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1. How many days it usually takes to get an allotment of an IPO?

Book Building IPO allotments usually complete with in 15 days of IPO subscription closing date. Once allotment is done, it takes another 3-5 working days to receive shares.

Fixed Price IPO takes around a month for allotment and then 3 to 5 days to receive.

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2. Will the share be deposit to my account when the allotment status shown?

It usually takes 3 to 5 business days to receive allocated shares in your demat account. Again it depends upon registrar, some of them transfer the share first and then make allotment status available online and others publish the result first and then transfer the shares.

But in any case shares don't get listed until all the allotees receive allocated shares in their Demat account

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3. Why do I get redirected to other websites to when I click ĎXYZ IPO Allotment Statusí link?

Allotments are done by the registrars of the public issue. Registrars hold the data for allotment. Some of the registrar's share this data with us and others not.

To make allotment status available to all the IPO's, if we do not have allocation data available with us we redirect our visitors to the webpage of the registrar's website where allotment status is available.

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4. When I check allotment status on your website it shows x amount of shares allocated to me, but I donít see them in my Demat account. Why is it so?

Shares are not immediately available in your Demat account. It usually takes couple of days to transfer the shares in your account after allotment is finalized.
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5. How can I get confirm allotment?

It is difficult to get a key for this but one can try to bid for the maximum if the subscription figures are high.

its completely depends upon the rate of oversubscription and only thing you can do is to applied for maximum lots on last day but it has more risk for a underperformance IPO.

Also make sure to put the correct DP ID and Client ID details in the bid/application forms.

Answered by sachin jha & usmiral

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6. What is the formula for shares allotment in an IPO?

Once the subscription closes, one can make out probability of allotment.

e.g. XYZ ltd. issues IPO with lot size of 60, let's assume that retail subscription was 5 times after closure.

So it's clear that people who applied for 5 lots will definitely get atleast 1, but for those who applied for less than 5 lots it will be done on lottery basis. i.e. for those who applied for say 1 lot 1 of every 5 will get allotment.

For detail knowledge of shares allotment formula, please refer Basis of allotment document of recent IPO's.

Answered by Mr Manoj

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