get all your queries solved with Saral FAQs in the app itself.
  10. Fast, secure and quick payment through UPI


Indiabulls Liquid Fund gives you zero equity exposure. There is no lock-in period which gives you the freedom to withdraw anytime. Indiabulls Liquid Fund is a low-risk investment avenue.. There is the highest level of liquidity. A portion of the liquid fund is kept in risk-free central government T-Bills.

Here is how you can use the Indiabulls Saral app and invest in liquid fund in 3 simple steps.

  1. Download Indiabulls Saral app
  2. Sign up using your PAN & Mobile No
  3. Enter Personal & Bank Details


After these 3 steps, you can start investing. Also Indiabulls Saral gives you the chance to do the payments via UPI. UPI helps you with the facility of instant transfer than an NEFT which takes 1 whole day to reflect into your account. UPI also saves time as it does not require you to add any OTP or CVV and hence is one of the most preferred method of payment. With Indiabulls Saral you can start your investments from as small as Rs. 1000. There is no entry or exit loads and investing in liquid fund also provides diversity to your portfolio. If you have any short term goals, then you can fulfil those by investing in liquid fund.

Investor should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.




Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk, read all scheme related documents carefully

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