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CPSE ETF FFO 2 Opens on 14th March

Published on Friday, March 10, 2017 by Team | Modified on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

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CPSE ETF FFO 2 Opens on 14th March

After grand response to Reliance Mutual Fund "Central Public Sector Enterprise - Exchange Traded Fund (CPSE ETF)" FFO 1 in January 2017, Reliance Mutual Fund is once again tapping the market with CPSE FFO2 to mobilize Rs. 2500 crore. Issue is opening on 14.03.17 for Anchor investors and on 15.03.17 for other categories on investors and will close on 17.03.17. This is an Open Ended Index Scheme which is listed on the Exchanges in the form of an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) tracking Nifty CPSE Index.


CPSE ETF was launched in March 2014 to facilitate Government of India's initiative of dis-investing its stake in selected Central Public Sector Enterprises through Exchange Traded Fund CPSE ETF route. The ETF is based on Nifty CPSE index which includes 10 listed Central Public Sector Enterprises. Nifty CPSE Index is constructed in order to facilitate Government of India initiative to disinvest some of its stake in selected CPSEs (Central Public Sector Enterprises) through the ETF route.

CPSE ETF is an Open Ended Index Scheme which is listed on the Exchanges in the form of an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) tracking Nifty CPSE Index

Reliance CPSE ETF FFO 2 gets over subscribed by 3.7 Times on last day

Update: 17th March 2017

Reliance CPSE second ETF FFO gets over subscribed over 3.7 Times on last day

Second FFO received Rs. 9200 crore in subscription as against issue size of Rs 2500 crore.

Over 1.2 lakh retail applications received for subscription

Institutional portion oversubscribed 7.6 times - Rs. 5700 crore against Rs. 750 crore

Retail portion oversubscribed two times - Rs. 3500 crore against Rs. 1750 crore

"We, as Reliance, are delighted to have raised subscription interest of over Rs. 23,000 crore in the ETF in last two months leading to disinvestment of Rs 8500 crore. This clearly shows the future potential of fund raising through ETFs. We thank the government for this opportunity and will be happy to support them in their future disinvestment programs through ETFs" said Mr Sundeep Sikka, ED and CEO, Reliance Mutual Fund.

CPSE ETF 2nd FFO anchor issue oversubscribed by over 7.5 times on day 1

Update: 14th March 2017

Reliance MF CPSE ETF second FFO anchor issue oversubscribed by over 7.5 times on day 1.

Anchor investors put in bids of Rs 5,700 crore - over 7.5 times the amount of Rs 750 crore reserved for them, in the CPSE ETF second FFO issue - by the end of the first day.

The CPSE ETF, which opened for subscription by Anchor Investors today, got an overwhelming response from both domestic and overseas anchor investors.

Some of the leading names that participated in the bid on the first day, as anchor investors include: BNP Paribas, Morgan Stanley, SocGen, CitiGroup while the domestic investors include LIC, Exide Insurance, SBI Bank, Axis Bank and Canara Bank.

The RMF CPSE ETF FFO2 proposes to raise an aggregate of Rs 2,500 crore across all categories of investors.

The issue opens for all other investors from March 15-17, 2017 with allocation priority to retail and PFs.

Anchor investors have a reserved quota of up to 30% ie Rs 750 crore of total issue size of Rs 2,500 crore.

The bids received by the Anchor investors also surpass the aggregate issue size on day 1 by over 2 times.

Anchor investors had put in bids of Rs 6000 crore, as against Rs 1800 crore, in the CPSE ETF first FFO that concluded earlier last month.

"While the numbers are awaited, we are delighted to see this unprecedented response and strong appetite for the CPSE ETF, especially by anchor investors. Retail investors and PFs have also shown keen interest and we hope to see good participation from them within the next three days", said Sundeep Sikka, ED and CEO, Reliance MF

CPSE ETF Portfolio

  1. Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited Oil - 24.6%
  2. Coal India Limited Minerals/Mining- 19.6%
  3. Indian Oil Corporation Limited Petroleum Products - 18.4%
  4. GAIL (India) Limited Gas - 11.7%
  5. Rural Electrification Corporation Limited Finance - 5.8%
  6. Power Finance Corporation Limited Finance - 5.5%
  7. Container Corporation of India Limited Transportation - 5.0%
  8. Bharat Electronics Limited Capital Goods - 4.1%
  9. Oil India Limited Oil - 2.9%
  10. Engineers India Limited Construction Project - 2.0%

CPSE fact sheet shows the following:

Since Inception returns of CPSE ETF FFO1 units as on Feb 28, 2017, is 11.83% on absolute basis (FFO Units of CPSE were allotted on January 28, 2017). Said CPSE FFO gave the retail investors returns of 7.50% in a span of just 28 days. (January 31, 2017, till February 28, 2017). FFO 1 was for Rs. 6000 crore that got overwhelming response from investors across the board garnering above Rs. 1374.592 crore. Reliance MF had to refund Rs. 7742.59 crore. .This time the issue size is Rs. 2500 cr. It is offering 3.50% upfront discount to all categories of Investors.

The Nifty CPSE Index is trading at a P/E of 11.72 xs as against 23.13x of Nifty 50 index. In the dividend yield too CPSE index (3.74%) outperforms Nifty 50 (1.25%). A significant benefit which also comes with this fund is the lower expense ratio of 0.065% which is way lower than other active funds. The active fund manager has to outperform the indices by at least 200 basis points to give any additional return to the investors. This ensures that the gains accrue to investors only.

CPSE FFO comprises of ONGC, Coal India, IOC, GAIL, REC, Power Finance, Container Corp, Bharat Electronics, Oil India and Engineers India and these PSUs have wtg. of 24.6%, 19.6%, 18.4%, 11.7%,5.8%, 5.5%, 5.0%, 4.1%, 2.9% and 2.0% respectively.(portfolio as on 28.02.17)

Investors who want to play on India growth story through investment in the large CPSE stocks at attractive valuations can look at investing in this CPSE ETF as it gives one a chance to diversify portfolio through investment in blue-chip Maharatna and Navaratna. This investment is considered as a safe investment opportunity.

Conclusion: Investors looking for safe returns in medium to long term may consider investment.


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Vijay Tikekar
95. Vijay Tikekar  Apr 9, 2017 11:07 Reply
I applied for CPSE ETF , Rs 50,000/-
So far no allotment no refund . Who will
Respond to us ? Reliance / SEBI .
And WHEN ? Will Govt question Reliance ?
94. Vivek  Apr 5, 2017 18:25 Reply
Request can anyone tell me the listing date. Iam sorry, if sounding silly, new it the game
93. CAPRADIP  Apr 1, 2017 21:49 Reply
what this is ?? Can you explian me in short about this ??? I am new on this i hope you understand..... IN ADVANCE ----- Thank you
92. DSR  Mar 29, 2017 20:48 Reply
Top Contributor Top Contributor (300+ Posts, 200+ Likes)
Saw many people posting their grievances. I had to admit my experience with hdfcsec so far is very good. Applied online, amount deducted instantly. Got the allocation and refund on the same day. Allotted units credited into demat the next day.

Holding this fund and will apply for more if another FFO comes. Cheers!
Mehul Shah
91. Mehul Shah  Mar 29, 2017 20:44 Reply
Rec''d 5503 in 3 accounts each. Also received neft for balance payment.
Sunil Vaswani
90. Sunil Vaswani  Mar 29, 2017 16:35 Reply
Strange that it is talking so time to process the refund after allotment. No communication has been received so far.
89. PS  Mar 29, 2017 15:40 Reply
Where is the refund? Can''t trust RMF with fair practices . My guess is that they will send warrants for refund. Whole world is pushing for digital payments and see the delayed response.
88. Deepanker  Mar 29, 2017 11:34 Reply
I have applied for 20000 Units, have not get any information yet....As per Karvy website it has been processed.Neither got the money not the stocks yet......To whom i should contact or wait more....

88.1. mkmathur  Mar 30, 2017 01:35
Today only i got the allotmen. I am using hdfcsec account​.. i would like to inform you to please get in touch with your brocker.or w8 for 2-3 days u will get the units in your demat.
87. Marwari  Mar 29, 2017 09:07 Reply
Anybody get refund?
Arjun K
87.1. Arjun K  Mar 29, 2017 14:10
Not yet in any of my 3 applications
87.2. Pankaj  Mar 29, 2017 19:35
Yes, and it is on 27....neft
Abhi bull
86. Abhi bull  Mar 28, 2017 13:37 Reply
Got full alotment on Rs 14k app. Should have applied for more !
Abhishek Gupta
85. Abhishek Gupta  Mar 28, 2017 13:37 Reply
Got 521 units against 14000 app. Shud have applied for more !
84. Sidhu  Mar 28, 2017 10:34 Reply
Received confirmation on allocation and same credited to my demat
83. hina  Mar 28, 2017 07:41 Reply
shares not yet credited in my demat my is nsdl account
83.1. DBS  Mar 28, 2017 18:40
Talk up the matter with the firm/bank with whom u have demat account.
82. Guest  Mar 27, 2017 23:58 Reply
How the 3.5% we get with this CPSE ETF?
81. ravi  Mar 27, 2017 22:17 Reply
Recieve 5120.000 units at an allotment price of Rs. 26.8504 per unit and the units are being credited to your Demat Account Number XXXXXXXXX884180 as provided by you.

On investment of 1.50 lacs;
80. uts  Mar 27, 2017 21:50 Reply
Applied through reliance website and ASBA with same pan no. Got allotment for both the applications(Total Rs 15000). Now I am thinking I should have applied for more.
79. KKKKKK  Mar 27, 2017 21:45 Reply
Got full allotment. Email from Reliance MF. Had applied for 50k.
Adesh jain
78. Adesh jain  Mar 27, 2017 21:24 Reply
Yes, full allotment to all who applied till 5000 units apparently.
I applied 4655 and got full. Recd email.
Also, interestingly, even though it is now clear that those who applied full 2 lac appl, got 5503 units, a tweet on reliance mf official account asking for allotment status, was replied stating that they can not confirm when allotment will be done.
How contradictory
Ankur Goell
78.1. Ankur Goell  Mar 27, 2017 22:22
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (900+ Posts, 800+ Likes)
I got full allotment in all three applications. I applied for 1L, 1L, 50K and got full allotment in all applications.
amit badaya
76. amit badaya  Mar 27, 2017 20:55 Reply
Bharat Bhushan Sarna
75. Bharat Bhushan Sarna  Mar 27, 2017 20:51 Reply
Have received full allotment of CPSE ETF FFO 2 units . You may contact 180030011111 with PAN Details to get information of units allotted . These will be listed on 7th April as informed to me.
74. rajeev  Mar 27, 2017 20:49 Reply
73. Nikunjindulal  Mar 27, 2017 20:37 Reply
What to do with Cpse? Hold or sell?
72. Nikunjindulal  Mar 27, 2017 20:34 Reply
Got the credit in my demate account just now.
Ranjiv Goyal
71. Ranjiv Goyal  Mar 27, 2017 20:32 Reply
got 5120 units @26.85 in 1.5 lac rupee application.
& 5503 in 2.0 lac application.
got balance refund in hdfc bank account.
still status of two more application pending applying through IOB bank.
Bharat Bhushan
70. Bharat Bhushan  Mar 27, 2017 20:23 Reply
I have got allotment of 1229 units against investment of Rs 33000. Can get confirmation from Relance toll free number 180030011111 and giving your PAN number
69. aditya  Mar 27, 2017 18:59 Reply
call on 180030011111 than press 1 or 2 then 9 and tell your pan number to office he/she will tell you about your allotted units of cpse etf ffo.
68. Raveena  Mar 27, 2017 18:45 Reply
Can anyone provide me with the link where i can check CPSE Allotment status
68.1. ANUP JHUNJHUNWALA  Mar 27, 2017 19:19
You can ask by calling the tollfree number
68.2. Satya  Mar 27, 2017 21:07
I got message from Cdsl allotment of 186 shares against 5000 rupees
67. Saum  Mar 27, 2017 18:13 Reply
please sned me link of cpse allotment
Suman Sengupta
66. Suman Sengupta  Mar 27, 2017 17:57 Reply
I got 372 units of CPSE ETF 2 against my application amount 10000/- through ICICI Direct.
65. push  Mar 27, 2017 17:50 Reply
Has anyone got the credit in demat for cpse etf ffo 2?
64. Nikunjindulal  Mar 27, 2017 16:32 Reply
Has anyone got the credit in demate for cpse etf ffo 2?
Nikunj Shah
63. Nikunj Shah  Mar 27, 2017 16:23 Reply
Has anyone got the credit of Cpse Etf Ffo2 credit in demate account?
cb dhariwal
62. cb dhariwal  Mar 27, 2017 16:20 Reply
5503 @ 26.8504 amount 147757
62.1. DSR  Mar 27, 2017 17:06
Top Contributor Top Contributor (300+ Posts, 200+ Likes)
I guess you have calculated number of unitson your own. In the Karvy link we can see only price point and status as "Valid". Or is there any other link which shows exact allotted units..? Do these units reflect in your demat account ?
62.2. mkmathur  Mar 30, 2017 01:39
You will receive the message, mail and units in demat account​.
61. Bhavesh  Mar 27, 2017 16:16 Reply
How to check allotment
60. Murthy  Mar 27, 2017 16:02 Reply
Please Let me know the allotment status. when will be added too DP
59. Pratik  Mar 27, 2017 15:52 Reply
Hi, I have applied 2 Lac Application and Got 5503 Units of CPSE ETF - @ Rs.26.85/- , So for Two lac application, 5503/- Unit is fix
romy jain
58. romy jain  Mar 27, 2017 15:24 Reply
got 5503.(2 lac).........5465(1.95lac).......3724(1 lac) enjoy.....
58.1. nkn  Mar 27, 2017 15:43
how check please advice
57. Siddarth  Mar 27, 2017 13:53 Reply
I applied for 1.55 Lakhs each from two different Dmat accounts with different pan numbers. One got allotment of 5159 units and other got 4993 units. Dont know the basis though.
Devang Shah
56. Devang Shah  Mar 27, 2017 13:09 Reply
one can know only by calling 180030011111 rel mf and giving them your pan.
56.1. Mahesh  Mar 27, 2017 14:02
55. Manish  Mar 27, 2017 10:41 Reply
I had applied directly from Reliance website and I don''t have any email or message from Reliance, nor I have any refunds. How do I check if I have been allotted any units or not?
55.1. ASHOK  Mar 27, 2017 11:09

I nderstand they have been allotted today fully.
55.2. DBS  Mar 27, 2017 12:34
Same case here. But I have spoken to CC @180030011111 and they have confirm the allotment of 5503n uints @ 26.85. Please speak to reliance CC and be firm that you want to know the allotment.
54. raghu  Mar 27, 2017 10:20 Reply
I see transaction status as "Processed" and Remarks as "valid" is that mean that units allocated
54.1. yogesh  Mar 27, 2017 12:51
i have just checked on phone from Reliance, full amt retail allotment done @ 26.85
53. aditya  Mar 27, 2017 10:19 Reply
Please send link ...
52. viki  Mar 27, 2017 00:02 Reply
Allotment of 5503 units of CPSE-ETF FFO2 @ 26.8504 on application of Rs 2 lacs
I M Patel
52.2. I M Patel  Mar 27, 2017 09:51
How u cheaked the number of units you got??
Santosh Gugle
52.3. Santosh Gugle  Mar 27, 2017 10:41
51. Parmod  Mar 26, 2017 22:40 Reply
*CPSE allotment* of 5400 units,
On every 2 Lakh amount application @26.95 price.

Units will be credited in your Demat A/c on Monday.

CPSE ETF FFO 2 allotment status can be checked on

Steps to check Allotment. First select Reliance Mutual Fund then Purchase and then enter your PAN to know the status.
51.2. nanda  Mar 26, 2017 23:48
It sayes transaction processed at 26.8 . That means did i got the allotment?
I M Patel
51.3. I M Patel  Mar 27, 2017 07:42
Its status Valid and price applied 26.8504
Kartikay garg
50. Kartikay garg  Mar 26, 2017 18:59 Reply
I received etc allotment
50.1. ravi  Mar 26, 2017 20:52
How to check allotment,pls confirm or send link
cb dhariwal
49. cb dhariwal  Mar 26, 2017 14:06 Reply
any confirmed or prompt news about allotment and listing ??
48. Mahesh  Mar 26, 2017 11:46 Reply
47. jaydip  Mar 25, 2017 19:17 Reply
how much etf we will get per appli. or what will be the ratio of allotment
46. aditya  Mar 25, 2017 18:46 Reply
there in no site to see will get massage that you have been alloted ....share of cpse at this price....

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