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    Help our investor’s community by replying following unanswered questions related to Initial Public Offering IPO’s and India Stock market.

    Simply click on below questions and then click on "Post Comments". Best posted comments will be posted as answer to the question and we will publish your name with it.

     IPO Basics FAQ's  - 20 Unanswered question(s)
    1. Why does maximum subscription Amount for Retail Investor is limited to Rs 2 lakh?
    2. How a Company gets listed on stock exchange without an IPO?
    3. Can minors apply to an ipo ?
    4. What is over the counter trading ?
    5. Can we sell the stock alloted to us in a ipo before the stock gets listed ?
    6. How to fill IPO online ?
    7. What will be the category of 'private family trust' for applying in IPO ?
    8. What will be the category of 'private family trust' for applying in IPO ? Retail Bidder or Non-Institutional Bidder ?
    9. Can private limited company eligible to subscribe in non institustinal category?
    10. What do you mean by pre IPO placement? Is it worth to buy any script at the time of pre IPO placement and how will it benefit the customers ?
     IPO Payment FAQ's  - 1 Unanswered question(s)
    1. If I made application through 'Self Certified Syndicate Bank', then my money will be blocked but it is in my saving account, will I get interest for that period?
     IPO Allotment FAQ's  - 0 Unanswered question(s)
     IPO Grey Market FAQ's  - 2 Unanswered question(s)
    1. When a stock is not listed how the broker does executes order for preferred customers as for grey market?
    2. From where I can know the present rates of premium on a share in IPO grey market ?
     NRI FAQ's  - 6 Unanswered question(s)
    1. Can NRI apply for IPO?
    2. Where can an NRI open a demat account?
    3. Is pan number required for NRI to purchase public issue shares?
    4. Is NRI need any RBI permission to open a demat account?
    5. Can an NRI apply online for IPO and what all papers are required to get started?
    6. In case a non-resident Indian becomes a resident in India, will he be required to change the status of his holding from Non-Resident to Resident?
     IPO Refunds FAQ's  - 0 Unanswered question(s)
     Demat Account FAQ's  - 2 Unanswered question(s)
    1. What is the diffrence between Demat account number and Trading account number ?
    2. What is CDSL and NSDL ?
     PAN Card FAQ's  - 3 Unanswered question(s)
    1. How many demat accounts one person can open with one PAN card?
    2. Is PAN number required for NRI’s to purchase public issue shares? If not what are the alternate requirements?
    3. A person is having two demat account with single pan card, can he apply for ipo from both the accounts ?
     Role of SEBI FAQ's  - 1 Unanswered question(s)
    1. Is it SEBI rule for IPO’s to do all the processing in 21 days?
     Stock Market Basics FAQ's  - 7 Unanswered question(s)
    1. How is SENSEX decided?
    2. What is MID CAP?
    3. What is Future and Option?
    4. What does mean by face value?
    5. How do I get the ICICI direct Stock Code of the stock to be listed two days later so that I can place order before market opens on the listing day?
    6. Is there any difference between stock holder and stake holder?
    7. What is the difference between BSE and NSE ?
     Indian Depository Receipt (IDR) FAQ's  - 0 Unanswered question(s)
     Bonds (NCD's) FAQ's  - 0 Unanswered question(s)
     IPO Funding FAQ's  - 0 Unanswered question(s)

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