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  • Thejo Engineering Ltd IPO (Thejo Engineering IPO) Detail

    Sep 04, 2012 - Sep 06, 2012        

    Thejo Engineering Ltd is an Engineering Solutions provider for Bulk Material Handling, Mineral Processing and Corrosion Protection to the Core Sector Industries like mining, power, steel, cement, ports, fertilizers etc. Company's services include belt conveyor maintenance and operations.

    Company's corporate office and manufacturing units are located in Chennai and they have a wide network of branch and site offices across 14 states. Thejo's international presence through partnerships and distribution network extends across Australia, kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the USA, Germany, Chile, Brazil and Ghana.

    Company Promoters:

    The Promoters of the company are:

    1. Mr. K.J. Joseph
    2. Mr. Thomas John

    Objects of the Issue:

    The object of the issue are to:

    1. Setting up a poly-urethane unit at Chennai;
    2. Expansion of existing facility at Chennai;
    3. Setting up R&D Unit at Chennai;
    4. Setting up a lining plant at Chennai;
    5. Investment in Australian Subsidiary, Thejo Australia Pty Ltd; and
    6. General corporate purposes.

    Issue Detail:

      »»  Issue Open: Sep 04, 2012 - Sep 06, 2012
      »»  Issue Type: 100% Book Built Issue IPO
      »»  Issue Size: Equity Shares of Rs. 10
      »»  Issue Size: Rs. 19.00 Crore
      »»  Face Value: Rs. 10 Per Equity Share
      »»  Issue Price: Rs. 402 - Rs. 430 Per Equity Share
      »»  Market Lot: 300 Shares
      »»  Minimum Order Quantity: 300 Shares
      »»  Listing At: NSE SME

    Thejo Engineering IPO Grading

    CRISIL has assigned a CRISIL SME fundamental grade of ‘SME 5/5’ (pronounced "SME five on five") to the proposed IPO of Thejo Engineering Ltd (Thejo). This SME fundamental grade indicates that the fundamentals of the company are excellent compared to other SMEs in India. CRISIL assigns IPO grading on a scale of 5 to 1, with Grade 5 indicating strong fundamentals and Grade 1 indicating poor fundamentals. Read Thejo Engineering IPO Report

    Thejo Engineering IPO Reviews:

    1. Dilip Davda says 'Subscribe' to Thejo Engineering Ltd IPO
    2. K.M. Global Financial Services Ltd says 'Avoid' to Thejo Engineering Ltd IPO

    Issue Subscription Detail / Current Bidding Status

    Number of Times Issue is Subscribed (BSE + NSE)
    As on Date & TimeQualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs)Non Institutional Investors (NIIs)Retail Individual Investors (RIIs)Total
    Shares Offered / Reserved 229,800  81,900  161,100  472,800 
     Day 1 - Sep 04, 2012 17:00 IST 1.0000 0.2300 0.0400 0.5400 
     Day 2 - Sep 05, 2012 17:00 IST 1.0000 0.2800 0.1300 0.5800 
     Day 3 - Sep 06, 2012 17:00 IST 1.0000 0.9100 2.6100 1.5300 

    New Compare Stock Brokers in India

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    Thejo Engineering IPO News Alerts

    1. Sunday, September 16, 2012 12:51:32 AM
      IPO Listing - Thejo Engineering Ltd
    2. Thursday, September 13, 2012 10:40:09 PM
      IPO Allotment - Thejo Engineering Ltd
    3. Wednesday, August 29, 2012 12:42:48 PM
      Upcoming IPO - Thejo Engineering Ltd

    Thejo Engineering IPO Rating

       Rating: 4.0
    Rating:Rated 4.0 stars

    Vote Here ...

       IPO Reviews  |  IPO Gradings

    Thejo Engineering IPO Listing Date

    Listing Date:Tuesday, September 18, 2012
    BSE Scrip Code:
    NSE Symbol:THEJO
    Listing In:
    Issue Price:Rs. 402.00 Per Equity Share
    Face Value:Rs. 10.00 Per Equity Share

    Listing Day Trading Information

    Issue Price:Rs. 402.00
    Open:Rs. 403.00
    Low:Rs. 403.00
    High:Rs. 403.00
    Last Trade:Rs. 403.00

    Thejo Engineering IPO Prospectus

    Company Contact Information

    Registered Office :
        Aysha Building,
        2nd floor, 41, Whites Road,
        Chennai 600 014, Tamil Nadu
    Phone: 91 44 4392 1900
    Fax: +91 44 28522547

    Thejo Engineering IPO Registrar

    Cameo Corporate Services Limited   »  Report
       Cameo Corporate Services Ltd.,
       Subramanian Building # 1, Club House Road,
       Chennai 600 002 - India

    Phone: +91-44-28460390
    Fax: +91-44-28460129

    Thejo Engineering IPO Lead Manager(s)

    Thejo Engineering IPO Messages (Thejo Engineering IPO Comments)

      Post New Message ...  

    58. seenuipo  Nov 11, 2012 12:31:31 PM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    seenuipo's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    when is the regular trading activity in thejo Engg,It was not known to general retail investor like me,that, only call auction will be held until further advice.It is blocking of money for long time.Very bad luck.
    The analyst(full time) who is recommending this stock for apply is also might not know this information.
    But as usual one of our friend analyzed that the issue which are not recommended are doing well and those recommended are either even not listed or quoting below issue price.


    57. T.Dilip  Oct 12, 2012 1:35:22 PM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    T.Dilip's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile



    56. C.A  Sep 26, 2012 11:43:02 AM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    C.A's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    When 95% ipo/fpo,s are giving huge negative return,the question is which type of investor,s apply ipo/fpo , I think only fools. Surway shows that 97% retail investor,s are loser in primary and secondary market look last 5 year,s ipo/fpo performance.


    55. REAL INVESTOR  Sep 26, 2012 11:10:11 AM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    REAL INVESTOR's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    Don''t apply 5 rating issues go for 1 or 2 rating like max alert.5 rating means garanted negative return .1 or 2 rating means high chanches of bumper listing.think before u invest bcs of money is your not rating agencies


    54. C.A  Sep 25, 2012 10:15:32 PM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    C.A's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    My dear if indian rating agencies gives 5 rateing its mean defalt rating look MOIL,L&T FIN, all are 5 rating but trading in discount in so high market, it will avelabel below 100 it is a junck ipo.


    53. AJAY LAL  Sep 25, 2012 12:27:16 PM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    AJAY LAL's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    I would like to sell my holding of 300 shares. What is the procedure. Is delivery of shares applied in call auction trading.


    52. Udaipur IPO mastana  Sep 24, 2012 7:02:01 PM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    Udaipur IPO mastana's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    I sold my 300 shares @ 360 today .
    put sell order between 110 to 1158. Call auction rate will be decided between 1158 to 1200 and trade settelled accordingly.
    Ask him to keep his stock price upto issue price by placing enough buy orders ...


    51. AJAY LAL  Sep 24, 2012 6:30:14 PM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    AJAY LAL's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    Can Retail investor can sell share of Thejo Engineering in call auction trading.


    50. Udaipur IPO mastana  Sep 24, 2012 4:58:44 PM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    Udaipur IPO mastana's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    Retail investors may contact to Mr.M.D.Ravikanth, compliance officer THEJO _IPO on 09677044714(mob) and 04442221900(o) for any grievences.


    49. Udaipur IPO mastana  Sep 24, 2012 4:55:33 PM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    Udaipur IPO mastana's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    I have applied in Thejo Engineering IPO (INE121N01019) and got
    allotment. At the onit’s really difficult to understand the working of this
    platform. The system has made the the script (read Thejo here) very
    illiquid. How does the retail investor get in/out of the script, when there is no
    trading and no visible actual quotes? People are used to see continuous
    trading and a system like call-auction serves what purpose is really difficult
    to understand. Why normal trading is not done in the script. Look at what
    has happened to a company for which rating agency have given 5 o/o 5. no
    buyers no sellers that to at the time when it has just got listed, what will
    happen of it later on is anybody‘s guess. Most brokers and people
    connected to the market are clueless as to what is going on. I read on
    NSE-SME site that the company has to give a notice of one month to
    change trading from one market type to another why such a long notice
    period. To sum it this platform is not for retail investors and it is for whom
    that too is not clear except that the promoter of the company raised the
    capital for the expansion/of the company. The whole system serves
    what purpose is not known. Why normal trading in the scrip is not allowed?
    On the top of it the trading lot and application lot at the time of IPOs too has
    been kept so large that poor retail will not even think of buying, selling or
    applying. The company also didn’t mention in its ASBA physical application
    form on page 3 under the head of LISTING that the equity will be listed in
    Call Auction segment. They only described about listing on the SME
    platform of NSE. The system must have been formed by the best people of
    the industry but I feel it has left too much to be desired. Of course my
    concern is largely becaI too have been allotted shares in the Thejo
    Engineering IPO (INE121N01019) and however with due regards to the
    makers of this system I feel horribly stuck and in fact cheated by the
    We all poor retail investors participated in your IPO due to strong
    recommendation from our stock broker saying about strong fundamentals
    of the company. Where are the promoters, registrar, and rating agency
    CRISIL who given 5/5 rating to such company, who is unable to keep
    the stock price at the lower band of issue price. We all poor retail
    investors are cheated by seeing high rating 5/5 of your company. There is
    lack of transparency, volume and clarity in call auction system of NSE.
    Many of our friends also having shares of Thejo Engineering IPO
    (INE121N01019) and want to exit at any cost due to panic conditions. How
    will the NSE-SME exchange can boost the confidence of retail investors?
    Only opening ceremony by Honorable Finance Minister on 18.09.12 is not
    enough in this reference. Retail investors need protection of their hard
    earned money invested in such SME companies to certain extend. Such
    type of huge losses will definitely kill the confidence of retail investors.


    48. live lovelaugh  Sep 23, 2012 1:24:56 PM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    live lovelaugh's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    i have been allotted 300+300 shares and my applications were based on 5/5 rating and good fundamentals of the company and i still maintain it that it is a very excellent company.
    no investor would have applied had it known that trading will be only for ONE HOUR and that too in a totally new and troublesome method of CALL AUCTION where investors participation /knowledge is very poor and thats why so pathetic volumes.
    learned that it is the co who decides where the share must be traded and a notice of one months or so is required to change the trading from call auction to normal sme trading if it exist on nse.MORE INFORMATION AND SOME representation by we investors TO COMPANY ON THIS ASPECT is a right thing if normal trading is possible which i am not sure as this is first issue on nse sme emerge.


    48.1. live lovelaugh  Sep 23, 2012 1:36:21 PM IST |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    live lovelaugh's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    Stocks having debuted on the leading bourse BSE''s SME platform this year seems to be generating significant interest from investors, as six of them have given positive returns since listing and the seventh one is trading with just a modest loss.

    BSE launched its SME platform for small and medium enterprises earlier this year in March and since then seven companies have got listed in this segment.

    The SME platform of BSE''s larger rival NSE, named Emerge, also became operational last week with the listing of first company, Thejo Engineering, in this segment.

    At the BSE''s SME platform six out of seven stocks are trading above their respective issue prices, while shares of one company, Jointeca Education Solutions, is trading nearly two per cent below its initial public offer (IPO) price.

    The stocks trading with significant gains include non-banking finance company BCB Finance (402 per cent), Max Alert Systems (183 per cent) and web infomedia company Jupiter Infomedia (18.25 per cent).

    Besides, housing finance firm SRG Housing Finance, cosmetic surgery and skin care services firm Monarch Health Services, and financial services firm Sangam Advisors are trading with gains of 5 per cent, 0.75 per cent and 0.45 per cent, respectively.


    47. seenuipo  Sep 21, 2012 6:37:37 PM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    seenuipo's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    Dilip Dhavda Sab,

    You told to not to all new IPOs from last 10 IPO and recommended to apply Thejo Engg but the market show is exactly reverse to your view.
    There is no clarity on what is going on from the listing date in this IPO. Somebody say call action going on for one hour and further nothing.
    Kindly let me know, when the regular trading will start. I applied after seeing your recommendation on this IPO and not applied the SRG housing after seeing your analysis but SRG is rocking.
    You have explained by comparing some other listed stocks with PE ratio. Please tell me why other companies are trading at different PE multiples. You cannot tell this becathe PE multiples are build on future growth of the company rather than present earnings.
    In the same way if you know future prospectus of the company explain that and likely PE multiple .That may be useful to this forum becathe market will not run on the simple mathematics.

    Thank you if I am clear.


    46. mahesh bhat  Sep 21, 2012 1:09:03 PM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    mahesh bhat's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    THEJO DOWN 10% today at 360..... highest volume seen in three days


    45. IPO SHOKHIN  Sep 20, 2012 3:59:40 PM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    IPO SHOKHIN's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile



    44. AJAY LAL  Sep 20, 2012 1:17:14 PM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    AJAY LAL's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    Kindly let us know the trading time in normal market.


    43. AJAY LAL  Sep 20, 2012 1:16:08 PM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    AJAY LAL's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    Can anybody tell us, when Thejo Engineering shares listed in normal market. My broker unable to give correct information.


    42. ahmedabadking  Sep 20, 2012 11:18:11 AM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    ahmedabadking's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    why all of you are just looking for listing gain. Hold the company for few quarters and then see its price. At least it has not listed below its ipo price.


    41. live lovelaugh  Sep 19, 2012 2:15:36 PM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    live lovelaugh's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    listed 0n 18 th in CALL AUCTION segment of stock exchange and the timings are ONLY ONE HOUR DAILY from 11 to volume on listing day was just 2100 shares(7 trading lot )@rs 403 per share.


    40. santonu  Sep 19, 2012 12:51:55 PM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    santonu's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    Stock was supposed tro be listed on NSE SME platform on 18th. Whether it got listed and what''s the present price


    39. Vishal Garg  Sep 18, 2012 5:13:51 PM IST |   Reply  |  I Like It.  Like  |  Report Abuse
    Vishal Garg's - IPO Comments,  Public Profile

    I have one qustion from NSE how its possible at the time of Listing NSE has permit ofr Call Auctin but it was not mention at the time of when we are offering. Its bad rules and regulation.....


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