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177. Vivekbhauka  May 22, 2012 6:27:34 PM IST Reply

the concept of stop loss----

this concept is not universal...meaning u can apply it anytime anywhere irrespective of where markets are....

if im in a bear market...i wont apply stop losses....i will keep on buying quality stock stop losses.infact wont trade for 10-20% profits.

all depends upen ur risk profile/levels of market/type os stock ur buying/etc etc////in applying this concept.....u have to have a plan/knowledge about the value of the co/margin of safety..meaning that its close to its value/value has to be derived by seeing urself as a businessman of the same industry..and if ur ready to buy the whole co at that market cap...thats will require understanding abt industry/cost of setting plant etc etc////with limited knowledge its hard to know abt realty stocks/information tech/pharma etc etc unless im into im not in it its hard for me/stay away.///deal what u may understand.etc etc.....

another concept may be to trade according to psychology..phases of market...simply buy in bear market..sell in good times...that wont require much understanding abt cos..unless they are small caps.then its about how much money u put..rather than where provided its a decent co at cheap value.

thats why///its easy to make money when u buy in bear market and sell in good times for ordinary majority of people will make trading only few make money...thats the difference.

177.1. ShareMarketLearner  Aug 10, 2012 6:21:42 PM IST

the concept of stop loss

It''s been so long VIVEK BHAI since you have posted anything on this forum. Please keep sharing your knowledge with us. It proved atleast, useful and profitable to me.
Please share your views about the current market conditions. What do you think about the Valuation of the current market. Also share the stocks which are on your RADAR and is heavily discounted.
I am tracking CANARA BANK for a long time. Vivek bhai do you think the current levels 0f 348 is the right time when one should take a long on this stock. I am very keen to invest in this stock. Please share your veiws for the same as early as possible.
176. Vivekbhauka  May 22, 2012 6:12:11 PM IST Reply


plese stop giving these targets/stop losses etc can be made here but one can never create wealth and become rich doing trading..except .5% of the people.

real wealth will be made to buy in a bear market....but u have to know when its a bear 4500-4600 nifty still its not a bear market....bear market should be between 3200-3700 still valuations are high in many many stocks....just some psu banks selling at half b/v make me believe if we will go there...else if i see 3400- again then it would be best time to buy psu banks as they will get more cheaper.

have patience........either trade for 4500-4600 to 5700 range or be happy to see mkts fall to below 3800...

just remember---wealth will be made when u will buy huge amount of shares in a bear market...then u get good qty shares at low rates....then u can trade/sell them for next 3-4 years in bull need to buy then and stuck again.

happy investing.....
175. Vivekbhauka  Jan 7, 2012 3:23:11 PM IST Reply

jk lakshmi cement--good long term stock

good and safe long term stock..

co at 500 cr market cap...with 5 mt cement capacity...going to 10 mt in 2014....

for a co with 10 mt and a market cap of 500 is dammmm cheap..because with 10 mt it could have sales of 25--3000 cr with 10-20% margins...

excellent stock as cement companies in india are held by mnc and just cement major cement co stock price have come down...see the cement is one of best sector but mid cap like jk lakshmi would be safest and cheapest....

just go for it at 35-40 levels.....dont sell it cheap..unless u trade in extra stocks.

175.1. Vivekbhauka  Jan 7, 2012 5:06:04 PM IST

jk lakshmi cement--good long term stock

buy it when u feel its a bear market...u will make huge money.....from the lows....its valued reasonable now...and the more it falls..if it does the better...
175.2. ShareMarketLearner  May 18, 2012 11:34:40 AM IST

jk lakshmi cement--good long term stock

Vivek bhai it's been a long time when you have posted on this forum, any views on the current down fall. Can you please let me know what are the correct Numbers at which the Niffty ideally should be in 2012? and what are the stocks which i should track in financials as well as cement and Infra sector in 2012. And please also let me know the Price at which the Valuations of those shares will be fare enough and it will be Good to invest in those shares(3-4 years).... Even if you can share your portfolio as you did earlier then it will be very helpful.Please also tell us the stocks which are on your radar and which stock we should buy at what levels...waiting for your precious suggestions...I booked a Good profit in the stocks suggested by you JK Tyres, RBL, ICICI, Cannara, PTC...
174. Vivekbhauka  Jan 7, 2012 3:04:41 PM IST Reply

great offshore---looks exciting

great offshore at 75 levels looks good...altough risk is there and may fall to 30-55 levels...but it could again cross 200 levels as it has potential..even 350 not ruled out.

abg ship and bharati shipyard went o to buy the co to the levels of 560 on price there is some worth in this co ..its backed withreal assets earning 800 cr per year..ebitda at current market cap levels...looks so cheap...

just ur getting this co at 75 because of fear in mkts of big debts....thats why this rates of 70...else would have been above 200-300.

with some risk ...its a stock to watch....unless nifty comes to below 4000...u cant get it at 70 levels for long.....
173. Vivekbhauka  Jan 2, 2012 1:09:59 PM IST Reply

indusind bank--sell

looks a but expensive...should come below 180-175 levels.....
172. Vivekbhauka  Jan 2, 2012 1:04:11 PM IST Reply

bajaj auto--sell

not a portfolio stock at these levels....a person keeping the stock for next 10 years wont be able to get 9-10% income each year compounding like fixed deposit...hence it has to come down...will see below 900 levels soon....
172.1. Vivekbhauka  Jan 2, 2012 1:09:18 PM IST

bajaj auto--sell

co earning 3000 cr but market cap at 42000 cr....just i feel its too high...hence should come to 20000-25000 cr market cap easily....fundamentals dont deserve it to be above 1500.
171. Vivekbhauka  Dec 19, 2011 4:54:59 PM IST Reply


all my valuations are based on taking 8-10% interest element ..hence even if 3600 never come...but if nifty ramains at 4500 for next 2 means same for me back calculated...

so all my valuations etc are based on net present value concepts.
170. Vivekbhauka  Dec 19, 2011 4:32:36 PM IST Reply

nifty normal valuations are at 3800-4200

normal valuations are at 4000 levels for nifty because large caps are still not cheap.thats why no use to look to buy mid caps now.

only below 3600 will nifty may look cheap ...but that will be a buy to sell at 4300 again...

only buy zone should come only when i get nifty cheap by 20-25% from normal...i.e.2800-3200....however no need to wait for those levels which may not come..but still possible if war etc etc news come at nifty 3500 u never know.

hence best entry will be at 3600-3700 nifty as it will be lower range for normal nifty out there....and large caps will be better there for trading with nifty levels of 4200-4400...

else try out small nibbling now and be happy to see markets fall...
its a wait/sell for stocks where im not in loss etc etc......
170.1. Vivekbhauka  Dec 19, 2011 4:47:16 PM IST

nifty normal valuations are at 3800-4200

when markets went up 20% on elections from 3400-4300...we thought marketys have turned at 4500 we think markets have turned cheap...which is still above 4200...this is the concept of psychology.....which make me laugh to see psychology of people.

there is only one thing that works in markets.....valuations...........and psychology makes it trade cheap/expensive....but u will never loose money in long term if u buy a thing worth 100 rupee at 60 rupee.....

so spend time to know how to value businesses etc value/p/e rations are not the true tools...u have to think as a businessmen and see a market cap of the co and if ur ready to buy that co etc etc......
and once u buy a thing cheap..dont be in a hurry to sell...wait for the psychology to make it over valued..then sell when co is doing its best..because then only u will get best price.
happy investing!!!!!!!
169. Vivekbhauka  Dec 13, 2011 8:44:52 AM IST Reply


not more to dont know what to write next.......
168. Vivekbhauka  Dec 12, 2011 7:44:19 PM IST Reply


one has to be really patience to buy stocks will be a long long grind down slowly...could even take 3-4 years then a upmove then again down move...and hence next 7-10 years would see levels of sensex to really bottom out..with intermediate upmoves of 20-40%....

infact just like sensex was withing 2500-4500 for 10 years on 1990-2002...we will behave be careful and dont be in hurry to buy only at panics to make money(trading money)....for investments the grind has to become flattish for 1-2 wait for that..

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