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SME IPOs in 2017 - Performance by Listing & Current Gains (BSE SME, NSE Emerge)


SEBI, the market regulator in India allowed SME companies to get listed at SME Exchange in year 2012. Many companies took this opportunity to raise funds and get benefitted by listing at BSE and NSE.

This report provides yearly detail about the SME IPO’s listing gain and gain as per current market value at BSE and NSE SME Platfarm. Find the Best SME IPO in India and how SME IPO’s has done after listing at BSE SME and NSE Emerge platform.

This also provides the detail about the recommendation by our SME IPO Expert Mr Dilip Davda.

Also visit our SME IPO Performance Tracker tracks each and every SME Shares listed at the exchange. 

Company NameListing DateIssue Price (Rs)Listing Day - Close Price (Rs)Listing Day Gain / Loss (%)Current Price
at BSE (Rs)
Current Price
at NSE (Rs)
Gain / Loss (%)Recommendation by Dilip Davda
Veeram Ornaments LtdJan 05, 201745462.22450other
Prolife Industries LimitedJan 09, 20173837.1-2.3731.3-17.63subscribe
Libas Designs LimitedJan 09, 20176871.4593.136.91subscribe
Maheshwari Logistics LimitedJan 16, 20176876.3512.28200.25194.49subscribe
Super Fine Knitters LtdFeb 02, 20171212.65138.33subscribe
Madhav Copper LimitedFeb 06, 20178193.815.8368354.32subscribe
Steel City Securities LtdFeb 17, 20175550.1-8.917434.55subscribe
Krishana Phoschem LimitedFeb 27, 20173036204136.67subscribe
Global Education LtdMar 02, 2017150180201510.67subscribe
Tanvi Foods (India) LtdMar 02, 20176060.250.4258.5-2.5other
Nitiraj Engineers LtdMar 09, 201710094.5-5.559.05-40.95subscribe
Sanginita Chemicals LimitedMar 10, 20172222.94.0980263.64subscribe
RMC Switchgears LimitedMar 14, 20172732.42056107.41subscribe
Akash Infra Projects LtdMar 15, 2017125128.152.5259-52.8other
IFL Enterprises LtdMar 21, 20172020.050.2510.8-46avoid
Airan LtdMar 24, 20174553.8519.67349675.56other
Jash Dealmark LtdMar 27, 20174038.05-4.8838.5-3.75other
Sarthak Metals LtdMar 27, 20173030.752.54240other
Chemcrux Enterprises LtdMar 28, 20171821.62037.3107.22subscribe
Manomay Tex India LtdMar 28, 20173031.956.536.521.67other
Maximus International LtdMar 30, 20172525.10.44060other
Manas Properties LtdMar 30, 2017360360.20.063651.39other
Prime Customer Services LtdMar 31, 201760169181.678541.67other
Laxmi Cotspin LimitedMar 31, 20172019.9-0.513-35subscribe
Oceanic Foods LimitedMar 31, 20176565.20.3180.0523.15other
Euro India Fresh Foods LtdMar 31, 20177889.8515.19136.0574.42avoid
Octaware Technologies LtdApr 03, 20179090.550.61900other
Bohra Industries LimitedApr 05, 20175557.855.1828.3-48.55other
Relstruct Buildcon LtdApr 05, 20175046.75-6.524.05-51.9other
Creative Peripherals & Distribution LtdApr 12, 20177583.251112566.67avoid
Focus Lighting And Fixtures LtdApr 13, 2017455420133.05195.67subscribe
Escorp Asset Management LtdApr 17, 20171515.10.6715.85.33avoid
Dev Information Technology LtdApr 17, 20174250.42074.577.38subscribe
Sikko Industries LtdApr 18, 20173235.2104128.13other
ASL Industries LtdApr 18, 20173535.050.1421.5-38.57avoid
M K Proteins LimitedApr 18, 201770722.8678.9512.79other
KMS Medisurgi LtdApr 24, 20173030.51.6732.056.83other
Panache Digilife LtdApr 25, 20178185.755.86100.223.7other
InfoBeans Technologies LtdMay 02, 20175869.620580other
Pure Giftcarat LtdMay 08, 20171313.251.9224.487.69other
CKP Products LtdMay 09, 20175050.150.355.210.4subscribe
Zota Health Care LtdMay 10, 2017125125.60.48238.0590.44other
Meera Industries LtdMay 15, 20173636.050.14199452.78subscribe
Bhakti Gems and Jewellery LtdMay 30, 20172020.050.2519-5other
Yug Decor LtdMay 31, 20172626.10.383223.08avoid
Jalan Transolutions (India) LtdMay 31, 20174641.95-8.835.3-23.26subscribe
Vadivarhe Speciality Chemicals LtdJun 02, 20174250.42068.3562.74subscribe
Shri Ram Switchgears LimitedJun 07, 20171922.82014.55-23.42subscribe
Riddhi Corporate Services LtdJun 22, 2017130134.53.46143.8510.65avoid
Globe Textiles (India) LimitedJun 23, 20175150.15-1.6749.25-3.43subscribe
Accord Synergy LtdJul 06, 201760722039-35subscribe
Pushpanjali Realms & Infratech LtdJul 10, 20175555.450.8249-10.91other
Gautam Exim LtdJul 11, 20174043.859.6349.3523.38subscribe
Bansal Multiflex LtdJul 12, 20173135.715.16130.9322.26other
Transwind Infrastructures LtdJul 12, 20172732.42025-7.41subscribe
Ace Integrated Solutions LtdJul 13, 20174039.55-1.1335-12.5subscribe
GG Engineering LtdJul 17, 20172020.73.557.85189.25avoid
Shrenik LimitedJul 18, 2017404820216.25440.63subscribe
7NR Retails LtdJul 18, 201727270270avoid
Univastu India LtdJul 27, 20174040.20.587117.5subscribe
Jigar Cables LtdJul 28, 20173036203620avoid
Captain Technocast LtdAug 01, 20174048.521.254922.5subscribe
Shanti Overseas (India) LimitedAug 03, 20175042.9-14.232.75-34.5subscribe
Total Transport Systems LtdAug 07, 201745542032-28.89other
Global Space Technologies LtdAug 07, 20176660.05-9.02660subscribe
Keerti Knowledge And Skills LtdAug 07, 20175251.25-1.4464.524.04other
Surevin BPO Services LtdAug 09, 20174040.20.57075subscribe
Ashok Masala Mart LtdAug 22, 2017109.5-54.7-13.6other
Ashok Masala Mart LtdAug 22, 2017109.5-58.64-13.6other
Vaishali Pharma LtdAug 22, 20177270.35-2.2954.75-23.96avoid
Lexus Granito (India) LtdAug 23, 20174554205828.89subscribe
Servotech Power Systems LtdAug 24, 20173131.852.7430.05-3.06subscribe
Geekay Wires LtdAug 24, 20173333.250.7639.519.7avoid
Shish Industries LtdSep 05, 20173032.959.83326.67avoid
Pashupati Cotspin LtdSep 08, 20177575061-18.67subscribe
ANG Lifesciences India LtdSep 08, 201780962072.8-9subscribe
Dhruv Wellness LtdSep 12, 20172019.5-2.559.75198.75avoid
A & M Febcon LtdSep 14, 20171818012.65-29.72avoid
Nouritrans Exim LtdSep 15, 20173024.3-193.85-87.17avoid
Manav infra projects LtdSep 18, 20173024-208.05-73.17other
Sri Krishna Metcom LimitedSep 26, 20175549-10.9156.73.09avoid
Worth Peripherals LtdSep 27, 20174351.62068.158.37subscribe
Madhya Pradesh Today Media LtdSep 29, 20176679.22066.150.23subscribe
AKM Lace & Embrotex LtdSep 29, 20172524.9-0.424.5-2avoid
R M Drip & Sprinklers Systems LtdOct 04, 20175758.83.1643.6-23.51subscribe
Cadsys (India) LtdOct 04, 201770842061.75-11.79subscribe
Shree Tirupati Balajee FIBC LtdOct 05, 20174043.057.6246.3515.88subscribe
D P Wires LimitedOct 05, 201775750829.33subscribe
Trident Texofab LtdOct 05, 20173068126.67105.1250.33other
Innovative Tyres & Tubes LtdOct 05, 20174547.154.7835.35-21.44subscribe
Share India Securities LtdOct 05, 20174193.1127.0786.15110.12subscribe
Aarvi Encon LtdOct 05, 20175454.50.9360.211.48subscribe
Vanta Bioscience LtdOct 06, 20175050.20.47040avoid
Airo Lam LtdOct 06, 20173845.620405.26other
Mehai Technology LtdOct 09, 20174034.5-13.75122.45206.13avoid
RKEC Projects LtdOct 09, 20174554208793.33subscribe
Goldstar Power LtdOct 10, 20172526.35.230.421.6other
Reliable Data Services LimitedOct 11, 20175768.42067.418.25avoid
Jash Engineering LimitedOct 11, 201712014420111.4-7.17subscribe
IRIS Business Services LtdOct 11, 20173435.353.9752.2553.68avoid
CMM Infraprojects LimitedOct 12, 20174042.255.6332.25-19.38subscribe
Siddharth Education Services LtdOct 12, 201735422037.88other
Beta Drugs LimitedOct 12, 201785101.9519.94917.06subscribe
Tirupati Forge LtdOct 12, 20172934.117.5969.9141.03other
Shree Ganesh Remedies LtdOct 13, 20173633-8.3356.556.94subscribe
Shreeji Translogistics LtdOct 13, 20171301321.541407.69subscribe
Omfurn India LimitedOct 13, 20172322.85-0.6518.9-17.83other
Milton Industries LimitedOct 16, 20173434.351.0317-50other
D P Abhushan LtdOct 23, 20172833.6204767.86subscribe
Kaarya Facilities & Services LtdOct 27, 201740482036-10other
Sheetal Cool Products LtdOct 30, 20178086.68.2512657.5subscribe
SecUR Credentials LtdNov 13, 2017205198.6-3.12135-34.15other
ANI Integrated Services LimitedNov 20, 20171001202074-26subscribe
Sanghvi Brands LtdNov 22, 20176982.82067.45-2.25avoid
Pulz Electronics LimitedNov 24, 20175464.0518.6129-46.3subscribe
Vertoz Advertising LimitedNov 24, 2017108129.620164.852.59subscribe
Sharika Enterprises LimitedNov 27, 20174351.62038.25-11.05subscribe
Ambition Mica LimitedNov 29, 20174243.152.7434-19.05subscribe
Silver Touch Technologies LtdDec 01, 20171211220.831210other
Felix Industries LimitedDec 05, 20173535.82.2925.15-28.14avoid
Zodiac Energy LimitedDec 05, 20175251.1-1.7329.9-42.5subscribe
ICE Make Refrigeration LtdDec 08, 20175768.4208243.86subscribe
Shradha Infraprojects (Nagpur) LimitedDec 11, 20177070.250.3648-31.43other
Innovana Thinklabs LimitedDec 12, 20177083.619.43434.15520.21other
Dynamic Cables LimitedDec 14, 201740482035-12.5subscribe
Ratnabhumi Developers LimitedDec 14, 20176363.550.8742.05-33.25avoid
MRC Exim LimitedDec 18, 20171512.5-16.674.9-67.33avoid
Touchwood Entertainment LimitedDec 21, 201740482044.6511.63avoid
Diggi Multitrade LimitedDec 22, 20171313.030.236.94-46.62avoid
Kids Medical Systems LimitedDec 22, 20173034.3514.525.85-13.83avoid
SMVD Ploy Pack LimitedDec 26, 20175553.6-2.5519-65.45other
One Point One Solutions LtdDec 26, 20176780.42054.5-18.66other
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