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Kotak Securities Ltd

Incorporated in 1994, Kotak Securities is a full services broker part of popular India based Kotak Mahindra Bank. The bank has over 1400 branches across India servicing more than 8 lakh customers. Kotak Securities Limited is among the largest trad... Know more about Kotak Securities Ltd

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98. nk  Dec 13, 2013 12:14:50 PM IST |  Reply 

I wanted to open online trading.what are the records must be given?what are the brokerage charges?is it apply for one side or to side

97. Malik ullah  Dec 4, 2013 4:44:09 PM IST |  Reply 

I have opened demat account.. and i had been promised to get an offer of 1000 rs free share of any blue chip company.... i used to call kotak security team but every time they promised to give that offer ASAP..its been 2 months i have been following up..and there is no follow up from there side nor even they care to answer the queries..

i have a very bad experience and i am going to close it ASAP...

96. A Gupta  Nov 20, 2013 5:44:12 PM IST |  Reply 

I have been offered a "Advance Plan", which offers to refund full brokerage along with Service Tax. The plans are for Rs.7500, Rs.10,000, Rs.25,000, Rs.50,000, And Rs.1,00,000 Valid for one year. Suppose I chose a plan of Rs.7500 for 12 months and generate a brokerage of Rs.6000 then fee of Rs6000 would be reversed to my account. if the brokerage generated is Rs.10000.00 then only fee of Rs.7500 is reversible as the maximum amount reversible is the advance fee. The reversible will be done on monthly basis till the end of tenure.I am also told that I can pay additional advance brokerage in between to avail the reversible. Is this true?A.Gupta

95. umar  Nov 12, 2013 8:35:37 PM IST |  Reply 

that is very bad service
i ask to d office that when u r going to deposit my cheque they told me that it is not possible before deiwali u can cash
bt they deposit my cheque before diwali and it is bounce
atleast confirm once before deposting realy irritating

95.1. umar  Nov 14, 2013 4:13:15 PM IST | 

what is procedure to deactive demat account of kotak

95.2. kotak securities  Nov 18, 2013 10:52:35 AM IST | 

Hi Umar,

We would like to get in touch with you to understand your concerns. Request you to share your client id here for us to progress matters further.

Team Kotak Securities.

94. RRitesh  Nov 9, 2013 10:43:42 PM IST |  Reply 

On 8 august I jobbing of rs 150000 and paid 450 as brokerage other charges how can survive with such high brokerage of kotak securities

94.1. uday  Nov 10, 2013 9:19:18 PM IST | 

kotak Brokerage charge too high such as other brokerage......
I have 2 demat a/c... SBI & KOTAK...
and i will close my kotak demat a/c.....

94.2. kotak securities  Nov 12, 2013 9:36:50 AM IST | 

Hi Uday,

We regret any inconvenience that may have been caused. Please share with us your client ID and contact details at Email for our customer care team to get in touch with you and resolve your matter at the earliest.

Team Kotak Securities.

93. UDAY  Nov 5, 2013 9:58:36 PM IST |  Reply 

when i open demat a/c in kotak sec. they told me a/c oppening charge 750. but when i open my new a/c in kotak sec. charge from me rs 1500. a/c opening charge + check bouncing 1200+350.

so my opinion don''t open demat a/c in kotak sec. bcoz many hidden charge in kotak sec....

93.1. kotak securities  Nov 6, 2013 2:22:08 PM IST | 

Hi Uday,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We request you to share your client id & contact details with us at Email so our concerned team can get in touch with you and address all your concerns to your satisfaction.

Team Kotak Securities.

92. Shabeer  Nov 4, 2013 12:51:55 PM IST |  Reply 

Trading Platform is not upto the standard and no pop up share tips. Everytime, we need to open the tips tab by that time stock might have gone up or down.


Brokerage - Average
Account Maintenance Fees - Average
Website Usability - Average
Customer Service - Average
Overall Experience - Average

92.1. kotak securities  Nov 6, 2013 2:20:13 PM IST | 

Hi Shabeer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. We request you to share your client id & contact details with us at Email so our customer care executive can get in touch with you and address your concern at the earliest.

Team Kotak Securities.

91. deb  Oct 30, 2013 11:44:12 PM IST |  Reply 

hi iam a sub broker of kotak my rm often tells lies to me please do not provide such rm beackotak is unique

91.1. kotak securities  Oct 31, 2013 5:36:58 PM IST | 

Hi Deb,

We would like to understand the matter and address your concerns. Kindly share your branch code along with your personal details at Email for us to get in touch with you.

Team Kotak Securities

90. uday  Oct 23, 2013 8:07:49 PM IST |  Reply 

I have 2 account, SBICAP & KOTAK..

89. bbkk  Oct 18, 2013 3:06:28 AM IST |  Reply 

is there any margin loan facility ? if yes whst int.rate?

88. uday  Oct 16, 2013 7:53:08 AM IST |  Reply 

brokerage charge the hole day or per order ?

87. UDAY  Oct 16, 2013 7:50:05 AM IST |  Reply 

what is the kotak brokerage charged?

86. Sameer W  Oct 3, 2013 7:35:21 PM IST |  Reply 

I am a really frustrated Kotak customer.
I had an account with Kotak, and I usually trade less. I have a good Mutual fund portfolio. I decided to trade more this year and I found a great chance when the markets dipped. I wanted to buy my favorite sector "Banking". When I went to buy , I got to know my account is blocked as there was a fire at Kotak''s office in Mumbai. They didn''t care to inform me via phone. They said they had sent me an email, but in the pile of emails, I would have lost it. I will have to visit the branch and submit all the documents. Next I tried to close the account and open another in Kotak Bank DP. They rejected my request and again didn''t inform me, despite of sending all the docs. This is going for last 2 months, and I have lost a chance to make profits. At this point of time, I still have my trading account in an Inactive state. To reopen it, their executive had promised to visit, which never happened. I am now seriously thinking of moving out of Kotak and breaking 9 year old relationship. Enough is enough.

Brokerage - Below Average
Account Maintenance Fees - Below Average
Website Usability - Very Poor
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Very Poor

86.1. kotak securities  Oct 4, 2013 11:29:42 AM IST | 

Hi Sameer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Request you to share your client ID and contact details at Email so our customer care executive can get in touch with you and address your concern at the earliest.

Team Kotak Securities

85. Arivazhahan  Sep 23, 2013 10:03:53 AM IST |  Reply 

The Keat pro x has a lot of defects like ..,,I cannot open more than 3 charts or the fact that there is no friendly.. Please do rectify it

84. shekhar singh  Sep 17, 2013 7:07:11 PM IST |  Reply 

Can''t even get contract notes online for previous years. kotak charges Rs49 per contract note. website very slow. cash transferred on T+3 basis.


Brokerage - Below Average
Account Maintenance Fees - Below Average
Website Usability - Very Poor
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Very Poor

84.1. kotak securities  Sep 19, 2013 11:41:20 AM IST | 

Dear Mr. Singh,

Thanks for your feedback. We request you to please share your client id and contact details with us at Email so our customer care executive can get in touch with you and address your concern at the earliest.

Team Kotak Securities

83. farooque  Sep 12, 2013 6:07:07 PM IST |  Reply 

plz develop app for windows mobile as early as possible i realy need it

83.1. kotak securities  Sep 13, 2013 11:15:45 AM IST | 

Hi farooque,

We appreciate your suggestion of having a mobile app for Windows and the same has been shared with our concerned team. In case you wish to provide any other feedback or suggestions, you can always write to us Email. Let us know if you require any other assistance. Have a happy trading day ahead!

Team Kotak Securities

83.2. Nitin Verma  Sep 19, 2013 7:26:31 PM IST | 

I got a reply stating that the rates have been hiked on the basis of Company''s sole discretion,,,, how bad sole discretion without consideration for this investors.. very bady

82. Nitin  Sep 9, 2013 8:11:06 PM IST |  Reply 

Please see the Link that i received from kotak.
Brokerage costs would grow exponentially if this is implemented.
It would kill small traders and investor population with Kotak.
This kind of brokerage structure was the very reason why I had shifted few years ago from Angel Broking to Kotak.
This brokerage structure would hurt sentiments of Small Investors and traders like me. See the increase in brokerage in terms of %.. This is bad news. Every trade has to be equal or more than Rs 7000 for a person whose brokerage is 30 Paise in Delivery to be able to skip this bad scheme.

Amount       Current      Revised %Increase
100      0.3      2.5      733
250      0.75      6.25      733
350      1.05      8.75      733
400      1.2      10      733
500      1.5      12.5      733
750      2.25      18.75      733
1000      3      21      600
1250      3.75      21      460
2000      6      21      250
3000      9      21      133
4000      12      21      75
5500      16.5      21      27
6500      19.5      21      8
7000      21      21      0

This is not good..I am not happy and I certainly don''t want this structure of brokerage. Please do something about it.

82.1. kotak securities  Sep 11, 2013 4:10:08 PM IST | 

Hi Nitin,

Kindly share your client ID and contact details at Email so that our concerned team can get in touch with you.

Team Kotak Securities

81. RJ  Sep 4, 2013 3:42:59 PM IST |  Reply 

What are the latest charges for following, I am planning to open a new account:
1. Account opening Trading/Demat/Savings)
2. Delivery/Intraday transaction charges
3. Yearly maintenance charges
4. Monthly maintenance charges
5. Any other charges?

80. shamsher  Sep 2, 2013 6:16:42 PM IST |  Reply 

Very bad bank i m not satisfied kotak bank.

80.1. Kotak Team  Sep 3, 2013 11:26:42 AM IST | 

Dear Sir,

We understand your dis-satisfaction with the services rendered for your banking relationship with us. We would be glad to assist you, hence request you to kindly provide your concerns to Email along with your contact / account number enabling us to reach you at the earliest and address all your concerns to your satisfaction.

Assuring you of our best services at all times.

Thanks and regards,
Kotak Team.

79. umar  Aug 29, 2013 1:59:15 PM IST |  Reply 

is the mobile application avilable for windows phonne like lumia 720

79.1. kotak securities  Aug 30, 2013 10:35:13 AM IST | 

Hi Umar,

We apologize that currently our Stock Trader mobile app isn''t available for Windows phones. However, we are constantly upgrading our software as per our customer needs. We thank you for showing interest in our services and we confirm that our technical team has been notified the same.

Team Kotak Securities

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