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Religare is an emerging markets financial services group with a presence across Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. In India, Religare's largest market, the group offers a wide array of products and services including broking, insur... Know more about Religare

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52. Anubhav  Jun 4, 2008 2:03:33 AM IST Reply
Hi ,
i new in this field n i want to start trading but i m not able select the broker as when i opt to go for RELIANCE MONEY , i find there is much negligience from there side n i found same thing here And in case of SARE KHAN i found there broakage is on d bit higher side
51. KD DEEPAk  May 30, 2008 6:51:05 PM IST Reply
RELIGARE is the worst service provider. haven't recd my refund of RELIANCE POWER IPO yet. No help from customer care.
50. GANESH ACHARYA  May 27, 2008 9:31:07 PM IST Reply
I felt out of all brokarae house, RELIGARE is the worst service provider.i have accounts with icicidirect, reliance money, indiainfo and of course INDIABULLS.
the best ever in the broking house is indiabulls.
the customised software is damm good. ( power indiabulls)(PIB))
in religare if you are placing a short call with huge qty ( 500 to 7000), then their software fails to square off your position, as a result the whole short call's quantity will be taken as delivery........ ( really surprising!!!!)
the instead of intraday brokarage they will charge with hefty delivery brokarage( this happend with my account's N' no. of times). in my case they have taken delivery for nearly 80 lakh rupees shares as delivery, and they sucked my money like anything........ as brokarage.
if u ask them,they will tell you that" they can't do anything for technical problem........."
icicidirect is not a user friendly account.
in indiabulls you can at a time watch N no. of orderbooks ( market depth in case of religare, best 5 bid/ in case of icicidirect)
in all other trading software, at a time you can hardly watch 1 order book, not more than that.

for more information refer LinkExternal Link

Thanks ..........
49. RATNESH HARNAGLE  May 19, 2008 1:11:08 PM IST Reply
48. Nilesh  May 12, 2008 3:04:11 PM IST Reply
The best thing about Religare is that its web site works only in Internet Explorer. I am using linux machine and it obviously dont run IE. I use Mozilla and Religare site succks... here. So, I will suggest if you dont have option of IE dont fo with Religare.
47. Dharmendra singh  May 11, 2008 2:10:19 PM IST Reply
worst service provider who could not open my demat acount for last 02 months from Latur irresponsible behaviour from company.
46. Ramesh  May 3, 2008 10:39:45 AM IST Reply
Pls dont open an account with religare as they r the worst service provider in this category. I have applied for a demat account and it took 45 days to activate my account. my money struck with them 45 days. Whenever i do trading i am getting n number of errors which i didn't get a proper solution from their customer service executives. So i will rate them 1 out of 5.
45. SUJITH KUMAR S.  Apr 28, 2008 11:46:28 AM IST Reply
Dear Friends,

it's true that they Religare delay in their services a bit, But they do provide good servi8ce when it comes to broking. only a good Relationship Manager will be able to route the services of the company to you. Here in Kerala we are getting good service from the Sales Manager. Thanks to the religare advisors they help in trade a lot. Now I am getting exposure upto 12times for Intraday. And Religare is providing me Delivery Exposure too. I am a beginner in Online Trading but in my family almost everyone have Demat facility with different brokers. My Brother had adviced me to go for Religare, He said it's excellent among all the Online Broking platforms. I found him right when i started using RACE Pro. I am sharing my experience for the sake of all traders to yield good profit through RACE Pro.'s easy trading experience.
44. dinesh kalra  Apr 16, 2008 4:50:29 PM IST Reply
the religare is the wrost company in broking house that i ever been have.
disadvantages of religare:
1)they do not provide margin funding.
2) basically offline for trading.
3)no customer care and bad response.
4) limitatation in purchasing.
5) lots of hidden charges.
6) no reserch reports and 3 rd class terminal not easy to operate.
7) sattelment and sort position problems.
43. Manjeet S Randhawa  Apr 15, 2008 12:51:43 PM IST Reply
hi rakesh.... thatz what i was saying if ur a big client u will get gud service otherwise not .... for small clients local brokers r best....
I am having trading account with 2 local brokers ... and am getting good service ... if am getting good service on small turnover why shuldnt i give them big turnover as well .... now i have stopped trading with religare and have started given handsome volumes to these small brokers and am getting damn good service ...
42. rakesh  Apr 12, 2008 12:42:08 PM IST Reply
hi manjeet, i am not suprised you had that experience. it was pretty much the same experience for me. but my RM was from andhra pradesh and i knew how to speak telugu. i got closer to her and got the help when needed promptly. and she was always saying no one cares for the kind of business i give, becose she was close to me she helped . if you want good service in atleast have 1 lakh ruppes in ur account and give more business. this is not how business is supposed to be. i am pretty sure i will grow my investments to more than one lakh one day. and that day religare wont be geting my business for the way they treat me.
41. Manjeet S Randhawa  Apr 11, 2008 4:07:19 PM IST Reply
Hi frnds .... I have a online account with religare, R-ACE Pro ... I paid Rs. 1800 for this, refundable... only if u give them brokerage of more than 1800 in a year... The software is good but the people r not good ... they care for u only if u r BIG CLIENT and bull s- - t if u r small client... my experiance is not good with them ... they charge interest on delayed payemnt ...for them, delayed payment means that if u buy shares on monday pay on tuesday else they charge interest and pay nothing for unutilised amt... my RM left the Religare and no one bothered to inform me abt that and it has been more than 4-5 months i have no informatin abt my RM....
In short after having experiance with them and listening to the views of other small investors i have come to conclusion that .... small investors shud open account with local brokers only or at the most brokers with regional operations only .... they atleast give u good service and if u have any problem they listen to u patiently and solve it immediately ....
40. Partha Das  Apr 3, 2008 9:22:11 PM IST Reply
Imtiaz, I think you better to opt for R-ACE Pro trading platform (activation charge Rs. 999 & minimum margin will be 10000) . Its been software provided platform, please read my article in Reliance Money segment. Your brokerage type will be Classic A/C.
39. Imtiaz Ahmad  Apr 3, 2008 5:57:18 PM IST Reply
Thanks Partha, Which one is Classic Rs. 299 Or Rs. 499. And tell me what is minimum margin?
Thank You
38. Partha Das  Apr 3, 2008 12:01:45 PM IST Reply
Dear Imtiaz, I am using Race-Pro of Freedom A/C from last 2 years. There are no hidden charges as far as I am facing. But frankly speaking it's best suited package for high volume day traders. Better you can opt for Classic A/C package.
37. Partha Das  Mar 31, 2008 9:29:39 PM IST Reply
Dear MANJITH, taking Margin Money provision is completely optional. If you don't need any kind of margin exposure just tell it to your RM & fill the application form accordingly as I did it. Your query regarding ICICI Bank a/c that I have no idea about it though I also heard it. Follow every Terms & Conditions regarding all the matter. Ask your RM whether being provided the software R-ACE Pro 4.2.
36. MANJITH  Mar 31, 2008 4:22:20 PM IST Reply
Dear Mr.Partha thanks for the clarrification reg. min margin money. As I am very new to share markets & I wud like to open an account with religare & one of my friend has said that Religare will provide a free 0 balance acc. with ICICI is it right. Pls confirm I wud invest 3 to 5k per month for now in Markets and trade very less in this case is this necessary to maintain marginal money with religare.
35. Partha Das  Mar 29, 2008 11:27:28 PM IST Reply
Dear Manjith, if you are an intraday trader you have to pay a possible minimum loss amount according to your risk appetite in advanced called 'margin money', i.e. the broker will provide you 6 to 8 times (5000*6=30000) margin exposure for intraday purpose only & your loss not exceeding Rs.5000 anyway.
34. Manjith  Mar 29, 2008 5:02:43 PM IST Reply
What is minimum margin money of Rs.5000 they have mentioned in Religare anybody help me in this. And is there life time no DP in reliance money trading account
33. Partha Das  Mar 27, 2008 11:13:54 PM IST Reply
To message no.45. NAGESWARA RAO, I don't know who told you thease misleading information. I am using Religare platform 'R-ACE Pro' from last 1 year. I opted for "Freedom" a/c, that is charged only Rs.4000/anum & trade upto 3,00,000 intraday. Please chek this websites Religare segment.

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