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India IPO FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) provide answers to commonly asked questions about IPO's in Indian Stock Market. Information provided on this webpage may not be up to date. We recommend you to visit SEBI or stock exchange websites for latest information.

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IPO Basics FAQ's 63 Question(s)

1. What is an IPO?

2. Who decides the Price Band?

3. Who decides the date of the issue?

4. What is the role of registrar of an IPO?

5. What is the role of Lead Managers in an IPO?

6. What is Follow on public offering or FPO?

7. What is primary & secondary market?

8. What is the life cycle of an IPO prospectus?

9. What is the life cycle of an IPO?

10. What is the difference between Book Building Issue and Fixed Price Issue?

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IPO Payment FAQ's 11 Question(s)

1. What is 'Applications Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA)' payment method for IPO?

2. What are the basic requirements to apply in an IPO using ASBA process?

3. Who are Self Certified Syndicate Banks (SCSBs) and how do I know if my bank has the facility to apply in an IPO using ASBA payment method?

4. Detail process flow for 'Applications supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA)' payment Option.

5. I do not have bank account with SCSB’s listed on SEBI website. Can I still apply in IPO’s using ASBA payment option?

6. Will bank change any additional fees from there customers if they choose ASBA IPO Payment Option?

7. When the banks will need money in customers account to lock for ASBA payment option?

8. Can an investor apply on ‘Lower Price Band’ using ASBA payment method?

9. Can an investor cancel or withdraw the IPO Application (or bid) submitted using ASBA payment option through SCSB’s?

10. If I made application through 'Self Certified Syndicate Bank', then my money will be blocked but it is in my saving account, will I get interest for that period?

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IPO Allotment FAQ's 6 Question(s)

1. How many days it usually takes to get an allotment of an IPO?

2. Will the share be deposit to my account when the allotment status shown?

3. Why do I get redirected to other websites to when I click ‘XYZ IPO Allotment Status’ link?

4. When I check allotment status on your website it shows x amount of shares allocated to me, but I don’t see them in my Demat account. Why is it so?

5. How can I get confirm allotment?

6. What is the formula for shares allotment in an IPO?


IPO Grey Market FAQ's 10 Question(s)

1. What is Grey market?

2. Who decides the grey market price?

3. How can I buy and sell in Grey market?

4. How Grey Market works?

5. Is Grey market driven by any legal authority?

6. How come the grey market prices changes every day?

7. Should IPO investors consider Grey Market Premium before applying in an IPO?

8. Can we sell the stock allotted to us in an IPO before the stock gets listed?

9. When a stock is not listed how the broker does executes order for preferred customers as for grey market?

10. From where I can know the present rates of premium on a share in IPO grey market ?


NRI FAQ's 7 Question(s)

1. What is NRI (non-resident) status? Who is an NRI in India?

2. Can NRI apply for IPO?

3. Where can an NRI open a demat account?

4. Is pan number required for NRI to purchase public issue shares?

5. Is NRI need any RBI permission to open a demat account?

6. Can an NRI apply online for IPO and what all papers are required to get started?

7. In case a non-resident Indian becomes a resident in India, will he be required to change the status of his holding from Non-Resident to Resident?


IPO Refunds FAQ's 6 Question(s)

1. How many days it takes to get refund of an IPO?

2. Why am I not receiving my IPO refunds through ECS?

3. What should I do to make sure I get refund through ECS?

4. I have an online trading account from where I apply in IPO’s. Will my IPO refunds automatically send to my bank account every time?

5. What should I do if I do not get IPO Refund?

6. How do I file complain to SEBI for IPO refund issues and IPO allotment related issues?


Demat Account FAQ's 15 Question(s)

1. Is it mandatory to have a demat account to apply in an IPO?

2. How do I transfer from one demat account to another demat account?

3. I do not have a demat account. Can I apply in an IPO?

4. How much interest do I get on demat account?

5. What are the maintenance changes for a demat account? Are there any hidden charges or processing fees on the transactions I do on demat account?

6. Do I have to pay yearly maintenance changes even I do not hold any shares in my demat account?

7. Can a person have more than one demat account on his name?

8. Can a Demat account opened for a minor?

9. What is the diffrence between Demat account number and Trading account number ?

10. What is CDSL and NSDL ?

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PAN Card FAQ's 17 Question(s)

1. What is PAN or Permanent Account Number or PAN Card?

2. Is PAN Card is Mandatory for applying in IPO?

3. Can minor apply for pan card?

4. I have a PAN Card. Is it compulsory for me to file taxes?

5. How do I apply for a PAN Card?

6. How much does it cost to get a new PAN Card, change in PAN Card Information or receive another copy of PAN Card?

7. How long does it take to get PAN Card?

8. What all documents require for applying PAN Card?

9. How many demat accounts one person can open with one PAN card?

10. Is PAN number required for NRI’s to purchase public issue shares? If not what are the alternate requirements?

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Role of SEBI FAQ's 2 Question(s)

1. What is the role of SEBI with respect to public issues?

2. Is it SEBI rule for IPO’s to do all the processing in 21 days?


Stock Market Basics FAQ's 21 Question(s)

1. Who is a broker?

2. What is Securities Transaction Tax (STT)?

3. I have lost the share certificates I was holding for XYZ Company. How do I get duplicate share certificates?

4. What is Earnings Per Share EPS?

5. What is P/E ratio?

6. What is ISIN Number?

7. Can I transfer funds directly from my equity account to commodity account and vice versa?

8. How is SENSEX decided?

9. What is MID CAP?

10. What is Future and Option?

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Indian Depository Receipt (IDR) FAQ's 7 Question(s)

1. What is an IDR?

2. How do IDRs trade?

3. Who can hold IDRs?

4. Are IDR holders entitled to the same rights holders of Shares?

5. Given that the Indian securities regulation and reporting norms will differ from country to country. Will the issuer change its global reporting practice?

6. How does an Indian IDR holder excise there voting rights in corporate actions?

7. Who will be the appropriate authority for IDR holder’s grievances?


Bonds (NCD's) FAQ's 0 Question(s)


Stock / Commodity Brokers FAQ's 0 Question(s)


IPO Funding FAQ's 7 Question(s)

1. Explain IPO Funding in India?

2. Why should I take loan for applying in an IPO?

3. How much I can get in IPO Funding?

4. What is the tenure of IPO Funding?

5. How much interest I have to pay on the loan I take to fund an IPO?

6. Do I need a guarantor to avail IPO Funding?

7. Is there a risk involve in IPO Funding?

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