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How to reduce brokerage fees while Stock, Commodity, Currency Trading in India?

Published on Sunday, July 13, 2014 by Team | Modified on Saturday, October 1, 2016


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If you still paying brokerage in percent (%) of your trade; the below information can literally save over 80% of your brokerage bill. Trust us; it's possible and proven.

A new type of brokerage plans have picked up popularity in recent years and by now over 1.5 lakh customers already moved to them.

These brokerage plans are known as 'Discount Brokerage Plan' or 'Budget Brokerage Plan' or 'Flat Fee Discount Brokerage Plan' or 'Unlimited Brokerage Plan'. Some people also call them 'Zero % Brokerage Plans'.

While there are many stock / commodity brokers in India started offering these plans; following are some of the popular brokers who has proved their credibility over last 4-5 years:

  1. ProStocks (Flat Rs 15 Per Trade or Unlimited Trading @ Rs 899)

    Read ProStocks Review

    Cheapest and the best online discount stock broker ProStocks is among the popular brokers in India. ProStocks Monthly Plan cost Rs 899 for unlimited Equity and Equity Derivatives trading. This plan offers saving of up to 90% in brokerage charges.

    UpStock also offers Rs 499 unlimited currency trading at BSE and NSE.

    If you are volume traders or day trader; nothing can be cheaper than this.

    Another popular pricing plan from ProStocks is Flat Rs 15 per trade plan. In this plan, irrespective to the size of the trade, you pay just Rs 15 per executed order at BSE, and NSE in Equity, Equity Derivatives and Currency Derivatives segments.

  2. Zerodha (Trade at Rs 20 Flat)

    Read Zerodha Review

    Pioneer of discount brokerage plans and the most popular discount broker in India. Zerodha charges flat Rs 20 max (or 0.01% whichever is less) for any trade at BSE, NSE and MCX in Equity, Commodity and Currency Derivatives segments. Zerodha has around 100,000 customers.

  3. RKSV (Rs 20 Per Traade)

    Read RKSV Review

    RKSV offer flat fee brokerage plan which offers fixed Rs 20 per trade charges. This plan can save good amount of brokerage fee for casual traders or investors who trade only few times a week.

    RKSV was among the first broker to launch unlimited brokerage plan in India. These plans was very simple; pay Rs 3,999 and trade unlimited (literally unlimited in terms of size of trade and number of trades) in equity segment in a month. This plan was discontinued in 2015.

  4. Other Discount Brokers

    Following are few other discount brokers who offer different variations of discount brokerage plans. They all can save your brokerage bill significantly and are good for certain type of traders. All of them are safe as they are registered with SEBI and Stock Exchanges and being regulated by them.

So in simple words; if you want to save brokerage; try discount broker. If you have already tried a discount broker; checkout other brokers who are offering more creative brokerage plans to suite your trading needs.

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