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Pipavav Shipyard Limited IPO (Pipavav Shipyard IPO) Detail

Sep 16, 2009 - Sep 18, 2009

Incorporated in 1997, Pipavav Shipyard Limited is currently constructing the Pipavav Shipyard, located on the west coast of India adjacent to major sea lanes between the Persian Gulf and Asia. Upon completion of construction, the Pipavav Shipyard will be capable of ship construction and repairs for a range of vessels of different sizes and types, as well as the fabrication and construction of products such as offshore platforms, rigs, jackets and vessels (but excluding subsea pipelines) for oil and gas companies.

Pipavav shipyard complex is located on the South Western coast of Gujarat, about 130 kms from Bhavnagar to its east and Diu, about 90 kms to its west. It is adjacent to Pipavav Port, the first private sector port in India, which is controlled and operated by the A.P. Moller Group (Maersk) of Denmark,one of the largest maritime groups in the world. The Pipavav Shipyard was originally promoted by SKIL and Grevek Investments, who have been joined by Punj Lloyd as a Promoter through its acquisition of 129,361,538 Equity Shares of their Company.

The construction of the Pipavav Shipyard includes:

1. Conversion of one existing wet basin into a 651 meters long and 65 meters wide, capable of accommodating ships of up to 400,000 DWT and/or multiple combinations of smaller vessels;
2. The construction of a fabrication and block assembly facility for shipyard operations;
3. The establishment of dryland facilities comprising a fabrication area for our Offshore Business Products; and
4. The installation of a shiplift facility, including multiple land berths, for building and repairing small to medium sized ships, including naval vessels.

Objects of the Issue:

The objects of the Issue are to achieve the benefits of listing on the Stock Exchanges & to raise capital:
1. Construction of facilities for shipbuilding, ship repair and the Offshore Business;
2. Margin for working capital; and
3. For general corporate purposes.

Issue Detail:

  »»  Issue Open: Sep 16, 2009 - Sep 18, 2009
  »»  Issue Type: Book Built Issue IPO
  »»  Issue Size: 85,450,225 Equity Shares of Rs 10 aggregating up to Rs 495.61 Cr
  »»  Face Value: Rs 10 Per Equity Share
  »»  Issue Price: Rs 55 - Rs 60 Per Equity Share
  »»  Market Lot: 110 Shares
  »»  Minimum Order Quantity: 110 Shares
  »»  Listing At: BSE, NSE

Pipavav Shipyard Limited IPO Grading / Rating

CARE has assigned an IPO Grade 3 to Pipavav Shipyard Limited IPO. This means as per CARE, company has average fundamentals. CARE assigns IPO gradings on a scale of 5 to 1, with Grade 5 indicating strong fundamentals and Grade 1 indicating poor fundamentals. Link to download CARE rating document.

Pipavav Shipyard IPO Reviews / Recommendations:

Business Line - Avoid.
Angel Broking - Avoid.
SPA Securities - Subscribe.
Nirmal Bang - Avoid.
HDFC Securities - Expensive.
Anagram Stock Broking - Avoid.
SP Tulsian - Subscribe.
Reliance Money - Subscribe.
Keynote Capitals - Expensive.
KR Choksey Sec - Don't Apply.
Emkay - Avoid.


Pipavav Shipyard IPO Subscription Status / Live Bidding Status

Pipavav Shipyard IPO Subscription Status tells if Pipavav Shipyard IPO subscribed or not. Investors can bid for IPO shares between 10 AM to 5 PM when public issue is open. Pipavav Shipyard IPO oversubscribed if bids are received for more shares than what is offered by the company.

Pipavav Shipyard IPO - How Many Times Subscribed?
Number of Times Subscribed (BSE + NSE)
As on Date & TimeQIBNIIRIIEmployeeTotal
Shares Offered / Reserved35,637,1858,485,02225,455,068600,00070,177,275
Day 1 - Sep 16, 2009 17:00 IST2.82647.53460.88280.03522.6700
Day 2 - Sep 17, 2009 17:00 IST3.98369.43021.10400.42643.5700
Day 3 - Sep 18, 2009 17:00 IST10.630014.81522.89580.77688.2500

Pipavav Shipyard IPO Prospectus

Pipavav Shipyard IPO Rating

Rating:Rated 3.7 stars

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Pipavav Shipyard IPO Listing Date

  •   ›  Listing Date: Friday, October 9, 2009
  •   ›  BSE Script Code: 533107
  •   ›  NSE Symbol: RDEL
  •   ›  Listing In: B
  •   ›  ISIN: INE542F01012
  •   ›  Issue Price: Rs 58 Per Equity Share
  •   ›  Face Value: Rs 10 Per Equity Share

Listing Day Trading Information

Issue Price:
Last Trade:
Rs 58.00
Rs 60.05
Rs 53.85
Rs 64.70
Rs 56.80
Rs 58.00
Rs 61.10
Rs 53.85
Rs 61.10
Rs 56.70

Pipavav Shipyard IPO News Alerts

  1. Friday, October 9, 2009 8:30:07 AM
    Pipavav Shipyard IPO Stocks listed at 2.07% discount
  2. Friday, October 9, 2009 12:00:00 AM
    Pipavav Shipyard Limited IPO - Listing
  3. Wednesday, October 7, 2009 9:11:39 AM
    IPO Listing - Pipavav Shipyard Limited
  4. Thursday, October 1, 2009 11:20:14 AM
    IPO Allotment - Pipavav Shipyard Limited
  5. Thursday, October 1, 2009 12:00:00 AM
    Pipavav Shipyard Limited IPO - Allotment
  6. Friday, September 18, 2009 9:10:47 AM
    Pipavav Shipyard Ltd IPO finally subscribed 8.25 times
  7. Friday, September 18, 2009 12:00:00 AM
    Pipavav Shipyard Limited IPO - Close
  8. Thursday, September 17, 2009 7:49:48 AM
    Pipavav Shipyard Ltd IPO subscribed 3.57 times on day 2
  9. Wednesday, September 16, 2009 8:34:08 AM
    Pipavav Shipyard Ltd IPO subscribed 2.67 times on day 1
  10. Wednesday, September 16, 2009 12:00:00 AM
    Pipavav Shipyard Limited IPO - Open
  11. Thursday, September 10, 2009 8:07:55 AM
    Upcoming IPO - Pipavav Shipyard Limited

Company Contact Information

Pipavav Shipyard Limited
Pipavav Port,
Post Ucchaya, Via Rajula,
Rajula – 365560, Gujarat, India.
Phone: + 91-2794 286200
Fax: +91-2794 286373

Pipavav Shipyard IPO Registrar

Karvy Computershare Private Limited   »  Report
   Karvy House, 46, Avenue 4, Street No. 1,
   Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500 034
   Andhra Pradesh, India

Phone: +91-40-23312454
Fax: +91-40-23311968

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Pipavav Shipyard IPO Review / Comments

297. mahessh  Oct 20, 2009 2:54:05 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
not received ecs in obc date 20.10.2009
296. Ravi, Bangalore  Oct 16, 2009 5:40:17 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
284. gopalkuloor,

I am sorry if you have lost money by applying to this IPO.

You should collect information in fiancial dailies / magazines, web-sites, NSE/BSE websites, etc before putting your money.

In this forum, we cannot give comprehensive details. Even if I give before issue opens, many Board members may not believe. It is only my opinion.

However, I have given my personal opinion on price part. Read my post numbers 271, 169 & 161. These posts were put to Board before issue closes.

Everything is reflected in its price. If pricing is bad, don't SUBSCRIBE.
295. rama  Oct 12, 2009 9:54:55 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
To All,
If somebody says I have made money by shortselling.. dont believe them and try to do the same... they are just telling such things after seeing the price range of day.. Anybody can write I have sold 5000 shares at 58 and coverfed the same at 54 since we know the price range for the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! such messages to be considred as useless.
294. waah bhai waah  Oct 11, 2009 12:09:43 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
Waah bhai waaah ..prakash ne to bhai paisa banaya..waah bhai wah.bhAI LOG yeh promoter, merchant bankers, grey market aur new channels ka bada jhol chal raha hai.. jo ke issue ko chad chad ke promote karte hai . special interviews organise karte hain "special appointments" ...if u understand what i mean ... this is the way i guess money changes hands.. bhai log saavdhan rehna..
293. Ghatol  Oct 10, 2009 10:33:25 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
dear Gopal,
By information I meant both data and promotors' background.
Promotors background was available in the public domain. and the same was discussed in detail on various business channels as well.
292. gopalkuloor  Oct 10, 2009 6:58:22 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
dear sri Ghatol
Thanks for the response.

I did not mean about the financial analysis which were widely analysed on the issue of IPO of Pipavav.
I did mean about the credibility and the not so good backgound of the promoters. There was a chance that the investors were carried more by the tie up with Punj Lloyd. In the situation where in nothing much was known about the promoter personals the Punj Lloyd link might have carried the day. I thought if the not so good backgound of the promoter team as mentioned later if it were known earlier would have made a different.

Let us hope and wish well for the project and theinvestors
291. Rajesh  Oct 10, 2009 6:06:38 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
Don't bluff . I know what u r?
290. PRAKSHIPO  Oct 10, 2009 3:05:38 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
Earn a lot in pipavav ... First I sold 603*5 = 3015 shares at 59.80 Further short sale 3000 shares at 59.90... Cover 6015 shares at 53.90 and sold again 3015 shares at 58.00..So my effective selling of 3015 shares at 69.85 Rs. per share
289. RAHUL JAIN  Oct 10, 2009 1:52:38 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
Please find that refund amount is not credited in the bank from RBI bank name OBC and BOB from ahmedabad. pls do urgently and fast for the delay in the payment of refund

rahul jain
288. rama  Oct 10, 2009 1:25:44 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
Pipavav may goupto 61/ in the next week. When all peoples are pessimistic, it is likely that stock will go up.
Disclosure: I have sold my 110 IPO shares at 59.25 and again purchased 110 at 54.55/
287. R N SHETTY  Oct 10, 2009 11:17:49 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
Good buy at Rs 25.
Please wait till November when this scrip will be at Rs 26/
Buy 1000 shares.forget for 3 years and reap gains in 2013
286. Ghatol  Oct 9, 2009 11:24:42 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
dear Gopal,

The information provided by Ravi was always known to the investors and was in the public domain. When the IPO is on people listen to only the information they want to and miss out the information they don't want to listen. I had in my message posted early in the morning mentioned that the investors of Pipavav are lucky as the global cues are positive and the chances of exiting unhurt were good. However people should analyse the data available on the net from sites like chottorgarh, moneycontrol, hdfcsecurities,, nseindia, bseindia etc in the form of analysis , RHP, application form etc and reach to a conclusion based on their risk taking capability.
It is not uncommon to see people expecting huge listing gains prior to the IPO listing and the very next day they curse the promotors for profiteering.

285. gopalkuloor  Oct 9, 2009 7:47:25 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
to ravi bangalore pl.
i wish you could have given the details given by you today before the issue or when the issue was on. any information ofn the promoters was welcome in right time. so the public can apply with full knowledge both plus and minus side of the issue.

anyhow tks for the inf. regards
284. rajivaa  Oct 9, 2009 3:42:34 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
sebi must not allow costly ipo
283. Raj  Oct 9, 2009 2:45:52 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
Day Dreaming by IPO Investors even without looking at valuations is the reason for failure of IPO's.

If you see the IPO's that have come from July to Sept, most of them failed miserably except a few like Oil India and may be Jindal Cotex(rigged by operators due to low floating stock).

I am not sure why Investors applied for Pipavav when they know that it was very expensive?

Also day dreaming for 65 to 70 Rs listing price. Management also knew that 60 was expensive and so decided 58 to give less loss to investors. 2 Rs less saved.

Now IPO at 55, one can buy tons. All those who applied in IPO now buy as many as you want at 5 Rs less than the IPO price you were ready for.

282. Ravi, Bangalore  Oct 9, 2009 2:08:29 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
Poor corporate governance track record of promoters and directors is a concern. Trading in Horizon Infrastructure, in which promoters and directors Nikhil Gandhi, Bhavesh Gandhi are also directors, has been suspended by the NSE due to non-compliance with the technical and procedural requirements of the listing agreement with the NSE. Following satisfactory redressal, the NSE ended the suspension. Trading was allowed from 25 January 2008. However, Sebi is currently conducting a preliminary investigation into the price movement and transaction post lifting of suspension. Moreover, there are criminal and legal proceedings against certain directors, promoters and promoter group entities.

Part of the equity shares held by the promoters, SKIL and Grevek Investments and Finance, and pledged with certain lenders prior to the filing of the red herring prospectus, has been temporarily released so as to comply with the requirement of Sebi, with specific understanding between promoters, company and lenders. These will be re-pledged on 31 October 2009 in favour of lenders unless the promoters have repaid all amounts due and outstanding.

Foreign institutional investors, who will hold 24.96% of the post-issue equity, are not bound by the lock-in period and are free to sell most of their stake post listing. This may affect the share price of the company on listing.
281. Kushkochar  Oct 9, 2009 1:50:27 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
i think this is my last ipo
once again an ipo below issue price
its a waste applying in ipo
better to buy good stocks
ipo are waste
280. rama  Oct 9, 2009 1:19:55 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
Disclosure: I have sold my 110 shares at Rs.59.20/
279. Nitin  Oct 9, 2009 12:03:16 PM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
Guys, These days its better to hold off your investments in IPO's everyone is looking for one Hit and get their losses back in just a minute...thats not gonna happen...instead of putting your hard earned money into new companies better invest in Blue chip companies and sleep for a long time. when you open your eyes you are gonna see profits....Try That !!
278. Raj  Oct 9, 2009 11:53:19 AM IST I Like It. | Report Abuse
another IPO doomed. Investing in IPO is waste. But how many will understand. The story will continue.
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