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Kotak Securities Ltd, a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank was founded in 1994. They offers stock broking services and distributes financial products in India. They have 1209 branches, franchisees and satellite offices offers services to 11.95 Lakh cu... Know more about Kotak Securities Ltd

Kotak Securities Stock Broker Review Ratings

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Overall Rating Fees Brokerage Usability Customer Service
Rated 2.7 stars Rated 2.5 stars Rated 2.5 stars Rated 3.4 stars Rated 3.0 stars
127. Vishnu Vardhan  Sep 15, 2014 7:35:53 AM IST Reply
I''m trading in Kotak Securities for more than 2 years. I didn''t have any problem initially, but, whenever I''m going for some customer support I''m seriously disappointed. I recently opted to change my offline account to an online account. I have given all the necessary papers there is no proper response from them whenever I''m trying to contact. They actually told the processing time would be 2 days, but, its been 15 days since i submitted the forms. I''m seriously disappointed with their service. If no proper action is taken in the next few days, i have no other option than quitting Kotak Securities.
126. Yogesh  Sep 13, 2014 4:59:32 PM IST Reply
I thought to open my account in Kotak securities as their on paper brokerages are very less for intra day trading....But after seeing all of these comments I am not opening the account...Thanks for all for posting and letting know others the actual situation...
125. singh  Sep 11, 2014 4:59:43 PM IST Reply
very very poor i want to rate -5/5
lot of hidden charges, very bad service
very high brokerage. you can''t make profit with kotak
they never tell truth always fake commitments
continue balance deducting when ask for charges they will tell you for this for that this mention there you can check it go with link uuffufff so i don''t it
i opened a a/c with RKSV now i happy with RKSV
i applied for closed my kotak a/c but kotak is not closing it..i lost of money so please don''t go with Kotak


Brokerage - Very Poor
Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
Website Usability - Very Poor
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Very Poor
124. Amit  Sep 7, 2014 1:06:18 PM IST Reply
I hv open my a/c before 2 month
And now my balance is only rs 3015.47 /-
Left in my trading a/ c
After selling my whole holding
As i am a student
I am shock to c this.. .
Lots of hidden charge....
So dear....never open in this
123. Piyush  Aug 28, 2014 7:08:44 PM IST Reply
My experience with kotak securities is worst i never suggest any one for kotak. Whatever they say they never follow. Even i got mail from there side that they will remove maximum brokerage concept from my account then also they are charging as the same, no meaning of there words, Now i am going to close the account.
122. ANITA  Aug 14, 2014 9:05:41 PM IST Reply
Bahut hi bakwas Company hai AC opening ke waqt sirf brokerage batate hai phir welcome letter mai kai faltu charges invocation of pledge 0.4% minimum 30/-pledge charges0.5% minimum 30/-AMC to 600/-debit transaction 0.4% hai minum 27 rupe to katenge hi baqi rema dema certificate woh bhi kat ta rahega pehle bolenge trinity mai saving ac zero balance hai par wahan bhi katenge amc JHHHOTA BANK !!! aur kitne aur kaise charges katenge agar aap C.A. hai tab bhi nahi samajh payenge !!! mat khulwana doston !!! please ...
122.1. Rajeev  Aug 21, 2014 10:32:27 AM IST
Hi Anita,

I''m beginner in this field, where u think to open demat/trading account.
121. murthy  Aug 12, 2014 10:24:42 PM IST Reply
AMC is high compared to other brokers. hidden charges are more.unable to understand the charges.for small amount traders it is not at beneficial.i would not recommend this. iam planning to shift to inida bulls.

Brokerage - Very Poor
Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
Website Usability - Average
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - below average
120. Anil Sharma  Aug 7, 2014 1:40:19 PM IST Reply
Can you please define how you are calculating your intraday brokerage charges.
Like if i BUY 100 share @ 56 and SELL 100 share @57, then how you calculate brokerages.
Note:I am existing customer of Kotak Securites
120.1. venkateshwara  Oct 28, 2014 1:25:25 AM IST
Hai Anill Sharma,
your Total Turnover is 11,300 and your intraday brokerage of 0.5% will be (11,300 *0.5/100 = 56.50 )
119. Subrat  Aug 6, 2014 8:31:46 PM IST Reply
I have account with Kotak securities. I am not frequent trader, so their customer care called me and told me that if I do not trade atleast once in 3 months my account will be blocked. They did not tell that to me during account opening
118. jomit  Jul 29, 2014 10:02:50 AM IST Reply
after seeing all the review i decided not to open an account
117. ANITA GUPTA  Jul 22, 2014 1:01:01 PM IST Reply
Demat to Bank transfer fund takes 1 day, no square off option, Hidden brokerages very high. No option for choosing Intraday/Delivery. Actual brokerages are much higher than stated above.


Brokerage - Very Poor
Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
Website Usability - Below Average
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Very Poor
116. Harsh Vardhan Shrotriya  Jul 15, 2014 1:27:48 PM IST Reply

Please AVOID Kotak Securities!! I am an existing customer(DP ID with Kotak Securities: IN300214) and how I pity myself for choosing this bank. They will NOT tell you all the charges and hidden charges will start appearing in your account 3 months after your purchases. So, if you do not follow your transactions carefully, they will slowly bleed you.
AVOID at all costs.
116.1. kotak securities  Jul 16, 2014 10:41:31 AM IST
Hi Harsh,

Thank you for sharing your details with us. Our customer service team will get in touch to understand and address your concerns at the earliest.

Team Kotak Securities.
115. Subhash  Jul 2, 2014 12:11:01 PM IST Reply
I am a new customer of Kotak securities and its very bad to me so i open a a/c with it they take almost 1 month to open it and after that they only open
demat a/c but i told them for 3 in 1 its ok but i told them for online and they open it as offline and i am still waiting for change offline to online i called many they transfers my call round and round no one is try to help first they will said it will we convert with 2 days and your kit coming from Mumbai so please wait, I am till waiting for that, I must be close it after few days ..very bad experience
114. saimahesh  Jun 25, 2014 5:05:33 PM IST Reply
Don''t go for kotak, before opening account they will say one brokerage value after traded starting they will charge max brokerage value. i have experienced for 1month and now i m going to close account.
overall 1/5
114.1. balu  Jul 5, 2014 6:45:24 PM IST
Same problem in my case also, for opening 3 in 1 a/c they told 5000. But I have given all documents and I signed in all doc''s . Finally when I given cheque they asked me give cheque 20000, i asked y ? For opening a/c you have give 20000 in that time only we will open a/c. I surprised by this word''s becaI m working in union bank of india, central office , mumbai and I m doing trading from past 3 years with sbicapsec.
finally I told, even international banks also not taking this much money for opening a/c. I don''t want ur banks a/c.
113. Karthik Kumar PJ  May 17, 2014 9:41:43 PM IST Reply
Criteria Rating

1.AMC is high compared to other brokers 1/5
2.Customer service is very competent and professional 5/5
3.Minimum 21.40 per trade if it is below 10,000,
so it you trade 1000 5 times with different scrips, its 107/-
almost 1% brokerage, very poor 0/5
4.Brokerage value is good 0.3 for delivery,
0.03 for intraday/Futures 4/5
5.Excellent software and mobile app 5/5
6.You always have to maintain 1000/- balance in t
rading a/c with no interest 0/5

Overall 2.5/5
113.1. kotak securities  May 19, 2014 12:59:40 PM IST
Dear Mr.Kumar,

Thank you for your feedback.

Team Kotak Securities
113.2. Harsh Vardhan Shrotriya  Jul 15, 2014 1:32:08 PM IST
Why forget the fact that APART from brokerage on Sell, for each sale of script you also need to pay 0.04% or around Rs 30 minimum? Try trading with these numbers...:-) So, basically every time you sell you pay almost double the charges than others...

Existing Customer
112. Nithin  May 15, 2014 12:46:22 PM IST Reply
1. Charges are very high , which i realised after trading.
2. The sales executive lie a lot - during opening of account they show a very low brokerage, but on trading I find that lot of hidden charges were not explained .
3. The sales executive are not fully trained .
4. Kotec securities is not profitable for intraday traders - we lose lot of money gained on brokerage. I will not recommend this to any one
112.1. Harsh Vardhan Shrotriya  Jul 15, 2014 1:34:06 PM IST
I second what Nithin has said. Enough warnings on this page for Hidden Charges with Kotak Securities. Still I made the mistake. Anyone else having time and money to waste on these hidden charges is welcome to waste on them..
112.2. abhi  Sep 13, 2014 2:31:48 PM IST
thanks for saving me
me isi me account khulwane wla tha.....
111. sahil  May 11, 2014 2:32:01 PM IST Reply
Don''t believe on kotak securities. Too much hidden charges


Brokerage - Very Poor
Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
Website Usability - Below Average
Customer Service - Excellent
Overall Experience - Below Average
110. Chandan Roy  Apr 10, 2014 12:27:27 AM IST Reply
Most bogus broker I have experienced. Don''t believe the person and the brokerage norms of this Brokerage firm. They are promising some thing when to open the account after that they telling some new norms and criteria regarding the brokerage. For best brokerage system you can open an account in "Trade Smart Online", which is the best brokerage company I have experienced in India. After cheating from Kotak Security I have switched over to Trade smart online.
109. Nitin  Apr 6, 2014 3:08:58 AM IST Reply
My Account opening is in process, after reading all these reviews I am planning to close my account ASAP. Not even a single person has given good feed back.
108. Poonam  Apr 5, 2014 1:13:03 AM IST Reply
I was new to trading. Planned to start a demat and trading account, while browsing found that kotak has a 3 in 1 trading account after which I applied online and got a call and executive visited to my place and explained that if I deposit 1 lakh rupee to open the account then my charge will be intraday .03 and future as .30 and a small amount in case of delivery charges. They even told that as I am new to this they will initially come n install the software and help to do trading. It was my biggest mistake to open an account with kotak as I have already lost thousands due to wrong promises and the brokerages are charged as they wish, even after my account has a balance of 1 lakh I got a mail stating that I have to pay 10,000 n odd immediately. When called the person who opened this account stating about the mail he asked me to ignore it and he is loud enough n telling that he explained the same to me n now I am lying. If immediate action is not taken I will close my account and go legally.
108.1. arul  Sep 11, 2014 12:04:07 PM IST
you can directly take legal action as they are doing the same for many persons, if once any one made them scare they will be change.
recommend you to take action quickly.

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