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6. Rrty  Feb 23, 2017 12:36:47 PM IST Reply

Avenue Supermarts Limited IPO

Music BroadRadio 91.1 FM)

ISSUE OPENS 6th March 2017
ISSUE CLOSES 8th March 2017

Size 540 Crores

BRLM ICICI Securities

Price 370-375
Lot 40

Tentative Details
RHP Filing Date 23 February

5. Rrty  Feb 17, 2017 10:40:22 AM IST Reply

Global Education Ltd IPO

This message has been removed by a moderator.
5.1. Mumbaigold  Feb 17, 2017 7:04:41 PM IST

Global Education Ltd IPO

All fingers r not same.
4. Rrty  Dec 30, 2016 12:02:52 AM IST Reply

Laurus Labs Ltd IPO

Upcoming IPO:-
CL Educate
Date- 9th-11th January
Price band- 225-227 Lot 65 shares
Size 420 crores
4.1. Ipo Winner  Dec 30, 2016 1:16:55 AM IST

Laurus Labs Ltd IPO

Is it, what''s the grey market price..
4.2. Ipo Winner  Dec 30, 2016 1:19:30 AM IST

Laurus Labs Ltd IPO

Rrty, where u get this information in this late night..
3. pinkyjain  Dec 20, 2016 11:34:41 AM IST Reply

Laurus Labs Ltd IPO

Upcoming IPO
CL Educate Date - 4-6 january
3.1. MJB  Dec 21, 2016 2:19:21 AM IST

Laurus Labs Ltd IPO

are u sure about date ?
2. pinkyjain  Dec 5, 2016 4:00:55 PM IST Reply

Laurus Labs Ltd IPO

Listing may be below issue price
2.1. ShareView  Dec 5, 2016 4:57:45 PM IST

Laurus Labs Ltd IPO

Any Logic behind it ?
2.2. Sunil Patel  Dec 5, 2016 5:03:12 PM IST

Laurus Labs Ltd IPO

Don''t listen to pinkyjain. There are some members who want to earn by misguiding others.

I''ve seem when pinkyben says don''t you can apply without fear.
2.3. ShareView  Dec 5, 2016 5:35:41 PM IST

Laurus Labs Ltd IPO

You might be unaware that this is not green signal or sheela foam IPO forum
2.4. gautam adani  Dec 5, 2016 6:46:11 PM IST

Laurus Labs Ltd IPO

dont worry about pinky jain just log on ipo
2.5. Mann Ki Baat  Dec 6, 2016 12:20:50 AM IST

Laurus Labs Ltd IPO

pinkyben hahahahahha
2.6. Chitra M  Dec 6, 2016 3:01:35 PM IST

Laurus Labs Ltd IPO

I think Pinky Jain''s comment on this IPO is a wrongful claim. I''ve been thoroughly researching on this topic and did not come across a single data point that proves Pinky Jain''s claims. People like this should be banned from posting false data.
1. pinkyjain  Nov 30, 2016 11:23:55 PM IST Reply

Laurus Labs Ltd IPO

It will Loot your money.
7.1. Chitra M  Dec 6, 2016 3:10:29 PM IST

Laurus Labs Ltd IPO

Any reason behind your claim? Please add data to your claims, else it is useless and wrong to make wclaims like this.
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