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Shankara Building Products Ltd IPO (Shankara Buildpro IPO) Detail

Mar 22, 2017 - Mar 24, 2017

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Incorporated in 1995, Shankara Building Products Ltd is retailers of home improvement and building products in India. They offer a wide range of products at their stores which includes structural steel, cement, TMT bars, hollow blocks, pipes and tubes, roofing solutions, welding accessories, primers, solar heaters, plumbing, tiles, sanitary ware, water tanks, plywood, kitchen sinks, lighting and other allied products.

As of September 24, 2016, they operated 100 Shankara BuildPro stores covering the end-user segments of urban and semi-urban markets in Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Puducherry. The company also manufactures, assembles, processes, trades in, imports, exports, or deals in a range of steel sheets, steel roofing sheets, walling products, accessories, and steel structures and purlins used for construction of various types of building structures, as well as steel pipes, tubes and pipe fittings and iron and steel and allied products and engages in general hardware and general wholesale trading activities.

They serves home owners, architects and contractors and small enterprises and housing, general engineering, automotive, renewable energy, agriculture, and construction and infrastructure sectors. They also carry reputed third party brands such as Sintex, Uttam Galva, Uttam Value, Futura, APL Apollo and Alstone and their own brands such as CenturyRoof, Ganga and Loha at their retail stores.

Company Promoters:

The promoters of the company are:

1. Sukumar Srinivas

Company Financials:

Summary of financial Information
Particulars For the year/period ended (in Rs. Million)
31-Dec-16 31-Mar-16 31-Mar-15 31-Mar-14 31-Mar-13 31-Mar-12
Total Assets 6,046.35 5,913.15 5,505.20 5,956.44 5,724.80 4,559.90
Total Revenue 14,576.79 17,750.07 17,204.70 18,840.21 17,024.89 13,855.32
Profit After Tax (PAT) 137.38 109.77 42.47 193.38 271.24 277.75

Objects of the Issue:

The object of the issue are:

1. Repayment or pre-payment of loans of the Company and VPSPL;
2. General corporate purposes;
3. Receive the benefits of listing of the Equity Shares on the Stock Exchanges; and
4. Enhancement of Company’s brand name and creation of a public market for the Equity Shares in India.

Issue Detail:

  »»  Issue Open: Mar 22, 2017 - Mar 24, 2017
  »»  Issue Type: Book Built Issue IPO
  »»  Issue Size:
    ›  Fresh Issue of [.] Equity Shares of Rs 10 aggregating up to Rs 45.00 Cr
    ›  Offer for Sale of 6,521,740 Equity Shares of Rs 10 aggregating up to Rs [.] Cr
  »»  Face Value: Rs 10 Per Equity Share
  »»  Issue Price: Rs. 440 - Rs. 460 Per Equity Share
  »»  Market Lot: 32 Shares
  »»  Minimum Order Quantity: 32 Shares
  »»  Listing At: BSE, NSE

Shankara Buildpro IPO Reviews:

  1. Shankara Building Products Ltd IPO review by Dilip Davda

Issue Subscription Detail / Current Bidding Status

Number of Times Subscribed (BSE + NSE)
As on Date & TimeQIBNIIRIITotal
Shares Offered / Reserved1,522,2321,131,6712,640,5645,294,467
Day 1 - Mar 22, 2017 17:20 IST0.00000.09600.98160.5100
Day 2 - Mar 23, 2017 17:00 IST0.75000.49004.35002.4900
Day 3 - Mar 24, 2017 17:00 IST51.620090.680015.350041.8800

Shankara Buildpro IPO Prospectus

Shankara Buildpro IPO Rating

Rating:Rated 4.1 stars

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Shankara Buildpro IPO News Alerts

  1. Friday, March 24, 2017 12:00:00 AM
    Shankara Building Products Ltd IPO - Close
  2. Wednesday, March 22, 2017 12:00:00 AM
    Shankara Building Products Ltd IPO - Open

Company Contact Information

Shankara Building Products Ltd
G2, Farah Winsford,
No. 133, Infantry Road,
Bengaluru 560 001
Phone: + 91 80 4011 7777
Fax: + 91 80 4111 9317
Website: http://www.shankara

Shankara Buildpro IPO Registrar

Karvy Computershare Private Limited   »  Report
   Karvy House, 46, Avenue 4, Street No. 1,
   Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500 034
   Andhra Pradesh, India

Phone: +91-40-23312454
Fax: +91-40-23311968

Shankara Buildpro IPO Lead Manager(s)

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Shankara Buildpro IPO Review / Comments

645. DINES HAQWAWQ  Mar 26, 2017 10:44:51 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Add my no in u r whatss group

IPO and stock information
Am Hyderabad
Ajay mobile no

644. sunhun  Mar 26, 2017 10:20:05 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Hudco and Sbp gmp??
643. DSR  Mar 26, 2017 9:05:42 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Can anyone please enlighten me:

Applying 1 application 1 lot at cut off - Does it make any less probable if I apply 1 application and many lot? I have only 1 Demat, 1 Pan.

P.S: I neither got Radio City nor Dmart..:(
643.1. CLD  Mar 26, 2017 9:15:40 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
Top Contributor Top Contributor (400+ Posts)
Read FAQs by clicking on my name
642. Solution of Queries  Mar 26, 2017 9:05:05 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Dear Admin , Plz provide a new page for HUDCO IPO for discussion.
641. amitks  Mar 26, 2017 8:17:06 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
How to get allotment status of code etc ffo 2
640. Ali  Mar 26, 2017 6:02:36 AM IST I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse Reply
2017 Upcoming IPO''s List

1. Bharat Matrimony
2. SBI Life Insurance
3. Cochin ShipYard
4. NSE
6. Vodafone
7. Eris Life Science
10. SIS
11. Diamond Wafers
12. Aster DM HC Hos
13. Sultan Chand & Co
14. Metropolis PathLab
15. Lodha Group Dev
16. Paranjapee Builders
17. TATA Sons & TATA InfoTech
18. UniParts

Make some Bumper gains in year 2017 Folks...!!! Let the Game Begin :)
640.1. VALUE INVESTOR  Mar 26, 2017 7:59:02 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
Top Contributor Top Contributor (400+ Posts)
I heard Vodafone will exit india with this idea merger over next 3 years. No VODAFONE ipo.
640.2. irrelevant  Mar 26, 2017 8:40:36 AM IST I Like It. 4 | Report Abuse
Not only Vodafone but uniparts , Tata Sons , Tata Infotech and many more has been cancelled . 😆😭👅

This guy has simply copied all data from ( CWC ) Continantal Warehousing Corporation forum page😎🤗💔
640.3. Ali  Mar 26, 2017 9:58:22 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
@Irrelevant - Just as your profile name, your comments are also equally irrelevant! If you can''t appreciate the info, then look somewhere else
640.4. irrelevant  Mar 26, 2017 10:29:50 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
@ ali
I already looked somewhere else otherwise how could I say that now you have learned good copy paste work !

Beta ali
sachai kadvi lagi ?
koi baat nahi , hudco ka page aa chuka hai waha chale jao >>
640.5. Ali  Mar 26, 2017 10:48:14 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
@Irrelevant - rehne do gyaani baba.. tere se na ho paave ga
639. addy A  Mar 25, 2017 11:58:10 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Presently I am having Ventura Dmat account. But unfortunately Ventura is not dealing with SME IPOs. Can anyone please tell me the good brokers name who is dealing with BSE/NSE SME IPOs.
Thank you in advance.....
639.1. AMSKVM  Mar 26, 2017 12:10:22 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
You can apply thru any of the ASBA registered banks such as HDFC, Axis etc. You can even apply from their net banking sites if you have an account with them.
639.2. addy A  Mar 26, 2017 12:25:48 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
OK. Thank you very much for valuable information.
If anyone please tell me whether ICICI bank provides Dmat account for SME IPO?
639.3. Athar  Mar 26, 2017 7:57:18 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
Ok.How to sell sme shares
639.4. Rajurajkamal  Mar 26, 2017 10:06:41 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
SBI have an option for SME IPO in their netbanking website. You can just give your DP ID and DP account no and bid for it. ICICI, HDFC doesnt have in their netbanking site atleast to my knowledge.
638. Shaktiman  Mar 25, 2017 11:37:00 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
What about HUDCO?
638.1. ultrasnow  Mar 26, 2017 3:35:11 AM IST I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
Housing and Urban Development Corporation
637. Kunwar Atul Singh  Mar 25, 2017 11:30:52 PM IST I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse Reply
I have applied 3 applications 7 lots @460, 6 lots @460 and 5 lots @460; what is the probability of getting allotted.
637.1. ultrasnow  Mar 26, 2017 12:46:20 AM IST I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
You stand a very good chance, but I now think my 1 application 1 lot stands 0 chance
637.2. Ashish Khater  Mar 26, 2017 1:41:34 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
Top Contributor Top Contributor (200+ Posts)
Every application has 1/13 chance. It''s tht simple.
637.3. Amit Thakur  Mar 26, 2017 9:09:27 AM IST I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
For those who have applied with 3 different Demat accounts then the probability that at least 1 of these application is successful is 21.1%. Probability that at least 2 application is successful 1.6 %, that all three are successful is 0.04%. Also probability of no application being successful is 78.9 %
636. nidhimishra  Mar 25, 2017 11:14:54 PM IST I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse Reply
Dear Respected members ,
Can anyone please Tell if I buy elss mutual fund (Dmat with Ventura and angel) of Rs 500 (less amount intentionally assumed) . So for buying /redemption will it require to pay brokerage to ventura/ angel ...and if yes than how much.
636.1. Jainsahab  Mar 25, 2017 11:31:24 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
1 percent entry and wxit load is charged by the fund.
Brokerage is received by the mediator from the fund which you will subscribe.
You don''t have to pay any brokerage to the mediator. (In your case ventura)
636.2. Gourav Modi  Mar 25, 2017 11:49:34 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
@jainsahab for your kind information entry load is eliminated from mutual funds
Exit load charged @1% in case of equity mutual fund if redeemed within 1 year and in case of debt mutual fund no entry load or exit load charged.
636.3. Jainsahab  Mar 26, 2017 1:59:45 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
Thanks Gaurav Modi, for the information. just wanted to give idea that I had. Thanks your reply cleared my knowledge as well.

also, there is no exit load if you tend to keep the investment continued for a period of 1 year or more.
635. Prem toshniwal  Mar 25, 2017 10:44:59 PM IST I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse Reply
Dear moderator ,

Plz provide a new page for HUDCO for discussion.
634. ANILHAIN  Mar 25, 2017 10:43:51 PM IST I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse Reply
SBP ka listing ka price kya ho skta hai plz.give any answer
634.1. ultrasnow  Mar 25, 2017 11:29:31 PM IST I Like It. 5 | Report Abuse
Apr 05, 2017 at 10 AM, I will tell you
633. ANILHAIN  Mar 25, 2017 10:41:52 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
What is hudco & where are details it''s plz.give me suggestions
632. umeshh  Mar 25, 2017 10:00:24 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Eagle eye and Septa sir please give your views for HUDCO.

631. Hellrazor  Mar 25, 2017 9:44:39 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Gamble ji,
Ur view on divis lab ? Also Mic electronics is at very attractive valuation.
Please ur view sir.
Any other stock on ur radar
630. Viraj.  Mar 25, 2017 9:36:00 PM IST I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse Reply
Top Contributor Top Contributor (400+ Posts, 100+ Likes)
Hudco ipo
Rii possible 4-4.5 time(app wise) subscribe..
629. Dharmil Ahya  Mar 25, 2017 9:25:25 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
This message has been removed by a moderator.
629.1. catchme  Mar 25, 2017 9:41:11 PM IST I Like It. 6 | Report Abuse
Brother there is no group. Just browse , u will get every detail about IPOs
628. gravitaparol  Mar 25, 2017 9:17:46 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
apply for listing gain.
628.1. harit  Mar 25, 2017 11:03:56 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
Hudco is good bet
627. gravitaparol  Mar 25, 2017 9:16:14 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply


allotment ratio: 1:9(expectations).
626. T.agarwal  Mar 25, 2017 9:08:30 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Request to @modulator
Please open a fresh page for the HUDCO ipo.
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