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i had purchased zylog 000 shares for rs 440 what should i do i should hold or sell what is the target price of it and what about everoon at this ...
Milan parekh  10/7/2007   
  zen technologies
Add up zen technologies for a big rise from current levelts in a target time of one and half months bet on this you will be a winner
clever player  1/3/2008   
  Zee Entertainment looks a better buy
SP Tulsian says...Zee Entertainment looks a better buy at Rs.250, as a safe bet in this volatile market.
Shah  3/17/2008   
  Winsome textiles limited - very good speculative stocks- may give 80-100 % returns in short term
I would like to bring attention toward winsome textiles - a strong textile company whose stock is currently around 35 Rs. the 52 week high is Rs. ...
Prashantshah  2/5/2008   
  Will the Sensex crash to 5000 levels?
The Sensex in India has already breached near 8K and unless the FIIs stop selling it will see more lows. Should the government take desperate ...
Rniks  12/4/2008   
  Why do people buy / sell one-one share sometime?
I saw this many a time while trading that few people bid for single shares. Itís ok if the share price is really high but mostly I found with the ...
Vikram  11/27/2006   
  Which share to be bought now a days for short term?
Since last many days I observe that daily share price of different-different company raise for ONE day only.There is no uptrend.How to assume, ...
S.p.aghera  3/2/2008   
  Which is the best online trading platform?
Hi, I was thinking of jumping into share market world with little investment for the next two years during my college time, so that I could learn ...
Himanshu  10/27/2013   
  which fertiliser stock is best nagarfert,chambal or rcf
please suggest me which ferliliser and chemical stock is best nagarguna,chambal or rcf,need a fair suggestion.
Shreya  2/7/2008   
  Which company shares are good to buy?
Hi Friends,Please suggest me to buy the good company shares.Please tell me the company deatails to buy the shares.
Srinivas  12/28/2009  11   
  Where is RPower Bonus shares?
Hi , pealse share the information regarding Rpower Bonus shares and record date.When we will get them . I have got 17 in IPO and I bought 3 ...
Swathi  3/31/2008   
  whats d short term target for ASHOK LEYLAND
what about this script , will it cross 60/- in short term , and reliance money has given reccomendation to hold this script firmly.
Shreya  1/4/2008   
  What's wrong with powergrid,I hav 400@150 rs , can I add more at these levels , please suggest me
what's wrong with powergrid, please tell me future of this stock I got tired with it, need suggestions, thanx in advance.
Shreya  12/29/2007   
  what will be the market trend in FEB 2009 ?
Hi i just want to know about the market movement in FEB 2009 as I want to invest some money for the short period.
sarvesh patel  1/28/2009   
  What should be looked into in the case of Satyam?
What should be looked into in the case of Satyam:- 1. Role of Regulators 2. Role of Auditors (Statutory) 3. Role of Auditors ...
Shravan Vishnoi  1/10/2009   
  what is the short term target for Mic Electronics?
I m holding 1500 shares of Mic Electronics @37 now its 47 , should I hold and what is the long term story of this company?
Shreya  8/6/2009   
I have some queries pending from the 2nd of october without even receiving the acknowledgement that the reply can be awaited soon. I have already ...
ARYANADITYA  10/27/2010   
  What is the complete study of buying stocks?
Before buying any stock ( for long term ) what are the points or thing should we study before buying stocks , such as volume, how many buyer or ...
Seeta  11/13/2009   
  What is taget for POWER GRID, RPL & RNRL
Dear All Please advise me I have power grid 1100@106 , RNRL 600@ 115 and RPL 100@130 Should I sell it or hold it if hold for how long, I have ...
IPO RAJA  8/6/2009  16   
  What is next target of Gujarat Borosil and South Asia Petro
I AM HOLDING 400 Shares of Gujarat Borosil @ 23.67and 370 Shares of South Asia Petrochem @ 27.15 What is next target of the same Stock
Stock idea  12/21/2007   
  Weekly Outlook for March 17 to March 21, 2008
DOW JONES DJIA gave a clear bearish signal on Friday and the next immediate target for Dow Jones is 11500. DJIA is at a critical juncture. ...
Saurabh Singh  3/16/2008   
  Wednesday 25/09/2013 Indian market live updates||asian market opened flat|| today best stocks calls
Market has opened in flattish note, But the nifty and sensex both opened in green sign.The nifty was at 5899.33 or 0.12% up 6.85 points the index ...
sonu verma  9/25/2013   
  Walchandnagar stock price in decreasing mode
Why walchandnagar industries ltd stock price is in decline mode now a days? It has good history to raise stock price evenafter its recently ...
S P Aghera  3/14/2008   
Vipul swami  11/9/2007   
hi there every one i wanna get suggetion from all of you on VMS as i bought some 2000 shares of vms on 44.20 what should all u suggest ??
Anoop suri  7/6/2012   
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