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15. CLD  Mar 26, 2017 3:20:21 PM IST Reply

Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd IPO

To moderator

For the last many days I am observing that if a person wants to open page-2, page-3 etc, all messages do not get displayed. Sl. No. of lot of messages are found missing. Also there is no continuity of Sl No from page-2 to page-1

Kindly see if there is malfunctioning in software
15.1. vickyudr  Mar 26, 2017 4:05:12 PM IST

Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd IPO

To get better chances for Ipo allotment should I apply for 1 lot as retail Investor or should I apply as HNI (5 lakh) because I didnt get allotment in Radiocity,BSE and Dmart
Also please tell how to apply as hni?
Kya HNI mein 5 lakh mein allotment mil jata hai ya HNI 15-20 lakh walo ke liye hain....
Please Reply
15.2. Forum Modulator  Mar 27, 2017 1:55:53 AM IST

Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd IPO

Thanks CHD for your kind feedback. We appreciate it. Our technical team has fixed the error. Please let us know if you get the error again.
15.3. BP  Mar 27, 2017 9:49:50 AM IST

Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd IPO

I too observed it... good catch!
14. CLD  Feb 23, 2017 8:25:58 PM IST Reply

Avenue Supermarts Limited IPO

Retailers who have given their price bids at 1557.65 & above will get full allotment.
Retailers who have given bid at cut off will get allotment at 1557.65.
Net minimum allotment price to retailers after discount is 1479.77
14.1. RAJA RAJASTHANI  Feb 23, 2017 9:49:09 PM IST

Avenue Supermarts Limited IPO

Issue price to all retailer will be same or different in this case.

What will be the issue price who bid @ 1520 and @ 1530

Is it 1479.77 or lower ?
14.2. CLD  Feb 24, 2017 4:49:20 AM IST

Avenue Supermarts Limited IPO

No allotment below 1557.65
14.3. Rahul Soni  Mar 24, 2017 6:29:09 PM IST

Avenue Supermarts Limited IPO

why my bank still shows lien amount, i am not able to withdraw my money even after listing of the IPO. even today its also shows as lien balance.
13. CLD  Feb 23, 2017 6:34:00 AM IST Reply

Avenue Supermarts Limited IPO

Bharat Electronic Ltd. OFS
Offer For Sale (OFS) of BEL shares by GOI is open for retail investors today at the floor price of Rs.1498. Its booking is from 9.15 am to 3.30 pm. It can be booked by placing order through your broker or directly through your trading platform if there is an option given in it. The retail investor will get 5% discount on his indivisual bid price. You have to specifically tell your broker that booking is to be done under OFS only otherwise they may book it at CMP.
OFS for non-retailers was open yesterday which got oversubscribed by 2.34 times. However, the clearing price in their case was at Rs.1499 since most of them had given bids at Rs.1499.
If you bid say at Rs.1550, then your allotment will be made at Rs.1550 even if clearing price (Minimum price at which allotment is made) is lower say Rs.1520.
To be eligible for 5% discount, make sure that total amount at your bid price should not exceed 2L. In the above example you can bid for max. 129 shares ( 200000÷1550).
Some brokers book it at cut off price if told so specifically where they initially take the bid at floor price for margin money purpose. However, all bids at cut off price are finally considered at clearing price.
Clearly tell your broker that you are applying under retail category so that they can make the calculations themselves to ensure that the total amount does not exceed 2L limit.
The BEL closed yesterday at 1510. Non-retails have given bids mostly at Rs.1499. As such, retailers should also place bids at Rs.1499 only. If all place orders at Rs.1499, then allotment will be on proportionate investment basis.
Past experience:
MOIL OFS was closed on 25.01.2017. The floor price was 365. Non-retail clearing price was at 365. However, retail clearing price was 377.55 due to high bids given by some foolish retailers which was at even 421.
For the last one month after OFS, the MOIL price is yet to touch clearing price of retail. It even went below the discounted price (358.67) for retail. It ranged between 346 to 372.
Don''t be greedy. There is no mercy from GOI to retailers. They want to take full amount from foolish retailers who bid at high rates. If non-retailers have given bids at Rs.1499, then why should retailer bid at higher price.
To be safe, Bid for max. 133 shares at Rs.1499 only.
13.1. addy A  Feb 23, 2017 8:23:19 AM IST

Avenue Supermarts Limited IPO

Dear CLD sir,
If I bid @ Rs. 1550 and cut of price is Rs. 1510.
Then may I know at wht price, I will allocate shares @ Rs. 1550 or Rs. 1510?
Apart from this, am I eligible to get 5% discount at price Rs.1550 or Rs. 1510?
Kindly reply.
13.2. Super Trader  Feb 23, 2017 9:02:03 AM IST

Avenue Supermarts Limited IPO

You will be allotted at your bid price ie. 1550 . discount applicable on bid price 1550-5%
13.3. CLD  Feb 23, 2017 10:52:10 AM IST

Avenue Supermarts Limited IPO

super trader is right

Cut off price is nothing but minimum price at which or above which all investors who have applied will get full allotment at the price they have given the bid.
13.4. akd  Feb 23, 2017 11:38:35 AM IST

Avenue Supermarts Limited IPO

Only bidder of Rs 1499+ will get the shares and discount of 74.9 only.
13.5. RAJA RAJASTHANI  Feb 23, 2017 11:48:13 AM IST

Avenue Supermarts Limited IPO

think it is not right.
How government can allot at different price.
Probably all retailers will get at same price.

Kindly confirm and revert.

12. CLD  Feb 9, 2017 10:03:16 AM IST Reply

Avenue Supermarts Limited IPO

Septa ji
I am not an analyst but I feel following about "Future Consumer stock"

This stock must be having less float.
This must be a high beta stock which can take wild swings easily

Correct me if I am wrong.
11. CLD  Feb 5, 2017 8:30:04 PM IST Reply

BSE Limited IPO

More appropriate saying to speculative writing is that
"Don''t count the chicks before they are hatched"
11.1. Shivajee  Feb 6, 2017 8:38:13 AM IST

BSE Limited IPO

Yes. Also don''t count the number of kids before marriage (except in case of family planning)
10. CLD  Feb 5, 2017 8:10:46 PM IST Reply

BSE Limited IPO

Speculative writting where ifs & buts are used are of no use. There is an old saying अगर चाची की मौंछे होतीं तो वह चाचा होता । Can this saying be ever true.
10.1. gamble  Feb 5, 2017 8:26:42 PM IST

BSE Limited IPO


Sir there r no such Expert avilable in whole universe which can give sureshot call as you expecting.

All mkt works only on Ifs/buts/assumptions/expectations/financials/shareholders/gamblers/big cartels/mfs etc etc..

If one''s expecation meet he''ll buy and if others not he''ll sell,,,, hence This vicious cycle on and on and on....
Player may change not game.
10.2. CLD  Feb 5, 2017 8:41:23 PM IST

BSE Limited IPO

You are wrong gamble. Serious money is made after serious thoughts only. Market always gives you chance to pick up good stocks at cheap levels. You have to wait for that.
10.3. Arup jamshed  Feb 5, 2017 9:45:43 PM IST

BSE Limited IPO

CLD,gambale both of u r right in deep
9. CLD  Feb 4, 2017 6:06:04 PM IST Reply

BSE Limited IPO

Septa ji
Your average purchase price in BSE LTD on listing day I assess is around 1140 if you have taken uniform quantity each time you picked from 1190 to 1115. It is ruling at 1069 now. Are you going to pick up more on monday? Any stop loss you have thought?
9.1. Septa  Feb 5, 2017 10:11:19 AM IST

BSE Limited IPO

Actually my average price is 1128 just my purchase price average is 1145 however got 54 shares allotted so average holding price drop to 1128.

With regards to buying more I will wait closed at 1069 which is 5% approx loss on total holdings so averaging now does not make sense
If it here then surely will buy more
9.2. Septa  Feb 5, 2017 10:13:16 AM IST

BSE Limited IPO

I meant if here will add more
9.3. Septa  Feb 5, 2017 10:17:03 AM IST

BSE Limited IPO

For some reason the whole phrase is not getting posted

I S a i d I. W i l l B u y M o r e I f d r o p M o r e t h e n 10% f r o m H e r e

Forum modes pls check why the phrase is getting deleted
8. CLD  Feb 2, 2017 9:59:01 AM IST Reply

Super Fine Knitters Ltd IPO

Listed at 5% uc today
7. CLD  Jan 31, 2017 11:39:02 PM IST Reply

Super Fine Knitters Ltd IPO

Allotment done on 31.01.17 in super fine knitters SME IPO.
6. CLD  Jan 31, 2017 6:41:18 AM IST Reply

BSE Limited IPO

This message has been removed by a moderator.
6.1. RAJEKUND  Jan 31, 2017 9:12:48 AM IST

BSE Limited IPO

I want to Join but before that i want your identity proof first.
6.2. Bigbull  Jan 31, 2017 10:05:07 AM IST

BSE Limited IPO

Kindly provide your geniuin identity first. Who are you? From where you belong & your business? You don''t have any freedom to identify others before giving self identification. Bring self morality before teaching to others.
6.3. Bigbull  Jan 31, 2017 10:13:14 AM IST

BSE Limited IPO

I want to join your group. Kindly provide me your name, email, PAN,aadhar to identify to you.
6.4. Eagleye  Jan 31, 2017 10:14:31 AM IST

BSE Limited IPO

993 15. C L Dha
From Delhi, India
6.5. Shivajee  Jan 31, 2017 4:51:07 PM IST

BSE Limited IPO

Voter id ......aadhar cards......!!
6.6. Shivajee  Jan 31, 2017 4:51:25 PM IST

BSE Limited IPO

Voter id ......aadhar cards......!!
5. CLD  Jan 29, 2017 6:27:16 AM IST Reply

BSE Limited IPO

Frequently asked questions on IPOs by retail category

Q1: what are different ways of filing application ?
A: You can do it either online through net banking or offline by submitting physical application

Q2: How many applications I can submit through online net banking from one bank account ?
A: You can submit maximum five applications from one saving bank account but it may vary from bank to bank with some banks having their own conditions like HDFC bank allows only the 1st name account holder. For applying more than 5 applications you need another account in the same bank or any other bank.

Q3: Can I apply from current account or over draft (OD) account ?
A: Most of the banks do not allow & do not process such applications.

Q4: Can I apply from sweep in/out saving bank account ?
A: You can apply but there should be clear cash balance equal to application amount available in the account. Most banks do not allow sweep facility for this purpose if the clear balance fall short of the application amount.

Q5: What is important to see from banking point of view at the time of applying ?
A: There should be a clear minimum cash balance equivalent to application amount in the bank. Also after applying through net banking, you should check that the required subscription amount has been “Lien Marked” or “Blocked” in your account which is done instantly.

Q6: Can I apply in the name of family members & friends from my saving bank account ?
A: Yes you can apply.

Q7: Can I apply more than one application in my name from different saving bank accounts in the same bank or different banks ?
A: No. If you do, then all your applications will be rejected.

Q8: What important things are to be seen in an application ?
A: It should be unique in three things as below taken together. These should not get repeated in any way when taken together. However, if a company specifically allows it for say on “Share holder quota” then one can apply with the same set under specific conditions of the company.
1. Name of sole 1st applicant
2. PAN no.
3. DP ID + Client ID

Q9: If I have joint DP account whom I should consider for applicant ?
A: The application should be submitted for Ist name in the joint account with his/her corresponding details like PAN, DP etc.

Q10: Can I apply in the name of Minor or HUF ?
A: Yes you can apply as guardian of minor or Karta of HUF.

Q11: How many lots should I apply to get maximum allocation ?
A: If the issue is good, then it is bound to get over subscribed. In that case no matter how many lots you have applied, you will get maximum one lot that too in a lottery system. So you should not apply for more than one lot in a good issue.
However, in an IPO which may turn out to be good or bad, where subscription is less than or equal to one time in retail category, then you will get as many lots as you have applied subject to Rs. 2 lakh limit.
In this case it is however a high risk proposition. You may lose a large amount of money.
In nutshell, in order to be on safer side, it is advisable to always apply for one lot only in all cases.

Q12: I had applied full lots upto Rs. 2 lakh but was not allotted any shares. There seems to be manipulations. Is there any way say change to a particular bank or DP, applying 1st day 1st hour etc. to get allotment ?
A: No there is no such thing. As per new SEBI rules, whether you apply for one lot or full lots you stand equal chance to get only one lot in lottery system if retail category is subscribed more than one time. However, if it is subscribed less than one time, then you will get all the lots you have subscribed. So far lottery draw is concerned, it is drawn on a highly sophisticated superfast computer system where you cannot have any manipulations.

Q13: When I should expect allotment ?
A: After one week of closing date for subscription

Q14: When I should expect credit of shares in my DP ?
A: After 1 to 2 days of allotment

Q15: When I should expect release of funds in my bank ?
A: After 1 to 2 days of allotment

Q16: Will the funds get released automatically in my account ?
A: In most banks it is automatic however in some banks like HDFC, it has to be done yourself if you have applied online from their net banking.

Q17: When I should expect listing of shares ?
A: After 2 to 3 days of allotment

Q18: Upto what time I can apply for IPO ?
A: In online application it is 2PM or 3 PM. You have to check it for individual bank. Some banks also extend the time when there is huge subscription rush. In physical application through your broker, it can be 5 PM extendable even upto 11 PM. It is advisable not to wait for time extension. Some banks which allow upto 3.00 PM on the closing day are: Axis Bank, PNB, UBI

Q19: Should I submit three bids for one lot each at three different bid prices in one application ?
A: This will not be beneficial. You should submit one bid only at cut-off price.

Q20: If there is a discount, at what price should I subscribe ?
A: In online bidding, the system will take into account discount offer automatically when you make bid at cut-off. In physical application, you will be asked to write bid price, discount & net price. You have then to take net price into account for calculation purpose.

Q21: I have not marked cut-off but has given bid price at upper band. Will it matter in any way ?
A: No. It does not matter

Q22: Why should I bid at cut-off
A: Because your application will always be considered for allotment whatever will be the final allotment price

Q23: If the price band is reduced but I have already applied in original band & amount stands blocked already, then what should I do ?
A: You need not do anything. If you get the allotment, then excess amount will be refunded to you after the allotment.

Q24: How can I Know allotment status ?
A: You can get it from the website of the registrar of the issue.

Q25: How can I know the subscription figure at any time ?
A: Check “NSE bid details” of the issue from LinkExternal Link
Also check “BSE demand schedule” of the issue from LinkExternal Link
Add the two & you will get the figures at any time during the day. Total figures at the end of a day are however displayed directly on these sites at 5 PM.

Q26: What is meant by Kostak ?
A: Before an issue lists, brokers & individuals purchase the application from investors at a price which is called Kostak. Application is sold at Kostak irrespective of whether or not shares get allotted to that application. The transaction in this case is made at any time.

Q27: What is meant by GMP ?
A: Grey market premium (GMP) is the amount per share which an investor get from the broker or individual who buy them before listing of the shares which might get allotted in his application. The transaction in this case is made only after shares are allotted.

Q:28 My allotment status says “Application not found” What must have gone wrong.
A: In bidding by net banking, the data you have entered do not match with your DP account data with respect to Name, PAN & DP ID + Client ID. Remember banks do not verify these details.
In physical submission, the banks may not have processed your application on reasons given earlier as above. Banks also do not process the application if there is signature mismatch in ASBA signature column as per their records. It may also happen that your broker has not submitted your application to the bank.

Q:29 Should I apply in SME IPO
A: It is advisable not to apply in SME IPOs since most of them are very high risk stocks. Most of these stocks are not tradable and more than 50% are not traded at all after some months of listing even at huge discounts. These stocks are also not traded on platforms of most of the brokers as such check with your broker before investing if he can sell the shares if you get allotment. A minimum of 1 lakh & a maximum of Rs. 1.5 lakh per lot is required for subscribing. Many get stuck up since there are no buyers for most of these stocks after some period of time after listing.

Q:30 What information should I post on this platform
A: Post only that information which is useful to others. Posting information say, I am allotted 2 lots etc., is not anybody’s concern as such should not be posted.

Q:31 Should you post your analysis before price band is announced.
A: Price band is the most important thing in the issue as such it is no use to make any analysis before price band is officially announced. Making an analysis before price band announcement is a waste of time & energy

Q:32 I have submitted the application but I have not received SMS / E-mail from NSE / BSE.
A: You cannot do anything after issue is closed. The only surety that your application is through is to check your bank account. If the amount is “Lien Marked” or “Blocked” in the bank then the application is through otherwise not. Remember, it may take even 3 working days for banks to block the amount if you have submitted physical application.

Q:33 I want to withdraw the application what should I do ?
A: If the issue is not closed then you can cancel it online if you made the application online. In case you have submitted physical application through your broker then you can talk to your broker. After the issue is closed, you cannot do anything in online process but your broker who submits your application to the bank next day can withhold your application for submission to the bank.

Q: 34 I am new to stock market. Can you suggest how to invest in good stocks for long term ?
A: Stock investment is very risky and requires knowledge, constant monitoring and timely action for making meaningful gains. Today’s good stock may turn out to be bad at some future time due to many factors. It is advisable to invest in good mutual funds through SIPs. The mutual fund managers are experts in the field & will take timely action to safeguard your interests. It is however important to select good mutual funds (Maximum 5) out of host of around 500 such funds available in the market.

For any help call me at 9868-458258 by Whats app call till 27.02.17 since I am in USA at present. Keep in mind that if it is 10pm in India then it will be 9.30am in my place in USA. My phone is on DND from 11pm to 8am local time.

5.1. Deepak Baveja  Jan 29, 2017 8:44:26 AM IST

BSE Limited IPO

Good job done Mr. CLD
5.2. A.K. Goyal  Jan 29, 2017 10:44:09 AM IST

BSE Limited IPO

5.3. Saptus  Jan 29, 2017 10:51:09 AM IST

BSE Limited IPO

CLD has done it once giving wonderful information for all of us. It will be useful for all of us to decide correct way of applying for IPOs.
The earlier and the current one information posted by CLD can be made , the modulator can make it easily by prominently dispalying on the website with an appropriate title for the wider benefit of users of this website
5.4. CLD  Jan 29, 2017 6:49:27 PM IST

BSE Limited IPO

Dear AK
You can apply seperately for your kids but remember you have to account for the profit & loss generated from their ac in either your or your wife ac whoever is earning more.
5.5. A.K. Goyal  Jan 30, 2017 9:16:01 AM IST

BSE Limited IPO

Thanks sir
5.6. Smiter  Jan 30, 2017 10:27:28 AM IST

BSE Limited IPO

Hi ...could you explain all the pactical aspects of Kostak application ..few of them - what is eligible to be are multiple bids eligible or only sinlge bid from one pan...
4. CLD  Jan 25, 2017 7:39:27 PM IST Reply

BSE Limited IPO


There were 6 bids at 400, one each at 415 & 421. These fools got their allotment at their quoted rates. In OFS all those who quote at or above clearing price get full allotment.

No dearth of fools in this world.
4.1. ammubutter  Jan 25, 2017 8:41:30 PM IST

BSE Limited IPO

Oh no.......
4.2. Jitu patel  Jan 25, 2017 9:21:59 PM IST

BSE Limited IPO

In most of the earlier OFS also I saw this type of fools.
3. CLD  Jan 25, 2017 7:29:39 PM IST Reply

BSE Limited IPO


See the madness of retail.

Non retail allotment price 365
Retail allotment price 377.5
Last traded price 372.3
2. CLD  Jan 25, 2017 12:03:16 PM IST Reply

BSE Limited IPO

At 1 pm
Q 3.3x
H 15.7x
R 4.4x
T 6.6x
1. CLD  Jan 24, 2017 4:07:00 AM IST Reply

BSE Limited IPO

Septa ji
At what level one should buy Axis bank which has seen 10% correction.
16.1. Septa  Jan 24, 2017 6:49:54 AM IST

BSE Limited IPO

three months low for the counter is around 430 so i would wait for at least this level before entering however for time being i would buy RBL.
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