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disc  Which is the best online trading platform?
Hi, I was thinking of jumping into share market world with little investment for the next two years during my college time, so that I could learn ...
Himanshu  5/20/2013   
disc  How is new broker RKSV?
Hai, how is new broker RKSV ?? I found on traderji. Their website at offaring freedom plan 1947
Tejas Ojha  12/7/2012   
disc  Choose the correct broker and reduce 90% of your brokerage
Dear Members, Trading with the right stock broker is important to make good profits. There are so many brokers in India Stock Market. Each one ...
Forum Modulator  10/5/2012   
disc  Emkay Global Goof up
Emkay demat holders need not worry much, your money is not gone, but may face trouble in next few trading sessions. To be on safer side, its ...
Kumar  10/5/2012   
disc  TCS shares and dividend quary
Hi. I had been allotted 17 shares of TCS in IPO, way back in 2004. Since then, the company has allotted bonus shares twice and company has ...
brajendra Jaiswal  8/15/2012   
I have 80 shares of Inter Globe Finance. But I am unable to sell them. Can any body suggest How can I sell them?
vg tgh  8/15/2012   
disc  Mundra Port & Reliance Power
i have applied for Mundra... what are chances of allotment.. i have not done full applications... also when will i get the refund. Since i heard, ...
Urvi pandhi  8/14/2012  14   
disc  UTI mastergain 92
Can anybody tell the fate of UTI Mastergain 92 mutual fund scheme? I hold some share of this scheme.
Vikas  8/9/2012  229   
disc  icici children growth bonds
i have icici children growth bonds worth rs. 20000 in the name of my 2 minor daughters. i want to sell/redeem them. no one including icici guys ...
Anu  7/10/2012   
disc  VMS
hi there every one i wanna get suggetion from all of you on VMS as i bought some 2000 shares of vms on 44.20 what should all u suggest ??
Anoop suri  7/6/2012   
disc  BHEL share price falling continuously
I have been observing in the last two months...BHEL share price is continuously falling. I think today it was about Rs. 2050. Any idea why it is ...
atmiya  5/7/2012   
disc  CALS Refineries & Biral Power
Buy cals refineries & birla power and enjoy the return after 1 year. Before buy do nt forget to ve a little reserch on the counter. Its a good buy ...
Lipu  3/29/2012  18   
I have following company share any body has receiven any annual report or address of registrar. 1) ELVIS INDIA LTD 2) GUJARAT DEHYD FOODS ...
ashokbarbhaya  2/16/2012   
disc  Query regarding the share transfer
Hi, Could you please assist me. My query is if a person from the family has only the Bond of some shares. And he dont have the demat account. ...
Arun  2/16/2012   
disc  Stock Exchange Workshop
Hi, This is to inform about Stock Exchange Workshop from PERCEPTION'12,Pune. The Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, Pune is ...
Sayali Perception  1/5/2012   
disc  Share (Tiger)
Sher Bazar mein, Jo darr Gaya woh Mar gaya Jo darr Gaya woh Mar gaya Jo nahi darra woh woh ...
Geereesh  12/21/2011   
disc  JK Lakshmi Cement
JK Lakshmi Cement Buy Price: Rs 132 Target Price (Mar 10): Rs 175 Benefit of being in the right region coupled with cheap valuations JK ...
Insightt  12/20/2011   
disc  IFCI Technical Analysis - Need Help
Hi All, IFCI is having a P/E ration of around 4 and EPS of around Rs.16 till December 07. Whats going wrong with IFCI. I'm sure IFCI will bounce ...
Arunagassi  12/19/2011   
disc  attractive power and penny stocks
buy jphydro neyveli ptc for smart gains. buy penny stocks syschem minaxi alka kishnalifestyle for major gains
Nanj  11/15/2011   
disc  Acquisition cost of shares of ZEE Learn Ltd.
hi, i have alloted shares of Zee Learn on Zee Ent. Ltd., do any one have the document showing the cost of acquisition of Zee Leran ...
Gurvinder  10/19/2011   
disc  ****** The great L&T *******
Guys, did you hear that L&T is going to sell most of its sister companies and keep the main construction work only. This will start happening ...
Paresh Mukhi  10/18/2011   
disc  Theft of Shares through Option Route
I have a trading and demat account with Destimoney India Pvt Ltd. On 4th Oct, all shares from my account were sold off without my knowledge. The ...
Kaminikanta Mohanty  10/6/2011   
Tasty bite a company with low floating shares in the market, looking to delist it's shares. Book value around 100 and mkt price around 130/-, very ...
NICE  9/26/2011   
disc  Future of Himachal Futuristic
I have a 300 @Rs 39 share of Himachal Futuristic. Should in average out or sell all? Pls suggest Thanks. Rakesh
Rakesh  9/26/2011   
disc  Ravikumar distilleries in attractive price
Ravikumar distilleries seems attractive at 17 Rs. Is it right time to bye? It is very near to 52 week low. Regards Jaseka
jaseka  9/19/2011   
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