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82. Fools brooker  Jan 27, 2011 10:23:55 PM IST Reply


talwarkaras had an top till rs 245
with very bad results, 5.9 crores in last quater has dropped to 1 crore this quater at rs 211 we have 13% drop in share price
this is mainly due to rates of rental in all big cities like mumbai going up 50% or more gyms are on rental basic hence 1 crores profit is more share at all time low
it is an sell and ready to reach an low 201 soon alredy it toughed rs 201 intra days today at 15.09 on 27/1/2011
82.1. T A  Jan 28, 2011 9:18:33 AM IST


I think the share will stop at 193...not before that....
81. Durai Raj,Tirupur  Jan 27, 2011 9:18:36 PM IST Reply

Vip industries

Sales 200+ crore
PAT 30 cr
Last Quarter PAT is 11.4 only
Enjoy a big jump tomorrow
Target 650
80. Durai Raj,Tirupur  Jan 27, 2011 8:46:41 PM IST Reply

Expected... good results from

Sun tv....
Gane your views please...
80.1. Gane  Jan 27, 2011 9:11:52 PM IST

Expected... good results from


One has to be very careful in this bad market condition. Good results cannot stop free fall in the market that we have witnessed today.

Like I mentioned yesterday, camlin and atlas went up and it could not sustain in that high price and fall rapidly.

Sreedhar can help us in picking the safe stock. We did not receive any tips from sreedhar in the last few days. Lets see whether he could suggest something.

79. Durai Raj,Tirupur  Jan 27, 2011 8:39:32 PM IST Reply

Result's Tomorrow

3M India
7Seas Tech       
ABC India
Aditya Birla Ch
Aditya Ispat
Aimco Pesticide       
Allahabad Bank       
Allsoft Corp       
Alok Industries       
Apte Amalgam       
Aries Agro       
Arrow Textiles
Assoc Stone       
Astra Microwave
Basant Agro Tec       
BDH Industries       
Bengal & Assam       
Bhagiradh Chem       
Bharat Elec       
Binani Cement       
Binani Ind       
Bright Brothers       
Conart Engineer       
Consolidated Co
Crompton Greave       
Danlaw Tech       
Delta Corp       
Delta Magnets       
Dhoot Ind Fin       
Dinesh Allorga       
Dolphin Offshor
Duncans Ind       
Eco Recycling       
EID Parry
Emmessar Biotec      
Encore Software
English Ind Cla
Enkei Castalloy       
Envair Electro       
Eros Intern       
Fairfield Atlas       
Federal Bank       
FICS Consultanc
First Leasing       
Forbes Gokak       
Fortis Malar       
Fresenius Kabi       
Fusion Fittings
Futuristic Sec
Gabriel India       
Ganesh Poly
Garnet Construc
GDL Leasing
Gillette India       
Globsyn Infotec       
Golden Sec       
GSL India
GTL Infra
H.K. Finechem       
Havells India       
IFB Agro       
IND-AGIV Commer       
Indbank Merchan
Indo-City Tr       
Indsil Hydro       
Intercorp Ind       
Iswarshakti Hol       
JBF Industries       
Jhaveri Credits       
JJ Exporters       
JK Paper
JMC Projects
Jyoti Structure
Kalyanpur Cemen       
Kanani Industr       
Karur Vysya       
KFA Corporation
Lanco Industrie
Laser Diamonds
LG Balakrishnan
LGB Forge
Lloyd Rock Fibr
Lords Ishwar
Mackinnon Mack
Madhusudan Sec
Maharashtra Ape
Meghmani Organi
Metalman Ind       
Midday Multi       
Mirc Electronic
Monsanto India       
Moongipa Capita
Motilal Oswal F
Mrugesh Trad       
Multiplus Hold       
Nagarjuna Agric       
Nagpur Power       
Naraingarh Suga       
Narang Ind       
NEPC Agro Foods       
NEPC India       
NEPC Textiles      
NGL Fine Chem       
NPR Finance       
NRB Bearings       
Nu Tech Corpn       
Nucent Finance
Oriental Bank       
Oswal Yarns       
P and G
Patel Integrate
Peac ock Ind
Pix Transmissio
Ponni Sugars(E)       
Pradeep Metals       
Premier Cap       
Premier Synth       
Prime Securitie
Puravankara Pro
PVR 28-Jan-2011      
Raj Television       
Reliance Chemo       
Relic Life Scie       
Renaissance Jew      
Revathi CP       
Riba Textiles L
Rolcon Eng       
Sakuma Exports       
Sankhya Infotec       
Shasun Chemical       
Shirpur Gold       
Shri Rama Multi
Shyam Star Gems       
Sita Enterprise
SJ Corporation       
SKS Logistics       
Smruthi Organic       
Sona Koyo Stee       
Spectra Ind       
SPEL Semiconduc
Sri Ganapathy
Sri Nachammai       
Sri Ramakrishna
Sterlite Techno
Subhkam Capital
Sukhjit Starch
Sun TV Network
Suryavanshi Spg
Swadeshi Ind
Swaraj Engines       
Switching Tech       
Tatia Skylines       
Tide Water Oil       
Times Guaranty       
Timex Group Ind
Tinna Overseas       
Titan Industrie       
Tourism Finance
Trimurthi Drugs       
Uniworth Int       
Upper Ganges Su
Upsurge Invest
Ushdev Int       
Uttam Galva       
VBC Industries       
Veer Energy       
Velan Hotels       
Venus Remedies
Vikram Thermo       
Vintron Ind       
Virat Industrie       
Visaka Ind       
Vishnu Chemical       
Vivid Global       
Vogue Textiles       
Warren Tea       
Wires and Fabri       
Zodiac JRD-MKJ       
Zodiac Ventures

Gane whats your pick...?
According to me Shasun pharma, which posted loss in last 2 Quarters is expected to post a profit....
78. Sreedhar  Jan 27, 2011 8:10:07 PM IST Reply


Dear KK DON & Ravi4561,
I have clearly mentioned 239 as stop loss.Even when I was not present I took care to inform the board abt 239 stop loss through one of my friend.Today's closing was 226.Next Qtr Management has said they will deliver 10 Cr profit compared to 3 cr profit yoy.That was the reason why it came up all the way from 197 to 226.It is a great long term story.I gave the call for shortterm with 239 as stop loss.Long term its excellent buy.
You have 2 choices if it comes to 230-235 you can get out or if you wait long term you will easily see 300.Jubilant food works crashed to 250 after one such results & shot up to 600 after few qtrs results.
with today's lifestyle fitness is being utmost priority & most of our city bigwigs train at Talwalkar's.Call is yours.
77. Ravi, Bangalore  Jan 27, 2011 7:46:26 PM IST Reply


59. Babeinthefield

Reliance (944)

I would like to buy at 840.

Result is tad-below expectations. Now, their full year EPS is Rs 60. This gives them a P/E multiple at 944 is 15.71x.

Other positives expected in the future:-

1) Turning around of subsidiary Reliance Retail

2) Power Ssector Foray-

Most power companies which don't even have a plant operational trade at 2x book. So, their cash investments can easily add double the value.

3) Telecom Sector Entry-

It might be slow and not much revenue expected.

4) Shale Gas Assets-

This might be the biggest value adder to Reliance. All the analysts are against their acquisition of Shale gas assets and which should add further value.

5) Cash and cash equivalents of Rs 31,000 crore and increasing approximately at Rs.5,000 per quarter. A great resource for them to enter into other sectors.

Debt stands at Rs 70,000 crore. Debt is large but for a company of the size of Reliance, it is not much. Annual profit of Rs 20,000 crores so the debt is tolerable. But, it will increase in the future.

The above informations are based on various brokerage-house reports. However, I have reservations for very long-term. It is better to buy during extreme oversold situation & get-rid of it during bounce-off. I donít like the idea for very long-term.

It is already a very very big company. At present, Reliance forms around 5% of India's market capitalization. If I assume that Reliance continues to grow at 15% for next 30 years and the market continues to grow at 10%, Reliance will form 22% of the market in 30 years. That seems like an improbable scenario for a developed economy (assuming India will be a developed economy in 30 years). There is a limit to which companies can grow. No company can outperform the economy forever. A company that can outperform the economy forever will one day become bigger than the economy and that isn't possible.

In all, three major segments that Reliance is present - Refining, Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals, it is the market leader. Reliance can grow in future, but it can't grow bigger than the market.

It will be a different case if Reliance again discovers a large oil and gas reserve, but I wouldn't like to speculate about it.

My personal opinion is that in the next 20-30 years, Reliance stock, at best, can be a market-performer and nothing more.
76. KK Don  Jan 27, 2011 7:08:36 PM IST Reply

Dear Ravi,

Result is not as per exception, so I think we should book the loss.
what you say???

Dear Sreedhar,
Waiting for your advice
75. IPO/STOCK GURO  Jan 27, 2011 6:53:26 PM IST Reply


Market may ak kahawat hi, retails/small investor market may 95% lose uthata hi, kiyoki market jab high pay hoti hi to woh buy karta hi jab low pay hoti hi tab sell karta hi, ab ipo ko hi lay lo sub discount pay chal rahay hi phir bhi oversubscribe ho rahay hi.
74. Ravi4561  Jan 27, 2011 5:19:52 PM IST Reply


Many of boarders are still holding Talwarkars, please advice us that should we hold this stock or book the loss?
73. KK Don  Jan 27, 2011 4:17:22 PM IST Reply

Dear Sreedhar,

I am still holding Talwalkars@235. Should I book the loss OR wait? Please advise me...

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