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Stock Market Message Board (Discussion Forum for BSE / NSE Stocks)

The stock message board for more than 5,000 stocks listed at BSE and NSE stock exchanges. This stock discussion forum site offers an easy-to-use interface that helps Online India Equity Market Investors. Get latest Stock Tips, Stock Market News and Expert Advices to learn stock market basics. Let's begin sharing your thoughts…Post new message ...

Most Discussed Stocks in Last 3 Months 

56. mManish  Jan 26, 2011 5:04:51 PM IST |   Reply  | 

Exide ind

Friends, its a good opportunity, in recent fall share corrected too much around 130 n hope to get a bounce back soon. 25 broking houseshouses buy recommending atcurrent level very stronglly.


56.1. T A  Jan 26, 2011 10:11:50 PM IST | 

Exide ind

I dont think so because the share is drifting down with huge volumes (as per the VSA).... the share will fall till it finds the next strong support....the next support for the share is on Rs 125 and then Rs 110....

55. mManish  Jan 26, 2011 4:53:10 PM IST |   Reply  | 

Allahabad bank

Results declering on 28th jan, since most of PSU banks performing good hope this too. expecting a good move in coming two days. good to buy even at current levels for short term profits.

54. Yogesh Nahata  Jan 26, 2011 12:54:57 PM IST |   Reply  | 

Hindustan Motors

What will be near future target ?

53. Durai Raj,Tirupur  Jan 26, 2011 6:09:17 AM IST |   Reply  | 


Ok ok...
I can just give the list of co. Declaring results and it's upto you to choose a best one and to inform us for trading...
On 27 th the following co gives the result..

AGC Networks 27-Jan-2011
Amrit Corp 27-Jan-2011
Archies 27-Jan-2011
Arvind 27-Jan-2011
Asian Tea Expo 27-Jan-2011
Bajaj Electric 27-Jan-2011
Balaji Amines 27-Jan-2011
Balmer Invest 27-Jan-2011
Basil Infrastru 27-Jan-2011
Bharat Bhushan 27-Jan-2011
Bharat Immuno 27-Jan-2011
Bhoruka Alum 27-Jan-2011
Blue Star 27-Jan-2011
Brandhouse 27-Jan-2011
CaprolactumChem 27-Jan-2011
Carborundum 27-Jan-2011
Career Point 27-Jan-2011
CHL 27-Jan-2011
Cholamandalam 27-Jan-2011
Compucom Soft 27-Jan-2011
Cybermate Info 27-Jan-2011
Dairyfield 27-Jan-2011
Dalmia Bharat 27-Jan-2011
DHP 27-Jan-2011
eClerx Services 27-Jan-2011
ELF Trading And 27-Jan-2011
Elnet Tech 27-Jan-2011
Emami 27-Jan-2011
Emkay Global 27-Jan-2011
Fortune Fin Ser 27-Jan-2011
Four Soft 27-Jan-2011
Gan dhi Spl Tube 27-Jan-2011
Gayatri Sugars 27-Jan-2011
Gemini Comm 27-Jan-2011
GG Dandekar 27-Jan-2011
Granules India 27-Jan-2011
GTN Industries 27-Jan-2011
Guj Lease Fin 27-Jan-2011
HDFC Bank 27-Jan-2011
Heritage Foods 27-Jan-2011
Hind Hardy 27-Jan-2011
Hind Motors 27-Jan-2011
Hinduja Venture 27-Jan-2011
HOV Services 27-Jan-2011
HPCL 27-Jan-2011
IBN18 Broadcast 27-Jan-2011
Indiaco Venture 27-Jan-2011
Inwinex Pharma 27-Jan-2011
ISF 27-Jan-2011
Jain Irrigation 27-Jan-2011
Jam Shri Ranjit 27-Jan-2011
JSW Steel 27-Jan-2011
Kale Consult 27-Jan-2011
Kansai Nerolac 27-Jan-2011
Kirloskar Broth 27-Jan-2011
Kirloskar Ind 27-Jan-2011
Krishna Ferro 27-Jan-2011
Libord Infotech 27-Jan-2011
Libord Sec 27-Jan-2011
Linaks Micro 27-Jan-2011
Lupin 27-Jan-2011
Mangalam Cement 27-Jan-2011
Marico 27-Jan-2011
Maruti Sec 27-Jan-2011
Munoth Capital 27-Jan-2011
Nalwa Sons Inv 27-Jan-2011
Network 18 27-Jan-2011
Neyveli Lignite 27-Jan-2011
NHPC 27-Jan-2011
Phoenix Mills 27-Jan-2011
Photon Capital 27-Jan-2011
PNB Gilts 27-Jan-2011
Precision Wires 27-Jan-2011
S I Capital 27-Jan-2011
S Kumars Nation 27-Jan-2011
Sadhana Nitro 27-Jan-2011
Sai Wires India 27-Jan-2011
Saint-Gobain 27-Jan-2011
Shetron 27-Jan-2011
Siemens Health 27-Jan-2011
Siyaram Silk 27-Jan-2011
SKM Egg Product 27-Jan-2011
SML Isuzu 27-Jan-2011
Spentex Ind 27-Jan-2011
SpiceJet 27-Jan-2011
Stanpacks India 27-Jan-2011
Stock Net Inter 27-Jan-2011
Subex 27-Jan-2011
Sugal & Damani 27-Jan-2011
Surana Corp 27-Jan-2011
Surana Ventures 27-Jan-2011
Suryaamba Spin
Suryo foods
Tak Machinery
Tamilnadu Petro
Tanla Solutions
Tata Chemicals
Tata Inv Corp
Tayo Rolls
Techno Electric
Tips Industries
TV 18
UMS Radio
Usha Martin
UTV Software
VBC Ferro
VCK Capital
Vedant Hotels
VIP Industries
Xpro India
Zee Learn

I think tata chemicals and Vip will be good, suggest me boss...

53.1. Gane  Jan 26, 2011 3:16:54 PM IST | 



The list is too big. I have seen pre-estimation for tata chemicals from sharekhan. This is going to post loss it seems. Other I have to look into it.

Sreedhars choice thangamayil is there in the list. May be thats safe bet.


53.2. mManish  Jan 26, 2011 4:56:45 PM IST | 


Dear Sir, thx for providing detail list of companies coming results on 27th, i wish Archies is v good buy as in current quarter surely good profits because of festival season n new year sales.

53.3. Gane  Jan 26, 2011 5:43:02 PM IST | 



good numbers expected. jhunjhunwalas non famous pick. May see a rally tomorrow.

Sreedhar/KK, your advice please..


52. Durai Raj,Tirupur  Jan 26, 2011 5:29:02 AM IST |   Reply  | 

Jammu and kashmir bank...

Ya friends, it's none other than J&k bank....

52.1. Gane  Jan 26, 2011 5:44:17 PM IST | 

Jammu and kashmir bank...

it is a good pick for long term. but it is expected to post loss this quarter. So short term investors beware. probably you will get it for cheaper price.


51. Durai Raj,Tirupur  Jan 25, 2011 10:04:34 PM IST |   Reply  | 


Ok friends it's time to sleep, having classe by 7 A.M tomorrow...
Good nit...

50. Durai Raj,Tirupur  Jan 25, 2011 9:50:38 PM IST |   Reply  | 


Is tomorrow market working...?
I think it's a holiday for republic day..?

50.1. Gane  Jan 25, 2011 10:25:50 PM IST | 


Durai ayya,

I meant for Thursday only. Good night.


49. Durai Raj,Tirupur  Jan 25, 2011 9:49:00 PM IST |   Reply  | 

Under valued Banking stock...

Undervalued GEM?

Dear boarders and senior Members of the board...

I was looking into the banking stock, and i found the below details, which clearly shows that the stock is the most undervalued stock in compared to all other banking stocks...

EPS fy11E -110+
Dividend - 220%
Book value - 645
Book value after this years capitalization of profits will be more or less to its market value...

Can you get any banking stock in such a valuation, NO Chance guys, all were trading above than this stocks p/e ratio and few months ago (don't know the correct month, might be some 6 months ago) Reliance MF had Felt it's value and bought some considerable shares of
This Bank...

Investors with long term prospective(remember only for long term) can buy it for now...

I am posting here, because i have no fund to invest now, so i just want to share my views that's it....

Oh sorry guys i had forget to tell it's name....

Guess..:). ..?

Let me reveal it tomorrow, if none finds it...

48. Gane  Jan 25, 2011 9:45:38 PM IST |   Reply  | 

KK, Durai & Sreedhar,

Any picks for tomorrow?

I think we should avoid any banks for tomorrow.


47. MVS  Jan 25, 2011 2:31:51 PM IST |   Reply  | 

Confidence Petroleum

Buy Confidence Petroleum. tgt 50-2 yrs

47.1. Mir Darbaar  Jan 25, 2011 8:19:26 PM IST | 

Confidence Petroleum

best buy price confidence petroleum and shree ashtvinak

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