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  • IPO FAQs » IPO Grey Market » Post Comments

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    When a stock is not listed how the broker does executes order for preferred customers as for grey market?

    Sorry no answer found for this question.

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    Date Last Updated: 12/16/2007 9:43:51 PM

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    User Comments

    9.  Ulka      Jan 24, 2011 5:24:06 PM IST
    The process of buying or selling shares in the grey market is not monitored by stock exchange.The contract is entered into before the date of listing.There are two possible ways by which contract can be executed:The shares are sold to the client by the broker on the date of listing thereby adjusting profit or loss.Though there exist the another way too which is of transferring shares from one account to another, but due to several glitches, it is not considered 

    8.  SER      Dec 16, 2010 5:07:07 PM IST

    7.  paresh      Nov 03, 2010 5:05:24 PM IST
    if the stock are not listed on the stock exchange then broker will pay the fix amt n wait for listing or transfer the stock to his account & pay the entire money to his pre. clients...............all comes to the cost for broker for getting minor difference................
    Riskly but fair play............. 

    6.  akshay sharma      Oct 10, 2010 2:51:35 PM IST
    Where can i trade in grey market in delhi 

    5.  PUNNETSHUKLA      May 10, 2010 5:50:34 PM IST
    lotus@lotuschocolate share price high in a week DATE-(10 TO 14 MAY-2010)BUY

    4.  Bnt      Oct 09, 2009 2:01:53 PM IST
    Yiu acnnot do off market transfer before listing since the ISIN is inactive/freeze 

    3.  Anshul      Aug 22, 2009 1:17:40 PM IST
    There is no orders executed by brokers, actually what happens for example u apply 1000 shares of a "X" company at cap price at Rs.60, now what the buyer of grey market will do, he will make a oral contract with you that what ever the quantity you will get through IPO I will purchase it at Rs.75(60+15)from you, this Rs. 15 will be the premium of that stock in grey market, and finally after the allotment of the shares, according to oral you will transfer the share offline to the buyer's account and he will give you the cash i.e (number of quantity you have got*75)  

    2.  Prateekwalia      Aug 11, 2009 8:46:48 PM IST
    as per the mutual agreement the brokers execute the order .This practice is illegal. 

    1.  Fortune maker      Jul 27, 2009 3:28:11 AM IST
    Dear Chinese Dragon,

    I would suggest you not to go for Off Market Transfers in the newly listed or to be listed securities as the same is very closely watched upon by vairious authorities such as SEBI and NSDL. Therefore you can end up in trubole.




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